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  1. NunesSergio

    Fire support kill score problem

    How are you calling the fire support? If it's totally by script I can vaguely think of ways of carrying the caller reference as arguments all the way to the projectile to attribute credit to him. It would involve a "FiredMan" Event Handler on the fire support gunner, a temporary global variable and setShotParents. If it's a multiplayer mission it should execute server-side.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll do it then. I was just worried about performance for clients, since here in Brazil people often have crap PCs and every bit of RAM counts. But WTH.
  3. So I have a dedicated server. I've been using inline functions (some on server, some on clients) since some server functions doesn't need to be called on client machines and vice-versa. Recently I discovered CfgFunctions in Description.ext which promisses to prevent functions from being recompiled, addition to Functions Library, hack-proofing, possibility to preInit and posInit, all that good stuff. But I'm under the impression that if I compile all my functions from there, both parties (server and clients) would have allocated RAM resources to ALL those functions, am I correct? Is there a way to define which functions to compile (using CfgFunctions) so I can free clients from compiling the ones they don't need, but make them DO compile functions they need to have? Or am I stuck with inline functions?
  4. Thanks for the thorough explanation and examples. I did see the documentation mentioning about "player" not existing in an dedicated MP scenario but... it works! The code, as I posted above, works on a dedicated MP session for every player. Probably not a best practice and maybe a low-performance solution but got the job done for now. As I am still learning and me and my friends sessions are not that performance-testing intensive, we'll probably continue using this untill I have time to test and implement your late suggestions. Thank you for the tips!
  5. In case my necessity is anyone else's, I put this in the Init field of the whiteboard: [ this, "HALO Jump", "\a3\ui_f\data\gui\cfg\CommunicationMenu\supplydrop_ca.paa", "\a3\ui_f\data\gui\cfg\CommunicationMenu\supplydrop_ca.paa", "player distance HJ < 4", // 'HJ' being the variable name of the whiteboard "true", {}, {}, { []execVM "myHALOJump.sqf" }, {}, [], 1, 6, false, false, true ] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd Then the first lines inside "myHALOJump.sqf" are using an almost identical code M1ke_SK taught me, and it goes like this: if (allPlayers findIf { typeOf _x in ["B_Helipilot_F"] } > -1) exitWith { titleText ["<t size='2.0'>HALO Jump is disabled while there is a <t color='#006bb3'>pilot</t> logged in", "PLAIN DOWN", 1, false, true]; breakOut "main"; }; If there are any BLUFOR NATO Helicopter Pilots (B_Helipilot_F) roles taken by any player then the script prints the titleText message and stops right there.
  6. Thank you all, Harzach, pierremgi and M1k3_SK! It worked like a charm. I followed Hazarch's advice and, instead of actively scanning for pilots all the time, I put it in the code param of a holdAddAction and that's just what I needed. Thank you, boys!
  7. NunesSergio

    GF Kill info Script

    Thanks anyway! Your scripts are awesome and have helped me build missions much more robust I could have ever done it myself.
  8. NunesSergio

    GF Kill info Script

    Hello there! I love this script but I can't get it working on my mission which has the recent vanilla revive mode enabled. I was expecting the messages to pop-up when a player is downed and enters the incapacitaded state, but nothing happens. I wonder if it's got something to do with different Event Handlers used for death and incapacitation, maybe?! Is there any way to get it working under these conditions?
  9. Hello there! I'm struggling to find the solution to my problem. Already googled a lot to no use. My friends and I have a dedicated server running a mission which has a HALO Jump SQF script. This script is tied to a whiteboard object. Basically we want the HALO Jump to be available only when there are no pilot roles taken. I can only think it must be something along the lines of filling an array with "typeOf allPlayers" and run "typeOf" through it to know if there's "B_Helipilot_F" in there, but I really can't wrap my mind around the syntaxes. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!