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  1. Hello everyone. I have a request for some help here. I am trying to find a way for players to use AttachTo (or something that works similarly) during a live MP mission. We use ACE and have ACE Fortify, so before we end safe start we can place objects, but once it ends the function is disabled. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to get this started. I know how to add an action for scroll wheel or for ACE, but I would really appreciate help on how to start this kind of script. Basically where the players could put objects and fuse them to vehicles. If anyone remembers some of those heavier modded DayZ Mod servers like Epoch, you could put concrete barriers on SUVs and stuff. Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hey everyone, I need help in a custom script I need to do. I need to make a self interact available to all players on a multiplayer server, where they can select from a pre-defined list of what headwear I can give them. So like, how would I go about this for ALL players? Do I need to add an "_action = ["blah","blah"] in every single player init? Or is there a way I could do an external sqf and use an execVM or #include? I had experience with vanilla coding but that was over 4 years ago in A2.
  3. Thank you a lot. I do not know how I missed these :s
  4. Just like the title. I basically want to have two (or more) of the same vehicles to be one blue and one red. I know some basics on scripting but I could not find anything on how to go about this. I can only assume I make a solid red and solid blue .paa and fine some script to say "make color car1 "red.paa" or whatever. I appreciate any feedback or comments.
  5. I have a script I've been using for a very long time that gives a unit a loadout simply by a case within the script, that I specifiy to the unit. Here is the string in his init: id = [this, "AAR", "MAIN"] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\BoNgear.sqf"; or id = [this, "FTL", "MAIN"] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\BoNgear.sqf"; or id = [this, "CLS", "MAIN"] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\BoNgear.sqf"; Only recently, the script somehow gives all units, that have a backpack, a huge amount of random medical stuff. I checked all the Medic louadouts, and the mystery medcial supplies is different to what I give my real medics. Could it be something with the ACE_VTAC_RUSH72 ? Any suggestions or questions are much appreciated
  6. I apologize, I wasn't clear enough. I had found this script easily but I couldn't tweak it to the way I needed. I'm trying to have my helicopter get hit by an RPG, but does not erupt into a fireball. Just have all the damage, yet not explode so it can be brought to the group safley. Sorry for any confusion, my fault.
  7. Can someome help me with a script for a helicopter to never/hardly ever explode? Like set a max damage at 95, keep minimun health at 5, etc. Any help would be appreciated by this novice scripter.
  8. Wilson543210

    Any good ACE public servers?

    We meet again Mirek! You were the one who helped me with the mortar classnames, thank you again. I'll definitely look into that server as well as many others, it's a shame this GameSpy thing had to ruin a lot of things with servers. Thank you again.
  9. Does anyone know of any still functioning ACE public servers? I really would like to join one and have a go, I can't actually dedicate myself to a real unit
  10. My knowledge for scripting is very limited in this, but I am using multiple scripts that require me to edit the init.sqf file. However, when I copy-paste them, I don't know whether to put the // or where to put it. These are two of the strings I need to combine. // needed for Ai Shoots Flares script. AIsoldierFlare_units = []; and //Finish world initialization before mission is launched. finishMissionInit; An explanation to this would be also amazing. What does the // represent? A break in it? And if I put code like right next to it, would it still work?
  11. I need help in making a way where I can have players respawn and be able to spectate and if they want, decide to come back in a reinforcing wave. Right now they just respawn and get bored from waiting around, not seeing the action, but I don't want them to be able to spectate and see enemies. I know there is an ACE spectator for when you die, you can only watch friendlies I think. Does anyone know how to help me here? We use ACE and MCC Sandbox.
  12. Wilson543210

    Ammo classname for 81mm mortar

    Oh wow man thanks, this is like the best thing ever. Thanks so much, I've been battling with this forever. Now I can stop asking people for help with classnames :D
  13. Wilson543210

    Ammo classname for 81mm mortar

    Yeah I use ACE, ArmA isn't even worth playing without it in my humble opinion. Though I don't know how to get mortar rounds isolated into an inventory, that's what I'm wrestling with. And then some super advanced scripting, which I'll have to work with later.
  14. Wilson543210

    Ammo classname for 81mm mortar

    Thanks a ton man, though are you sure there's no way to make them standalone in crates or inventories? I've seen ShackTac do that (though zx64 can do anything with his powers of scripting) so I know there's some way how to.
  15. Wilson543210

    Ammo classname for 81mm mortar

    Thank you so much, nobody ever told me that, nor could I find it. So I just make this [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9...] to make more magazines?