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  1. Mirek

    Arma 3 Facetrack Noir

    thanks ill try
  2. Mirek

    Arma 3 Facetrack Noir

    I know iam comitting necromancy here but i seek an advice: I have set the FACETRACK NOIR played a bit with the smoothing and adjusted the curves, but i cant get it to work properly. It seems like the software sometimes looses the ability to track my face. It all works fine everithing is smooth for a minute or two but then suddenly the wiev turns sideways and stais there. When i look in to the FTNOIR interface it self where the small window with my face is, it track s my face for some time but then it suddenly zooms in and losses my face. cant find any solution. I7 4790K GTX 980Ti 1920x1080 camera
  3. Thats a bad news man, bad news :-(
  4. Is this mod still developed or it is finished?
  5. Unfortunately our modlist is a bit on the larger side, so no repro. Ill try to play with AI settings.
  6. Another problem set: AI spawns as expected, but is mostly static and does not react to being fired upon, it used to react well, AI used to run trying to flank us etc, reinforcements were comming, but now it behaves like static targets unless player gets close. i do not remember changing dificuly or AI settings, only thing we changed is the dedi server machine, we got newer and more powerfull one and we stopped to use TADST and we are using new webbased tool to control our server.
  7. hmm still not sure. "Place the ALiVE Data module and set the Database Source to Cloud or Local as required. ..... Local persistence does not require a War Room account." "In server.cfg include persistent=1;" That i understand, but is it all? Dont i need to do anything else? Instal inidb on the server perhaps? have a special folder for the persistence database? the page does not say.
  8. Ok how do i setup the local database thyngy? i just svitch it in the data module and ALIVE will do it automaticaly or should i first setup anything? I dont know some text file and call it database or something? Or some 3rd party software is needed?
  9. Mirek


    Couldnt we let the player do at least something himself? They now get parachute automaticaly. If they want strobe or chemlight, they might as well do it themselves.
  10. Mirek


    Sorry for late report, (Fatherhood is more timeconsuming than expected) Script works fine on dedicated server. No Isues so far.
  11. I still have not resolved the IED issue and allready has another. enemy AI spawned 20 metres from Friendly players after they secured enemy compound. Anyone any idea, what can cause this, and how to prevent it? AI spawn is set to 1500m.
  12. Iam suspecting ALIVE-ACE3 conflict. Both mods have their own IED system, wich might collide.
  13. The mission uses 20 mods. Modlist is here: See the "Private server" section. There are also some scripts in the mission (VVS, HALO JUMP, Command center) I cand send you the password for the server if you like to test the mission there, but i dont think it will help you much. When i have some time (time is precious comodity lately) i will try to find solution myself, and post it here.
  14. Problem was reported to me by people playing on my server, i didnt personaly test it. Honestly i hoped that it is some known issue with known solution. :-) i will try to solve it my self then.
  15. I have another. IED´s! they dont explode. I placed the IED module, IED¨s are spawning, but they dont explode they are completely innert and they even spontaneously despawn even when players are around.