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Found 32 results

  1. Hello, sorry for my English but I need advice, as the title says I can not make the textures of damage work in my addon. I'll pass the config and model.cfg to see if I'm doing something wrong. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me what I am doing wrong. The model at the time of destruction simply shows fire and the same texture. Name the model as zbytek as indicated in object builder.

    Accurate Damage

    Recently, I've noticed a lot of hits not doing accurate amount of damage to the person I'm shooting. Just now, I head shot a person and did no more than 1/2 damage... I captured the clip of the game play and would be happy to share if anyone thinks it can help improve game play.
  3. Hello, I am noob at such things as scripting , but long story short - Could you guys help me how to ensure that "when any MP player on DS enters any vehicle (even fresh spawn by zeus) then player takes no damage at all ? and when any MP player leaves any vehicle it is vulnerable again ? Thank you in advance.
  4. Introduction Since the release of the NATO close air support plane, we were missing the power of the real A-10, the role model of the A-164. With bringing the A-164 into the game, Bohemia introduced a gun which was neither able to destroy a simple APC nor really effective against infantry. So we, passionate pilots, decided to see what we can do, and this mod is the result. What does it do? The core focus of the mod is to increase the damage to achieve a more realistic result. We also completely overhauled all sounds and particle effects, just take a look at our announcement trailer. Dependencies There are no dependencies with other mods. Compatibility The mod is compatible with multiple other A-10 mods. Among them are: ACE RHS Peral STI EricJ Fullerpj CUP Firewill License Changelog Download GitHub Steam Workshop Armaholic withSIX
  5. I've been tinkering with values of a mod that my Milsim unit uses. With all the mods we have somewhere along the pipeline has overly increased and made more realistic A.I. in which they also have more health but the weapons we use our simulated extremely well. The problem is the mod we use for our mortar damage range just isn't realistic and a direct impact may kill a single person on a group of 20 with no armor on. I wrote a script similar to what I'm doing here but with RHS and updated the weapon damage values just by using CfgPatches and I'm trying to do the exact same thing here but they named their ammo with a "( )" in it. Which upon compiling the addon doesn't allow it to continue as it returns an error along the lines of [line 13 expected = received "("] does anyone know a workaround or how to get this to work properly? TL:DR - Can't update damage of an ammo type because the class name has a symbol in it that the addon builder assumes is apart of the code rather than just being apart of the name. VZ99 CfgAmmo.hpp My CfgPatches in a separate addon I'm creating giving me the error. (Only editing the HE and HE_Multi ammo) As far as I can determine the issue is that the class name having ( ) is the issue but I can't edit the original addon CfgAmmo due to their licensing. If anyone knows a solution I'm open to anything.
  6. Frodz89

    Death bug/T stance

    Hello First time here. Loving the game btw! I was running away after a failed fire fight and this happened: The fall damage in this game is quite brutal, didn’t even see the ditch there. I knew there was a massive drop though hence why I was sprinting. Don’t know what happened upon death. Felt like I should share it though. Cheers
  7. Michael Escalante

    Buff knife damage?

    If you're going to include knives and related challenges into a game where guns are the dominant weapon used, why would you not buff them? If it takes 4 hits to kill someone with anything under the Fällkniven A-1, where a quick trigger finger, or even just running away will prevent you from obtaining your kill. Also if someone with ammo simply hits you with their weapon, automatic knock back. Then you become a doll for them to beat at their leisure using a gun with no bullets. Bless the inherent lag. Sincerely, They guy running for the 5 kills with a melee weapon challenge.
