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  1. RH Pistol pack

    Heads up http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=815261978
  2. If you are trying to manage to keep AI on spot in building and not running away from position, try to use _unit disableAI "PATH"'; instead of "doStop this". Disabling AI's "path" will make unit stay on position, but he also have ability to turn around and look at player. They are able to do 360° head-shot on spot.
  3. SelectRandom Problem

    switch _location do { to switch (_location) do { and for each "switch" in code.
  4. `_amount` is number of soldiers spawned
  5. I see, so each _housePosition is unique? it has its own [x,y,z] coordinates ? Are they related to terrain or _house ?
  6. ok, so you utilized my 2nd "possible solution" - store each position in separate arrays. delete on usage Code is not necessary, but thank you anyway :)
  7. Hi fellow scripters, I got a pickle for you. Got this code to garrison units in buildings. Problem: units spawning on same position in building Questions: How check if building position occupied ? How to prevent unit spawning on same building position? Possible solutions: - create "placeholder" on each position, replace it with unit, keep it under control with array and popOut - store each building and each position in separate arrays. delete on usage Looking for elegant solution. I am open to suggestions as we all know in Arma we can do things from any direction. _houseArray = [...]; _amount = 10; for "_i" from 1 to _amount do { _house = selectRandom _houseArray; _housePositions = _house buildingPos -1; _housePosition = selectRandom _housePositions; _unit = _group createUnit ["I_soldier_F", _housePosition, [], 0, "FORM"]; sleep 0.5; };
  8. Enhanced Movement

    ^^ this Is there way to prevent climb certain objects? E.g. set something in object to prevent from climbing on it?
  9. No mods required. It supports ACE3, so if you are using ace, cba is requirement.
  10. use trigger to set task state as I explained two posts above
  11. condition should return BOOL value, that means true or false. In your case it return null/nil as you add code with " ; " at end. Also you are using LOCAL variables (_bomb, _status) in global condition. Try to name bomb object with global name, as "bomb1" (without "") and then in condition: ! (bomb1 getVariable ["a3f_bomb_active", true]) bomb1 - is name of your bomb object true - is default condition in idle status of bomb ! - negation of status ( true is false and false is true ) - because we are waiting for bomb to have FALSE value, so when it does, condition in trigger will be TRUE and activate trigger
  12. I think in Arma 3 equivalent should be "\A3\data_f\ParticleEffects\Universal\smoke.p3d"
  13. this path is from Arma 2. You should find it in arma 3 and rewrite it "\Ca\Data\ParticleEffects\FireAndSmokeAnim\SmokeAnim.p3d"
  14. Civilian Presence Module

    Can confirm, only for singleplayer.
  15. Zombies & Demons 5.0

    When I change clothes of zombie (use addForceUniform), it is not moving. Will be this solved, or is there at least some workaround?