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  1. Anyone else getting crash opening virtual garage? Also, seeing NLAWS used in the current war, AI unable to use PCML against certain high armor tanks is especially bad.
  2. NLAW is also missing it.
  3. I'm trying to spread awareness and hope that gets the game bug fixed by BIS. But if somehow the bug is caused by mission script code, I just don't see it. Test mission: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T162211
  4. So apparently the issue is due to game bug where some AI cargo units creating their own rogue group after disembarking. When an infantry AI unit is becoming rogue, there will be a new rogue group that appears with no units in the spectator entities list. The rogue AI at this point is still listed in their original group, but they act like they're in the new rogue group with no waypoints. When the rogue AI is the only survivor of it's original group, their name will be moved to the new rogue group. This leaves stranded infantry AI units with no waypoints as their new rogue group doesn't have the waypoints from their original group. The problem gets worse in waves of spawning AI vehicles groups. You also can't give waypoints to this new rogue group until rogue AI infantry officially moves to the new rogue group. The rogue AI Majeed Gailani is originally in group Alpha 3-2, but also created it's own rogue Alpha 3-6 group. At this point it no longer follows it's original group.
  5. Tested with various launchers for both infantry and vehicle mounted at point blank and up to around 20m it can't lock. Was hoping it isn't some hard coded limit that's not modifiable.
  6. I've tried missileLockMinDistance=0 on it's ammo class, but there's a still minimum distance limit about 20m where it won't lock. Is there another config value that controls missile lock minimum distance?
  7. It's the AI reversing the tanks into them. No problem with player controlled tanks, actually its great.
  8. There's no problem when player is driving the tank. It's the AI. If you spectate the AI crew tanks, you can see that they sometimes will do a right and left reverse when commanders orders it to new waypoint. It's a short reverse when terrain is flat, but on slopes, the tank will roll backwards and the AI will get stuck in reverse state until the tank hits somethings.
  9. This problem is amplified on slopped terrain as the tank will roll back until it's stopped by an object. As a result AI tracked vehicles tend to up stuck at the bottom of ravines on stratis. It's frustrating that the problem still persists without official fix. Are there any fixes via configs or scripting?
  10. How can I check if a vehicle's gunner or commander turret has smoke launcher before adding the event handler? I tried using if(((_veh weaponsTurret [0]) find {"SmokeLauncher"}) isEqualTo 1)then {_veh addEventHandler...}; but even vehicles with smoke launcher at gunner turret aren't getting the event handler.
  11. I'm want vehicle turret to fire smoke grenades when locked by incoming missile, even if gunner is killed.
  12. I've tried using BIS_fnc_fire and fire command but both failed.
  13. AI uses tow missiles against flying aircraft and can lock on, is that intended? Btr90 cannon muzzle flash is at the barrel instead of the tip.
  14. It didn't work, but it blocks other chats. Tried enableRadio false, which does block vehicle command radio, but it also blocks all other radio chats. I only want to block vehicle command radio.
  15. AI commanders and gunners sometimes spam "move to grid..." to the driver and it slows down vehicle path finding. They also sometimes spam "target that...". I tried using setSpeaker "NoVoice" and enableChannel to disable vehicle chat, but neither worked.