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  1. The disembark order still persists after team leader dies. Can't even clear it with dostop and dofollow.
  2. I'm actually using that event handler to move the pilot back into their plane. I don't want them to abandon the plane, but they just can't take off anymore. If I use dofollow, they'll keep getting out of the plane even after team leader dies.
  3. AI team leader that survives after it's aircraft is shot down, will order other planes on its team to land for unknown reason I tried moving the landed pilots back into the aircraft but then the AI can no longer take off. It will be stuck moving the plane slowly forward until it hits something.
  4. I'm stuck on how to do this when drivers isn't in the vehicle. Can't rely on count alive vehicle crew because the driver with support waypoint disembark when ready.
  5. I'm need this for targeting position. doArtilleryFire [position selectRandom(allUnits side west),"8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells", 5]; But I'm getting missing ) error in the editor.
  6. I'm still getting cargo units that randomly form their own group. I'm trying to delete all units of all groups except 3 groups. { if((groupId _x != "Blue") && (groupId _x != "Green") && (groupId _x != groupId(group player))) then { { deleteVehicle _x } forEach units (group _x); }; } forEach allGroups; But I'm getting Error group: Type Group, expected Object.
  7. Some vehicles are now not getting their cargo crew when they had before. Tempest transport for example. Also, the units were created to be in _originalGroup by createUnit, why did they need be joined to _originalGroup?
  8. I'm using this createunit syntax to fill vehicle cargo. _c = 1; for "_c" from 1 to (_vehicle emptyPositions "cargo") do { _cargo = _originalGroup createUnit [selectRandom _soldiersarray, position _vehicle, [], 0, "NONE"]; _cargo moveInCargo _vehicle; }; Most of the time the vehicle crew and cargo crew joins into _originalGroup no problem. But sometimes in spectate, I see extra groups that I did not create, with 1 AI unit by itself. How do I get them to rejoin _originalGroup? I have another separate patrol group and my own group I don't want joining with _originalGroup, just the new groups that I didn't create.
  9. My mission spawns vehicles with crew and cargo in a while loop into the same group each side. However, occasionally somehow the cargo AI units will end up in their own separate group despite being created originally with the group they are supposed to be in. Is there a way to get all the groups of one side, and if units are not in either the original or player's group, then rejoin those units into their original group? [] spawn { while {true} do { if(count (allGroups select {side _x isEqualTo west}) > 2) then { { //all groups except _group and group player joinSilent _Group; }foreach (allGroups select {side _x isEqualTo west}); }; sleep 30; };
  10. Adding sleep returns generic error. crew _vehicle apply { _x addEventHandler ["GetOutMan", { params ["_unit", "_role", "_vehicle", "_turret"]; deleteVehicle _unit; }]; };
  11. { if (_x hasWeapon "Binocular") then { _x removeWeapon "Binocular"; }; } forEach crew _vehicle; Edit: Resolved.
  12. The vehicles spawn on one of the markers in createVehicle markers array, but I how do get the particular marker chosen for that vehicle. I want to set my vehicle direction to the same direction as the markers they spawn on.
  13. My mission is sector control, so it requires spawn AI module. I'm trying to fill vehicle's cargo with units picked randomly from an array. I could only get it to work by editing the module files directly, but I read that's bad practice. Another issue with the module is that it removes all AI weapon attachments, disables stamina, and lowers skill. Can I get the module to read from customized initGroup.sqf instead of it's default in modules_f_heli\Misc\Functions\ModuleSpawnAISectorTactic? I've seen it done with warfare module in Arma 2, but not sure how it's done for this module.
  14. I want to replace the crew and fill cargo with random units from an array for vehicles spawned by spawn AI module. Could it be done from the expression field? Also, is it possible to adjust spawn AI module units' skill and merge all spawned units into one group?
  15. If player leader is in driver or gunner seat, the AI will not fire the smokelaunchers against AT threats. Player also can't order commander AI to fire it. I tried giving AI smokescreen discretion with autofire=1; but it doesn't work for smokelaunchers like it does for tank cannons. Is there another config that controls AI smokescreen use?