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Found 21 results

  1. The fences that surround the Tanoa International Airport; I am able to edit them the way I see fit. The problem I am having is making them have no damage. I have put in the init; this addeventhandler [this allowdamage false]; this allowdamage false; this enableSimulation false; etc. I have put it in the Init ;|; Init+Object Init ;|; Init+Global Object Init ;|; Init+Object Init+Global Object Init ;|; Object Init ;|; Global Object Init ;|; Object Init+Global Object Init. I have tried the Enable Damage tab/checkbox and it seems to only work for doors. If you guys have anything for me on how to make the Terrain Objects not have any damage through the "EDIT TERRAIN OBJECTS," I would be grateful!
  2. Hey I'm trying to add some additional damage simulation to tanks and was trying to figure out how to disrupt sensors and displays. DISPLAYS: I've found the render targets for the example vehicle; "commander_display" and "driver_display", but I can't quite figure out how to modify them. I don't know how to refer to that render target for that vehicle when using a command like setPipEffect. SENSORS: So some vehicles have incoming missile warnings and such. Is there a way to disable these? I'm thinking I might also be able to disable data link send/receive. Are there any other sensors or electronics I may be able to disrupt? Cheers
  3. _casSpawn = "B_RangeMaster_F" createUnit [_casPos, _casGroup]; So i have got the range master to spawn to the group civilian, I need to be able to use setDamage but i have nothing to assign the spawned range master to, there is no variable for the spawned ai, so I need your help to set damage and get a variable so I can also use other scripts on the spawned range master. felipe.
  4. Hi, I have a gun store as well as a vehicle store that were made in VR so that everything is flat which I plan to use on other terrains. It will be created via code, etc... The problem is, the compositions are very complex (in terms of how they are made) and they use vectors and all that. The BIS composition functions does this but it doesn't take these things (vector, etc) into account. The only thing I can think of is to create some function that copies position, simulation, vectors, etc. Or modify the BIS composition functions? I am looking for advice and ideas for the best approach. This is the vehicle store (you'll see what I mean by complex) https://imgur.com/a/RLV7I Here are some images from gun store that will give you an idea of what the issue is: https://imgur.com/a/ZLbvF
  5. Idea was to create a feature where you get 'something' for headshots. A side reward for accurate shot, mostly for CQB. Kill-feed is not the ideal option for arma or popping text with sound ..so I came up with this. Description: Headgear should have some protection, but what about goggles and NVG's? They shouldn't be that durable, especially if a unit gets killed with headshot. Helmets seems to be all static which are not. If you put a .50 cal round to the head, It's simply not possible for helmet to stay one piece. So I made them destroyable as well. Weapons with different caliber will act different on headgear, according to armor level. For example you won't be destroying armor level 3 headgear with a MX rifle although you might destroy level 2 helmet. For armor level4 headgear, you need high caliber weapon. There are different particle effects including coughing blood, big spray (of blood) going off mid air etc etc. For the helmet damage, powerful enough weapon caliber (like asp kir, gm6 or .50 cal) will not only destoy helmet; it will cause helmet parts to catch fire briefly. Brand new visual effects for head wounds, fatal or not. particle effects: friction sparks, glass shards, blood, fire dust, electric parts failure smoke, headgear parts and hat / helmet fly-off Randomized particle effects according to gear present on unit Each effect is randomized within itself for authentic simulation HMD / Helmet destruction by a head wound mainly depends on chance which is currently at %77 HMDs can be broken with a non fatal shot. This depends on used weapon type and damage value. Helmets can only be destroyed with weapon calibers equal to and/or higher than 7.62 Other factors such as helmet's armor level taken into account with weapon caliber for a better simulation 5 different sound samples for HMD destruction played random each time 8 different sound samples for helmet taking heavy damage Damage from a very high caliber weapon such as .50cal mounted on offroad, GM6 Lynx can cause parts to catch fire briefly In order to make 'catch fire briefly' fx visible you have to have particles 'high' in video options Performance demand of this add-on is minimal as It uses no loops and nothing is added to Arma scheduler Version: v1.14 Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1273833677 Github: https://github.com/the0utsider/ballistic-impact