  8. Idea was to create a feature where you get 'something' for headshots. A side reward for accurate shot, mostly for CQB. Kill-feed is not the ideal option for arma or popping text with sound ..so I came up with this. Description: Headgear should have some protection, but what about goggles and NVG's? They shouldn't be that durable, especially if a unit gets killed with headshot. Helmets seems to be all static which are not. If you put a .50 cal round to the head, It's simply not possible for helmet to stay one piece. So I made them destroyable as well. Weapons with different caliber will act different on headgear, according to armor level. For example you won't be destroying armor level 3 headgear with a MX rifle although you might destroy level 2 helmet. For armor level4 headgear, you need high caliber weapon. There are different particle effects including coughing blood, big spray (of blood) going off mid air etc etc. For the helmet damage, powerful enough weapon caliber (like asp kir, gm6 or .50 cal) will not only destoy helmet; it will cause helmet parts to catch fire briefly. Brand new visual effects for head wounds, fatal or not. particle effects: friction sparks, glass shards, blood, fire dust, electric parts failure smoke, headgear parts and hat / helmet fly-off Randomized particle effects according to gear present on unit Each effect is randomized within itself for authentic simulation HMD / Helmet destruction by a head wound mainly depends on chance which is currently at %77 HMDs can be broken with a non fatal shot. This depends on used weapon type and damage value. Helmets can only be destroyed with weapon calibers equal to and/or higher than 7.62 Other factors such as helmet's armor level taken into account with weapon caliber for a better simulation 5 different sound samples for HMD destruction played random each time 8 different sound samples for helmet taking heavy damage Damage from a very high caliber weapon such as .50cal mounted on offroad, GM6 Lynx can cause parts to catch fire briefly In order to make 'catch fire briefly' fx visible you have to have particles 'high' in video options Performance demand of this add-on is minimal as It uses no loops and nothing is added to Arma scheduler Version: v1.14 Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1273833677 Github: https://github.com/the0utsider/ballistic-impact
  9. HI, I was looking for a way to create a unit that can only be killed with a specific weapon class. Example: General "Tom(unit like a boss)" can only die by shots with a missile launcher, other like pistols, riffles, grenades, etc. they do not harm it. "unit" should have allowdamage false, except with the specific type of weapon (in this example missile launcher) EDIT: Create an unit (Will be the "boss" ) i call him Tom (you choose the name) -in the "boss" init put: this allowDamage false; -Place a Trigger with a size that can cover the boss´s domains, - Select Activation: any player, - Act. Type : present, -Check Repeat (if you change the weapon the boss will be "inmortal" again ) Cond (currentWeapon player isEqualTo "name of weapon") && alive Tom; //this part detects if you have that weapon in your hands (not backpack, hold, etc) and if the "boss" is alive. On Act. Tom allowDamage true; On Deact. Tom allowDamage false;
  10. Hello everyone. I have very limited knowledge on editing and I was wondering how to add tracers as well as add more damage to the Dragunov. I know I have to edit a onfig file but as to which one and how to t it accordingly to add tracers and boost the damage I am lost. Can anyone be some ight on this?
  11. Hello everyone. I was wondering how to add tracers as well as boost the damage of the Dragunov Marksmen rifle and I know that I must edit a config file somewhere but which one I do not know nor do I know what to change it to in order to boost the damage and make the tracers appear. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hi Devs, Happy holidays and good achievements in 2019! The life cycle of Arma3 is in its later stages, but it seems to me that improving the game will be relevant for a long time. I have a small request (I hope some users will support me) - Please add the status "Damaged" near with the status "Injured" in the player's command menu. This status is missed, and this fact looks at least strange. When player inside vehicle and this vehicle damaged, as seems to me, you can force work this the same way as with the medic, if within a player squad exist engineer or repair specialist. Such a feature could make a singleplayer gameplay in vehicles more interesting and natural within a Arma games, since it already exists with medics support. More accurately: When player press the key 5, the player sees only: 1.Call support 2.Fuel low 3.Ammo low 4.Injured 5.Where are you? 6.I am under fire 7.One less 8..isdown Thus a player can not call a repair specialist from his own squad and can not report about self damages. In the action menu, there is "call Support" status, but it is a useless item, because support-waypoints with repair is not works. If there is an additional and working item "Damaged" then it will naturally, 1.Call support 2.Fuel low 3.Ammo low 4.Injured 5.Damaged 6.Where are you? 7.I am under fire 8.One less 9..isdown because this must work for the AI and for the player, just as it does for medicine support. As seems to me, the player must be able to call a repair support. With Damaged status: а) the subordinates (repair specialist/engineer) of player should start repair immidiately b) the AI-Commander of any squad, should order the subordinate repair specialist/engineer (if they exist in the this squad), to repair the damaged vehicle
