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  1. It's the AI reversing the tanks into them. No problem with player controlled tanks, actually its great.
  2. There's no problem when player is driving the tank. It's the AI. If you spectate the AI crew tanks, you can see that they sometimes will do a right and left reverse when commanders orders it to new waypoint. It's a short reverse when terrain is flat, but on slopes, the tank will roll backwards and the AI will get stuck in reverse state until the tank hits somethings.
  3. This problem is amplified on slopped terrain as the tank will roll back until it's stopped by an object. As a result AI tracked vehicles tend to up stuck at the bottom of ravines on stratis. I saw a ticket created by killzonekid about the issue, but I can't find it anymore. It's frustrating that the problem still persists without official fix. Are there any fixes via configs or scripting?
  4. How can I check if a vehicle's gunner or commander turret has smoke launcher before adding the event handler? I tried using if(((_veh weaponsTurret [0]) find {"SmokeLauncher"}) isEqualTo 1)then {_veh addEventHandler...}; but even vehicles with smoke launcher at gunner turret aren't getting the event handler.
  5. I'm want vehicle turret to fire smoke grenades when locked by incoming missile, even if gunner is killed.
  6. I've tried using BIS_fnc_fire and fire command but both failed.
  7. AI uses tow missiles against flying aircraft and can lock on, is that intended? Btr90 cannon muzzle flash is at the barrel instead of the tip.
  8. It didn't work, but it blocks other chats. Tried enableRadio false, which does block vehicle command radio, but it also blocks all other radio chats. I only want to block vehicle command radio.
  9. AI commanders and gunners sometimes spam "move to grid..." to the driver and it slows down vehicle path finding. They also sometimes spam "target that...". I tried using setSpeaker "NoVoice" and enableChannel to disable vehicle chat, but neither worked.
  10. 20mm HE grenades are used in static turrets. 40mm HE grenade are used more and it has 80 hit damage, so the explosion affecting initial hit doesn't apply. It also wouldn't make sense because explosion happens after the initial hit damage. Is it not true that bigger rounds should hit harder initially than smaller rounds especially when it more than twice the size? If I had to guess, auto cannon fired HE rounds hits hard than HE grenades rounds of similar mm IRL. 30×165 mm should have the higher initial hit value. Penetration damage is another value, that HE rounds don't have. Also, the main problem is same initial hit value for both 30mm with 12.7, and nothing seems to justify that yet. 30mm vs 12.7, but somehow they have same initial hit damage.
  11. But even the 20mm HE grenades has more hit damage than 12.7 too. So I think 30mm HE probably should at least have a hit higher than 40 (the hit value of 20mm grenades). Yes, explosive damage of 40mm GPR should be higher than 30mm MP, but why its hit value is lower? Another problem is that AI will not fire if the ammo's hit value is too low and armor value of target is too high even though the ammo can still damage parts of target like tires. Even after setting damageResistance to 0 AI won't shoot.
  12. How do you select the Kh29 missile for su-34? The weapon is not showing for gunner or manual fire. Using class CUP_O_SU34_RU. Also I noticed AI tend to fly CUP jets higher and further away than vanilla jets while circling back to attack ground targets. Is this set in the configs?
  13. That's the confusing part too because 60Rnd_20mm_HE_shells magazine uses B_20mm and there's a separate 20mm AP round too. But still, shouldn't the 30mm HE do more direct hit damage than 12.7 regardless of additional explosive damage? Also, what about 40mm GPR's lower hit damage than 30mm MP?
  14. The hit value is 30, which is the same as a 12.7x99. Isn't 30mm more powerful than .50 cal in real life? Compared this to 20mm HE which does 60 hit damage. I could just adjust values in the config, but I'd like to know if there's a reason for its value that I missed. Also, I'm not really sure how high it should be because, 40mm GPR does 70 hit, but 30mm MP is 90. Just look at the difference