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  1. Iam definitelly gonna try this. Really nice work.
  2. Tried both. Odd thing is, that the sound plays for all the players ok but the gate doesnt open. On one occasion the gate opened like 30 seconds after the trigger. Might be server issue, or maybe something with the TIOW mod itself.
  3. Door_Out is the name of the object. I placed an object in editor and in its name i typed DOOR_OUT. So it is defined. The code works in singleplayer, and in hosted multiplayer but doesnt work on dedicated server. More prcise description is: There is editor placed gate named door out, ad then there is a editor placed trigger with the code above in its initialization field. trigger is triggered by radio alpha.
  4. Never used remoteExec before. The wiki page, as allways, confuses me. According to what i read there ishould change this: DOOR_OUT animateSource ["open_door_up", 1]; to this: [DOOR_OUT,"open_door_up",1] remoteExec [animateSource]; BUt that doesnt work at all. So i tried somethink like: [] remoteExec [DOOR_OUT animateSource ["open_door_up", 1]]; wich works but gives some error.
  5. DOOR_OUT animateSource ["open_door_up", 1]; playSound3D ["WHobjects\ships\sounds\door_01_combined.ogg", DOOR_OUT, false, getPosASL DOOR_OUT, 4]; Code is in trigger init, trigger is set to activation by radio alpha, trigger is set on server only. Code works in my PC but, on Dedicated server, it only plays the sound and the door doesnt open.
  6. Hi i have a light atached inside a cargospace of a plane by: The problem is, that as the plane flyes and rotates and flips, the light changes possition relative to the plane. I vant the two lights to lit the inside of the cargo hold, but while the plane moves, the lights go all over the plane, and outside of the cargo hold. ANyone knows some solution?
  7. Will you guys implement CAT-Advanced medical into ACE? It feels like it should have been there a long time allready.
  8. OK I have read it 3 times really carefully, and that much got trough my thick skull: The thing before "=" is a variable, the tings after the "=" are the content of the variable. so the variable represents the theings after the "=" . I have to give the "getMarkerPos" the string because it expets the string. from this i would gues i have to use the "" simbols because those mean it is a string but instead you say i should not use them. But if i dont use them then it is a variable or isnt it? Nevermind: I tested it and it works without the "" marks, so i just dont use them when i use CreateVehicle together with Strings containing arrays.
  9. Just tried it it doesnt work. But thx anyway.
  10. My apology but i do not understand. i tried using getPoS, GetMarkerPos, Qotes, no qoutes, brackets, no brackets, nothing worked. Only after i tried the Shattens way i got some joy.
  11. Could never gues it would be so easy. Thank you man, You saved me.
  12. Hi, I am trying to create an explosion. The explosion should occur at one of five places defined by markers brk_1 to brk_5. Iam using command: bomb1 = "Bo_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle (getmarkerpos "brk_2"); Vich itself works well. Iam triing to randomize with: posbomb=["brk_1","brk_2","brk_3","brk_4","brk_5"]; bombpos = posbomb select (floor random 5); hint format ["%1",bombpos]; Wich also works as any time i fire the related trigger i get hint with different "brk". But when i try to put it togeter: posbomb=["brk_1","brk_2","brk_3","brk_4","brk_5"]; bombpos = posbomb select (floor random 5); bomb1 = "Bo_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle getPos "bombpos"; it doesnt work. I tried different things like: or or I tried differnt ways to set the possition Iam out of ideas.
  13. Ok guys, i owerlooked the group thing. Thank you all a million.