  13. A3 HARDCORE DAMAGE MODIFICATION mp compatible: not tested (should work theoratically, tell if it does please) compatibility with other mods: Works fine with mods like RHS. Wont work with ACE due to its own medical system. version: 1.0 github repo: https://github.com/the0utsider/A3-HC-Damage Download on Steam workshop Description: The way of arma handling damage is possible the most sophisticated in any engine out there; you get all sorts of calculation for ballistic protection vs bullet caliber, hit velocity, angles etc. But most of the time (especially with level 4-5 armor) you have to be really precise to get headshots. You need to hit 'in the face' and that is doable but what happens when you miss? This is the problem. If your shot falls close to neck area, that is a seperate body part which have 0 affect for what you want: headshot. Similar situation with chest and upper body. There are 3 body parts in arma damage system for upper-body: abdomen, diaphragm and chest. While game evaluates total damage, not all of this is added to overall health. This results as what you mostly experience: guy gets shot again and again, he moves his arms, twitches and nothing happens. He keeps running. When you modify bullet hit values, you lost logical ballistic originality of game. Yes it would work, there are many config altering mods out there as well but they just do more than they should and break the game. It is just not fun to shoot a guy from pixel (or pinky) of left foot and get a kill for that. It breaks everything. Short desription of problem is: arma treat humanoid models like frankenstein: Each body part should have some affect on overall health but some of them do not or relationship is really low. This mod uses arma's own damage model and improves it by binding damage of certain areas of body together, getting past frankenstein issue on homanoid characters: *Neck and face damages are added up and passes to 'head' damage. *Upper chest, diaphragm and abdomen area now affects overall health of body (which they should, it is the place of all vital organs) *Pelvis (or lower gut or balls) damage passes to legs. It's not ideal when you got wounded around pelvis and still be able to run like gazelle. These values are passed on with a "multiplier" inside code and it is available under CBA addon options for you to decide a ratio for your liking, default is 1.5. *As another option, you can change the effect of how upper body damage dealt with. It is multiplied to 'body' health as default which means death when reaches to 1 and this is default behavior of mod. The option is to pass damage to 'hands' which will not kill you no matter how high it is, it is not fatal but it will cause extreme weapon swing. These are all global settings; meaning they apply to everyone on server and you have to be logged as admin in a server to change them. Last one is development debugger setting which will hint you what multiplier applied, what was the damage and where etc. Local option. Should be used good for testing. Variables and their defaults: ["goko_damage_multiplier", 1.5]; ["goko_damage_fatalHeadWounds", true]; ["goko_damage_fatalChestWounds", 0]; ["goko_damage_affects_hands", true]; ["goko_damage_disableLegs", true]; ["goko_dev_debugger", false];
  14. First off, I love Arma! It's my most played steam game and it's where I've met most of my best friends on steam. However, there are some things that I really dislike about Arma and I wish were done differently. [THIS WILL BE A LONG POST, SO I'LL PUT A TL;DR AT THE END] • Overall polish and attention to detail isn't very good. The damage models need a complete rework. It would be cool to see blood where I actually got shot or to see dents/scratches on a vehicle where I hit something. Actually seeing the rocket being loaded in your RPG and seeing the medkit when you use one, having proper animations for ladders and stairs and more fluid animations that affect what your character is interacting with, like opening doors on houses and vehicles, and Having your character pull his gun closer when hes near a wall so your barrel doesn't stick through. These things seem so little and useless, but they can actually go a long way in making players feel more immersed and like they're playing a more fleshed out game. Tarkov is a great example of good fleshed out animations. • Vehicles. They're good for getting you from point A to point B if you take the main road, they're a deathtrap if you use them for anything else. Hitting a bush shouldn't destroy my tires and headlights while almost killing me in the process. PLEASE, just turn off collision for any bush that's smaller than an offroad! Also, why does your vehicle explode after hitting enough things? Literally no vehicle does that. I play a lot of wasteland, and sometimes you have to use a vehicle as your main weapon, whether it be a hatchback or an offroad. If I ram into another vehicle, it's RNG whether I live and the enemy dies, the enemy lives and I die, we both live, we both die, or one or both of us goes flying off into space. It's extremely annoying. My solution is to make a new damage mechanic for vehicles. If I ram into the driver side of an enemy vehicle going less than 50KMH, the enemy should die and I should be severely injured. Anything over 50KMH and we both die. Something like that. Things should be switched up for armored vehicles as well. Nothing should be completely destroyed by 1 rocket or missile unless it's from a jet or a helicopter. Ifrits, Hunters, and Striders are completely useless if the AI or enemy has an RPG. Instead of having 1 rocket blow up the vehicle and killing everyone inside, make it so that 1 rocket just disables the vehicle and also make it RNG on who dies and