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  1. I still have not resolved the IED issue and allready has another. enemy AI spawned 20 metres from Friendly players after they secured enemy compound. Anyone any idea, what can cause this, and how to prevent it? AI spawn is set to 1500m.
  2. Iam suspecting ALIVE-ACE3 conflict. Both mods have their own IED system, wich might collide.
  3. The mission uses 20 mods. Modlist is here: See the "Private server" section. There are also some scripts in the mission (VVS, HALO JUMP, Command center) I cand send you the password for the server if you like to test the mission there, but i dont think it will help you much. When i have some time (time is precious comodity lately) i will try to find solution myself, and post it here.
  4. Problem was reported to me by people playing on my server, i didnt personaly test it. Honestly i hoped that it is some known issue with known solution. :-) i will try to solve it my self then.
  5. I have another. IED´s! they dont explode. I placed the IED module, IED¨s are spawning, but they dont explode they are completely innert and they even spontaneously despawn even when players are around.
  6. Cant U use the HURON or TARU ammo container? Iam using it to rearm vehicles, and it works same way as the ammo truck does.
  7. OK so, finaly adapted to the changes, learned how tu use the menus (still hate them, and miss the modules), and i have to say that i love the New arsenal thingy. So thats for the love and hate, and now for the questions: Can i somehow as a mission maker (not a mod maker) make other mortars, mortars from mods use the ACE MK6 thingy so the can be use realisticaly, or is it only for mk6?

    OK i tested it offline. I didnt get the time to upload the new version to the server yet. But so far, there is problem with back pack. After the jump the backpack lies on the ground, and the parachute is still on the players back, and the backpack cannot be picked up. I will Upload the mission today so hopefully we will have some online multiplayer feedback tomorow. Tested again and found out that something fishy is going on with this script and first person wiev. : video from test

    Thanks i will try it as soon as i can.

    OK the mapclick problem is solved. But there is still the graphic glitch that iam not able to test because i cant recreate it. it doesnt happend when iam testing but several testers in my mission reported it. As they describe it, it looks like after the jump they are stuck waist down in ground and cannot move.
  11. I have a little problem with player support. When i call an ammodrop i allways get empty wehicleammobox no matter what kind of ammo box i call for. Vehicle and AI reinforcement drops work fine, but supply drops are screwed somehow.
  12. HI guys thank you, i will try the changes and suggestions. Iam sorry i didnt reply faster, but i spent last week in the hospital with my wife, and yesterday we brought home our beautiful new babygirl.
  13. this: ghst_halo = host1 addAction ["Halo", "ghst_halo.sqf", [(true,false),2500], 6, true, true, "","alive _target"]; Cannot be used it gives a sintax error.
  14. This is buggy like hell. it does all kinds of funny stuff. -After jump graphics goes nuts -after jump anytime you click in map jou jump again. -sometimes backpack goes missing