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  1. Glad you figured it out. When that happens (done it myself from time to time), another option is to take command and use the teams panel or command menu to assign one of the other teams as Air team, then order them to respawn.
  2. Hi @Gistereo, At mission start, vote yourself as commander and set up the base. Air Teams need a minimum of a barracks and aircraft factory. Assign some towns as missions, and then switch command over to AI. Go to maps and watch the Teams panel. Keep an eye on the Air team. What does that team do while the other teams reinforce and run off to do missions?
  3. Try to avoid using player command in conditions on a dedicated server when possible, since player is objNull there. Making the condition: this && local sq ought to work fine. When sq is not played (unit belongs to server), the server won't be calling on the radio trigger. Trigger would only be called by sq as a player.
  4. opusfmspol

    BW Cti with Ace

    Found Warfare BE ACE Edition (v 2.067[1.2]) and Warfare BE - ACE (v 2.059) at Armed Assault Info.
  5. opusfmspol

    How to find/use Warfare maps

    You might be using groups or vehicles, which causes issues in game. This video on YouTube can help you with properly setting up a basic Warfare mission in the editor. And this video on YouTube can help you with adding a description.ext file that includes the unique parameters Warfare uses, plus how to add a few custom parameters of your own for extra options. I'm just starting to put together a third video on Warfare editing now, but don't know how long that one will take. The videos are set unpublished on YouTube for now, meaning a search won't find them. You have to click the link above to view them, but that could change later. (I still have things to figure out about properly setting up my YT account, so that hyperlinks in video descriptions work, and what not. I'm old, it's confusing). I started putting these videos together a little while back, after finding out that Darren Brant's blog (which was the go-to site for Warfare how-to stuff) had gone away, as did Armaholic. As for finding maps, all those I have were obtained from Armaholic before it went away, so don't really know where one would go now.
  6. It is possible. Commander clicking on map to tell the driver where to go is default engine behavior. onMapSingleClick uses a true/false flag at the end of the code to tell the engine whether the map click code completes the click sequence or not. By default it passes false, indicating not complete, so default engine behavior will follow. You pass true, and it prevents the engine from carrying out default map click behavior. See example 4 on the page.
  7. Verify the command is being run on the machine where the aircraft is local.
  8. opusfmspol

    Condition OR

    {triggerActivated _x} count [tg1,tg2,tg3,tg4,tg5] >= 3
  9. opusfmspol

    Repeated checks

    Due to Array Reference you would not want to simply cross-reference the array with "=" alone, since any changes to unused_markers would then also change all_Markers. You would instead want to copy the array with "= +" so that all_Markers and unused_Markers become separate arrays of their own: all_markers = ["rm01","rm02","rm03","rm04"]; unused_markers = +all_markers; if(unused_markers isEqualTo [])then{ unused_markers = +all_markers//if list is empty, repopulate it for next time };
  10. Hi QuiGon, Not known when I made that post (2017), is that a waypoint's condition only gets checked by the Group Owner machine. The waypoint's OnAct code will get run on all machines, but only the group owner machine will check whether a waypoint's condition is completed: (Waypoints wiki page) And I believe that's what leads to the locality issue, in that my testing back then showed the synced LOAD and GETIN waypoints seem to rely on unitReady commands in their handlers to detect when the units to board have all mounted. But unitReady only gives an accurate return when the unit being checked is local. A machine that checks unitReady on a remote unit will always receive a return true (unit is ready) even when the unit is not ready. The waypoints work in SP and for MP Host-Only because the transport group and the boarding group are all local to the server, the waypoint unitReady checks give them an accurate return. But In multiplayer client and dedicated server it fails, because the transport and boarding groups are each local to different machines. The transport hits the LOAD waypoint, and checks status of the remote group boarding. Being remote, it receives unitready true from all the units to board (even though they haven't yet boarded), so it continues on to next waypoint. That's what I believe occurs. The post from 2017 was an attempt at working around the locality issue, while not understanding that only group owner would check on waypoint condition. It worked, but is a burdensome work-around. Instead, try using waypoint conditions to check that the units have actually boarded before the waypoints can complete. Keep in mind that for your mission, server checks waypoint condition for the transport, client checks waypoint condition for the boarding team.
  11. The .rpt log is spamming because you have no sleep in the waitUntil. Undefined variable gets logged for each cycle while it remains undefined. Seems your camp script is running before the common init completes, and commonInitComplete was not predefined. You could predefine it, which is often the best way: commonInitComplete = false; // stuff happens // camp script runs // common init finishes commonInitComplete = true; Or you could handle it as a flag variable which could be nil, true or false: waitUntil {sleep 0.1; [false,commonInitComplete] select !(isNil "commonInitComplete")}; Return is false when commonInitComplete is not yet defined; or, Return is commonInitComplete value when it is defined.
  12. showCommandingMenu "";
  13. opusfmspol

    Creating a Campaign Variable

    SaveVar command BIS_evidenceGathered = 0; saveVar "BIS_evidenceGathered"; //GLOBAL: VALUE OF EVIDENCE GATHERED SO FAR IN THE CAMPAIGN