who gets severely injured. Each launcher should have their own damage multiplier and each APC and tank should have a multiplier on every side (Front, back, left, right, top, and bottom). Hitting a specific part of a tank or APC like the track or turret should always disable it. IMO, this will make the combat between players and vehicles so much more balanced and fun. • Animations should be interruptible and be able to be performed while moving. If I'm healing and hear an enemy walking up, there's nothing I can do but spin around and hope they have the worst aim in existence. It would be nice if I could stop the animation and take my gun back out to take care of the enemy, then start healing again. If I could move while healing, then I could walk into a room or around the corner in order to finish the animation. Let me pull out my pistol to cancel the reload animation if I need to kill another player quickly. Also, this is something I saw on one of Crowbcat's videos, lets say that I just killed an enemy in KOTH and I only have 8 rounds left in my mag, I go to reload and then another enemy rounds the corner. It would be awesome if I could left click and have my character quickly put back in the mag that has 8 rounds left in order to finish off the enemy, rather than taking the time to get a new mag. Speaking of left click, that would be a good keybind to cancel animations. • This is kind of small, but having preferences for each gun and scope in the options so that each time a player picks up a gun or attaches a scope, it will be suited to their play style. If I pick up an MXC, I want it to be on full auto and zeroed to 200m, and I don't want that to change unless I change it manually in game or in the options. If I drop the weapon and pick it back up, it should be just the way I left it. • The AI is mega dumb. I shouldn't even need to explain how bad they are. There's literally more improvements you could make on the AI than you could on the actual game! They have god like aim, they just sit there and crawl around, they see you through bushes and walls, and they can even magically walk through solid objects. Not even full Lvl 5 armor will protect you from getting 1-tapped by these gods. My fondest memory of them was on Wasteland on the Stratis map. Me and some friend were driving to a mission when an AI on the airfield 1-tapped me out of the back of an offroad going 40KMH from over 600m away. • Weapon sway is unrealistic and annoying more than it is immersive. The sway is so slow and all over the place when it should be more controlled and shaky/twitchy. I mean, come on. You're a highly trained soldier and you can't even walk 10 feet in your gear and still have accurate aim? You literally need to stand still for 2 minutes or have a bipod to be accurate in this game. The current sway animation is just a handicap for gameplay and immersion. It should be reworked. • Player damage and Armor. Each armor piece should have a multiplier for each type of round, and the armor should lose durability each time it gets shot and have less protection the lower its durability is. Players should have a set HP that goes down every time they get hit, and it should continue to drop unless they use a medkit. If I get shot in the arm, my aim should be extremely shaky, if I get shot in the leg then my movement should be slower and I should have a limp. The slow painful limping animation your player gets when they take enough damage needs to go! With no armor and an MX, a player should be dead with 1 shot to the chest, head, and stomach, and 2 to the legs and arms. With All level 5 armor and an MX, a player should die in 2 shots the the helmet, 4 to the chest, 3 to the stomach, 5 to the legs, and 6 to the arms. There are times when I've killed players with level 5 armor using a TRG faster than I've killed players with level 3 armor using an AK-12. That's dumb. Damage and armor should be consistent. • Aiming and shooting should take priority over any other keys held. The delay from when you stop sprinting and ADS is a bit much IMO and one of the many annoyances in PVP. The moment I right click, my character should stop sprinting and ADS. Same with firing. • I'm all for extra content, but NOT if it offers a blatant advantage. The best guns in Arma 3 are DLC. The AK-12 outperforms all other assault rifles. Period. The Cyrus and Mar-10 are the highest caliber weapons that can be silenced and easily outperforms the MK18. Don't even get me started on the MMGs. There should have already been an AK style rifle in the game to begin with and they should have gave us at least 1 gun in .338 and 9.3 before or closely after they released the marksmen DLC. I know that a skilled player with an MX can easily beat an amateur with an SPMG, but not every gunfight in Arma is between a nub and a veteran player. TL;DR •Polish and detail is suck. Tarkov style animations and a better damage model would be nice. •Vehicles should have a different damage mechanic and tanks/APCs should have better/more consistent damage multipliers for each side of the vehicle. •Animations should be interruptible with a left click. •Having gun preferences in the options and having a gun stay the same after you drop it and pick it back up (Zeroing and fire mode.) •AI... •Weapon sway is OP •Armor and damage should be more consistent. •Aiming and shooting should take priority over any other keys held. •DLC is a bit on the P2W side. I'm sure there are more things I could mention and I could have elaborated better on some things, but It's late and I'm tired. Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes. I'd love to read what you guys think should be different or why some of the things I mentioned should not be!
