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  1. I already tried this but it didn't work can you upload the mission folder?
  2. Can anyone help?
  3. Hello guys, I'm trying to find a mission with the Original CTI 16 Warfare in Takistan with AI Air Units and airports where i can buy Aircrafts. As i searched for a solution i have seen threads but mostly they were for normal Arma 2 in chernarus or Warfare Bennys Edition (I hate it). Of course i tryed to get it working by myself, but i can't get it function, so i ask here now to help me get that working. If anyone can help me , It would be nice if you can just send me the mission folder with all files in it. Would be very nice. Here is a short note with all Information again: Game: Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead (Standalone) Mission: CTI 16 Warfare in Takistan My Goal: The Vanilla Warfare just with AI Air Units and The ability to buy Aircrafts on the Airport I hope anyone have time to help me with this problem. Best regards, Motion_Digital