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  1. not sure if this project dead, or any plans to continue ? if not maybe an alternative to use with more updated version ?
  2. M1ke_SK

    Landing a Heli Help.

    // something to land the chopper // create helipad for landing private _heliport = createVehicle ["Land_HelipadEmpty_F", getMarkerPos "LZmarker", [], 0, "NONE"]; while { ( (alive helo1) && !(unitReady helo1) ) } do { sleep 1; }; helo1 land "LAND"; waitUntil { sleep 1; isTouchingGround helo1 }; // do stuff deleteVehicle _helipad;
  3. remove / re-add with updated text
  4. format ["Request <t color='%1'>%2</t>", OS_red, _text];
  5. I would appreciate better mod selection. Each time click to reopen some folder deep in tree is time consuming
  6. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_randomPos Check the example for a whitelisted array with - [center, [a, b, angle, rect]] example: _rectangle = true; _radnomRectanglePos = [[[_position, [_xAxis, _yAxis, _rotation, _rectangle]]], _blacklist] call BIS_fnc_randomPos;
  7. In Old Man scenario, they are using script witch spawn locally this item VirtualReammoBox_F you can use these, they have almost unlimited cargo (they are available in editor) VirtualReammoBox_small_F VirtualReammoBox_F
  8. there is also limitation of Arma, where when you dismount from vehicle, it will automatically equip weapon, making you "armed" for enemy
  9. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_stalk
  10. M1ke_SK

    Enemy AI Hunt Player

    use BIS_fnc_stalk
  11. try for individual unit _unit setVariable ["ace_map_hideBlueForceMarker", true, true]; for group { _x setVariable ["ace_map_hideBlueForceMarker", true, true]; } forEach (units _group);
  12. maybe play with aspect ratio Render To Texture #(argb,512,512,1)r2t(surface,aspect)
  13. you can probably achieve that with combination of doWatch and forceWeaponFire
  14. 1. name your container in editor "container1" (without quotes) 2. put this code to initServer.sqf in mission root directory (if it does not exist, create one) //initServer.sqf container1 addEventHandler ["ContainerOpened", { params ["_container", "_unit"]; _container setVariable ["opened", true, true]; }]; 3. put in condition of your trigger this code container1 getVariable ["opened", false] 4. profit
  15. Not very much information to go on how OP want to use it tho. This is general idea that works for every case. It depends on use. From what I see, he is using it for some counting ETA to some wave, so you probably want to have precise counter there.