  15. Okay so i've been messing around with the HandleDamage EVH on vehicles using: this addEventHandler [ "HandleDamage", { ( _this#7 in [ "hitlfwheel", "hitlbwheel", "hitlmwheel", "hitlf2wheel", "hitrfwheel", "hitrbwheel", "hitrmwheel", "hitrf2wheel", "hitengine", "hitengine2", "HitEngine3", "hitfuel", "hitfuel2", "HitRGlass", "HitLGlass", "HitGlass1", "HitGlass2", "HitGlass3", "HitGlass4", "HitGlass5", "HitGlass6", "HitStarter1", "HitStarter2", "HitStarter3" ] ) } ]; this way it can only damage everything exept the HULL of the vehicle, and this works fine on every other vehicle exept the hatchback. I have no Idea if the hatchback uses different hit points but when ever the hatchback takes any damage from the code above, it just takes all four tires out. Please tell me if i'm missing any hit points and thanks in advance.
  16. Okay, so i'm wondering how I could allow vehicles to take damage, but not allowing them to blow up from the damage. If anyone can help me out that be amazing and I could learn a lot from this if someone has any solution, thanks in advance.
  17. The fences that surround the Tanoa International Airport; I am able to edit them the way I see fit. The problem I am having is making them have no damage. I have put in the init; this addeventhandler [this allowdamage false]; this allowdamage false; this enableSimulation false; etc. I have put it in the Init ;|; Init+Object Init ;|; Init+Global Object Init ;|; Init+Object Init+Global Object Init ;|; Object Init ;|; Global Object Init ;|; Object Init+Global Object Init. I have tried the Enable Damage tab/checkbox and it seems to only work for doors. If you guys have anything for me on how to make the Terrain Objects not have any damage through the "EDIT TERRAIN OBJECTS," I would be grateful!
  18. Hey I'm trying to add some additional damage simulation to tanks and was trying to figure out how to disrupt sensors and displays. DISPLAYS: I've found the render targets for the example vehicle; "commander_display" and "driver_display", but I can't quite figure out how to modify them. I don't know how to refer to that render target for that vehicle when using a command like setPipEffect. SENSORS: So some vehicles have incoming missile warnings and such. Is there a way to disable these? I'm thinking I might also be able to disable data link send/receive. Are there any other sensors or electronics I may be able to disrupt? Cheers
  19. _casSpawn = "B_RangeMaster_F" createUnit [_casPos, _casGroup]; So i have got the range master to spawn to the group civilian, I need to be able to use setDamage but i have nothing to assign the spawned range master to, there is no variable for the spawned ai, so I need your help to set damage and get a variable so I can also use other scripts on the spawned range master. felipe.
  20. Hi, I have a gun store as well as a vehicle store that were made in VR so that everything is flat which I plan to use on other terrains. It will be created via code, etc... The problem is, the compositions are very complex (in terms of how they are made) and they use vectors and all that. The BIS composition functions does this but it doesn't take these things (vector, etc) into account. The only thing I can think of is to create some function that copies position, simulation, vectors, etc. Or modify the BIS composition functions? I am looking for advice and ideas for the best approach. This is the vehicle store (you'll see what I mean by complex) https://imgur.com/a/RLV7I Here are some images from gun store that will give you an idea of what the issue is: https://imgur.com/a/ZLbvF
  21. Hi Devs! Just some impressions of gameplay in the Heavy Armor Interiors. For me, unfortunately, playing inside the tank interiors, I got a big disappointment. On the one hand, the player sees beautifully modeled interiors. Yes, from the visual point of view, it looks great, but on the other hand, when you play inside, there is not even the slightest simulation which is necessary, according to the current interior. The my first problem - the player teleports through the bulkheads of the vehicle. I hope that there are people for whom this is also a problem. Soldier can change his position (driver/gunner/commander) in half a one second and go through any walls not taking into account the current interior. This point already leaves a not good impression for player. Next, I continued to play and noticed that the internal simulation inside the any tank or APC is just zero! After all this, I do not understand what the interior was for? It only looks nice but does not carry any functionality. Devs and users, please look at these screenshots. This is a interior of criticaly damaged tank: You can see that this tank is damaged by 90-98%. "HULL", "ENGINE", "GUN", "LEFT TRACK", "RIGHT TRACK", "TURRET" - they all have critical damages , but inside tank, there is not even the slightest visual sign of any damage! a) where is the smoke inside the cabin? b) where are the sparks? c) why do all the devices work as if the tank is