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  1. Unfortunately busy with school now, but I have some plans for future, will see how they will turn out
  2. Nope still not fixed but i changed my vehicle so it doesnt use turn in/out position. So sadly cant help you with this. I gave up after countless tries with no effect and decided to redesign my vehicle a bit. Hope you find a solution. If you will feel free to post it here, it could be useful for my in future.
  3. New update version 1.4: - Added: Aligator DPP artillery observer version of Aligator - Added: Aligator VPC police version of Aligator - Added: RHS Mig-29 in 2 slovak digital camouflages - Added: Aligator PVS model reworked - Fixed: Aligator interior tweaked - Fixed: New Aligator damage model - Fixed: Different errors and vehicles loadouts
  4. The Price of Peace Mods: Slovak Armed Forces by Reluk, RHS
  5. New update version 1.3: - Added: first version of Aligator - Fixed MaxxPro handling - Fixed: more balistic protection for FAST type helmets - Replaced: russian gear in vehicles with slovak one - Replaced: Zamak trucks with Tempest trucks - Another minor fixes that could have caused errors
  6. Hi I need help with my custom vehicle. Im pretty much new to the moddeling in Arma so I still dont know a lots of things. My damage model its not working for some reason I have tried many things but didnt find any solution. Basicaly my vehicle its working but i cant destroy the wheels and windows for example + the suspension of vehicle its not working too. After some search and tries i found out that it probably is a model.cfg problem. Any ideas on what could be wrong ? Heres my model.cfg :) https://pastebin.com/i5mLefg and my config file https://pastebin.com/qMMR0PHz
  7. New update version 1.2: - fix errors that cause some problems - uniform should look better with the fixed rvmat error - replaced the classic helmets with more realistic ones - added vest versions with digital flag - added new insignias: Medic (Woodland/Desert), 5th Special Regiment (Desert), ISAF (6 types), EUFOR Althea - added rhs BVP-2 (HQ) - added rhs UH-60M
  8. New update version 1.1: - some texture fixes - add desert and woodland uniform with digital slovak flag - add fast helmet with digital slovak flag - add red cross on medical truck
  9. Thanks for the armaholic mirror link and thanks for the support but of course hopefully theres more to come ;) and I have a question. The armaholic mirror will update automatically when i update the steam version or ? and can i somehow manage the mod on the armaholic like writing there and such or see some statistics or the Downloaded : x times at the botom its the only indicator ?
  10. If you have any pictures or videos from game with this mod feel free to post it here :)
  11. So guys finnaly ! First version of my mod is out I completely reworked it so here is the link to new forum !
  12. Slovak Armed Forces by Reluk This mod tries to represent Slovak Armed Forces in Arma 3. It´s mostly just retextures of Arma gear and vehicles from RHS mod but new content just for this mod is on the way such as Slovak armored vehicle Aligator, Tatra trucks or Grand Power K100 pistol. Since this is my first project in Arma universe and I´m still learning I´m looking for a texturers or moddelers that would like to help :). Hope you will enjoy this mod and have fun with it. This mod includes: Slovak woodland units (regular units, 5th special operations regiment) Slovak desert units (regular units, 5th special operations regiment) Slovak police units (military police and counter terrorist unit, maybe more later) I want to thanks to: Marekoi - for help and support presko deltagamer UK_Apollo evromalarkey, ascz team, acr_a3 mod - for awesome NPP vests, same vests that Slovak army use so this helps to make the mod more realistic Yano - for letting me his old Aligator project and for the help that he was trying to give me RichardsD - for his MRAP MaxxPro Modification RHS team - for a great high quality mod with a lots of content and of course all the support on BIS Forums ! Links for download , RHSAFRF, RHSGREF, RHSSAF, RHSUSAF are required! : Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=971009565&result=1 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33625 (not updated to the latest version v1.4) Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1t-grzZX9vdQrRyK8SITpKpcr76wTiKLF
  13. So im looking for someone that would be able to texture my Aligator vehicle from my Slovak Armed Forces mod that i have been working for some time now. Im still noob and learning all the stuff around and figuring them out slowly and texturing and rvmats are whole new segment of the modding for me. Ive already have some textures for this vehicle from Yano ´s older aligator project that he gave me to use. They are still usable i think. So if theres someone who would be able to help and completely finnish the textures please contact me. I would be really glad :) PS: Dont mind the glass texture on some places where it shouldnt be. WIP :P