not damaged? d) when you play in the cockpit there are no alarms! (alert sound, flashing light bulbs etc) e) when players tank get heavy hits, player not observe any slightest shaking/sway f) when players tank get heavy hits, player not observe any slightest sound of this heavy hit g) at any damages the glass of observe windows do not have cracks Devs, I hope after release TnaksDLC, you'll add at least a some simulation to beautiful interiors of all armored vehicles. If a tank of player get hit 120 mm or Missile Hit, then the player must feel it - there must be a sway and sound of hitting! If the tank is critically damaged, then the player cabin should have smoke, sparks, the screens must have picture interference or even lost vision, there must also be alarms
  22. Good day and Great news! Together with the Improved Damage System, ArmA becomes significantly better. Yes! It seems to me that it will look fine, but when I recall the current repair in Arma3, then I feel bad... I can not imagine such detaieded damage system and old repair (self-treatment animation within 5-6 second at a distance of 5-10 meters from the repair target), which is still present in the game. Unfortunately such repair looks absurd. BIS, with the Tanks DLC, please also create at least a some repair system in Arma! It was necessary for Arma always, but now it becomes even more necessary. As seems to me, - against the background of the Improved damage system, in the game there should also be at least some adequate repair system. I was always worried about the lack of a repair system in Arma and before, I already suggested something here some details from me: a) different repair-possibilities for repair-vehicles and for engineers/repair-specialists. b) support-crew for repair-vehicles (inside all repair-vehicles) c) repair of each broken vehicle part separately (engine, every wheel, left/right track, weapon, petrol tank etc) d) special repair animations, near the damaged parts of the vehicle. e) repair of vehicles from inside (some specific parts such as turrets, engine) f) supported ai-repair ability g) ability to configure repair by means modules in the editor If at least something from this list will be implemented this will be very good! Who likes my offer, please support me, especially now, before the release of Tanks DLC. Maybe there are personal offers? Let's discuss here Thanks...
  23. Hi I need help with my custom vehicle. Im pretty much new to the moddeling in Arma so I still dont know a lots of things. My damage model its not working for some reason I have tried many things but didnt find any solution. Basicaly my vehicle its working but i cant destroy the wheels and windows for example + the suspension of vehicle its not working too. After some search and tries i found out that it probably is a model.cfg problem. Any ideas on what could be wrong ? Heres my model.cfg :) https://pastebin.com/i5mLefg and my config file https://pastebin.com/qMMR0PHz
  24. Hello everyone, this is something that's been bothering me for a long time and it has been probably addressed a few times. I still want to talk about it again though, and that's the exploding vehicles. Is there any mod out there (or perhaps even plans from BIS) that simply stops vehicles from exploding? I really don't crave any fancy damage model, I honestly just want them to stop exploding, like, make them stay in the heavy damaged state so the crew bails and you can repair them later if you get the chance. It looks good enough and way better/realistic than the model which the vehicle gets turned into after an explosion. Don't get me wrong, I highly appreciate anything BIs gave to us since they released the alpha like shooting from vehicles and making it possible to rest your weapons, but from an immersion & polishing standpoint this is something that should've been high priority ( at least imo.).
  25. Flying jets in combat used to be quite binary in Arma. You fly or die. We heard you like hitpoints, so we put more hitpoints in your airplane so you can die while you fly. In return, you can show us how to land like a boss after a critical control loss. And put it on YouTube. With Jets DLC inbound, the birds needed to be put on par with other vehicle types in terms of damage effects to achieve some consistency and primarily extend the possible outcomes and challenges pilots will get in a combat. (as with other dev-branch'd features, this 'platform upgrade' will be available to everyone that owns Arma 3). And the challenges you may face include: Leaking fuel Reduced / complete loss of thrust after either one / both engines have been damaged Malfunctioning HUD and MFDs Gear that is no longer retractable if you landed too roughly Loss of control authority and adverse flight tendencies (a gameplay counterpart to tailrotor loss in helicopters) after taking hits in wings and control surfaces At the moment, there's only one aircraft configured with the new hitpoints - the Wipeout. Give it a go, try some Neophron Valley mission and let us know.