  6. Hi Devs! Just some impressions of gameplay in the Heavy Armor Interiors. For me, unfortunately, playing inside the tank interiors, I got a big disappointment. On the one hand, the player sees beautifully modeled interiors. Yes, from the visual point of view, it looks great, but on the other hand, when you play inside, there is not even the slightest simulation which is necessary, according to the current interior. The my first problem - the player teleports through the bulkheads of the vehicle. I hope that there are people for whom this is also a problem. Soldier can change his position (driver/gunner/commander) in half a one second and go through any walls not taking into account the current interior. This point already leaves a not good impression for player. Next, I continued to play and noticed that the internal simulation inside the any tank or APC is just zero! After all this, I do not understand what the interior was for? It only looks nice but does not carry any functionality. Devs and users, please look at these screenshots. This is a interior of criticaly damaged tank: You can see that this tank is damaged by 90-98%. "HULL", "ENGINE", "GUN", "LEFT TRACK", "RIGHT TRACK", "TURRET" - they all have critical damages , but inside tank, there is not even the slightest visual sign of any damage! a) where is the smoke inside the cabin? b) where are the sparks? c) why do all the devices work as if the tank is not damaged? d) when you play in the cockpit there are no alarms! (alert sound, flashing light bulbs etc) e) when players tank get heavy hits, player not observe any slightest shaking/sway f) when players tank get heavy hits, player not observe any slightest sound of this heavy hit g) at any damages the glass of observe windows do not have cracks Devs, I hope after release TnaksDLC, you'll add at least a some simulation to beautiful interiors of all armored vehicles. If a tank of player get hit 120 mm or Missile Hit, then the player must feel it - there must be a sway and sound of hitting! If the tank is critically damaged, then the player cabin should have smoke, sparks, the screens must have picture interference or even lost vision, there must also be alarms
  7. Hey there, I'm new to Arma3 editing an I'm trying to create a task to rescue a pilot on a crash side. The pilots (pilot1) health was at 3%. So I wanted to use a trigger with the condition "damage pilot1 < 0.97". Now, the pilot gets healed by a player and the task should be successfully concluded. But it didn't work. Can anyone help me here? Thx in advance Apache
  8. Good day and Great news! Together with the Improved Damage System, ArmA becomes significantly better. Yes! It seems to me that it will look fine, but when I recall the current repair in Arma3, then I feel bad... I can not imagine such detaieded damage system and old repair (self-treatment animation within 5-6 second at a distance of 5-10 meters from the repair target), which is still present in the game. Unfortunately such repair looks absurd. BIS, with the Tanks DLC, please also create at least a some repair system in Arma! It was necessary for Arma always, but now it becomes even more necessary. As seems to me, - against the background of the Improved damage system, in the game there should also be at least some adequate repair system. I was always worried about the lack of a repair system in Arma and before, I already suggested something here some details from me: a) different repair-possibilities for repair-vehicles and for engineers/repair-specialists. b) support-crew for repair-vehicles (inside all repair-vehicles) c) repair of each broken vehicle part separately (engine, every wheel, left/right track, weapon, petrol tank etc) d) special repair animations, near the damaged parts of the vehicle. e) repair of vehicles from inside (some specific parts such as turrets, engine) f) supported ai-repair ability g) ability to configure repair by means modules in the editor If at least something from this list will be implemented this will be very good! Who likes my offer, please support me, especially now, before the release of Tanks DLC. Maybe there are personal offers? Let's discuss here Thanks...
  9. Introduction Since the release of the NATO close air support plane, we were missing the power of the real A-10, the role model of the A-164. With bringing the A-164 into the game, Bohemia introduced a gun which was neither able to destroy a simple APC nor really effective against infantry. So we, passionate pilots, decided to see what we can do, and this mod is the result. What does it do? The core focus of the mod is to increase the damage to achieve a more realistic result. We also completely overhauled all sounds and particle effects, just take a look at our announcement trailer. Dependencies There are no dependencies with other mods. Compatibility The mod is compatible with multiple other A-10 mods. Among them are: ACE RHS Peral STI EricJ Fullerpj CUP Firewill License Changelog Download GitHub Steam Workshop Armaholic withSIX
  10. Hi I need help with my custom vehicle. Im pretty much new to the moddeling in Arma so I still dont know a lots of things. My damage model its not working for some reason I have tried many things but didnt find any solution. Basicaly my vehicle its working but i cant destroy the wheels and windows for example + the suspension of vehicle its not working too. After some search and tries i found out that it probably is a model.cfg problem. Any ideas on what could be wrong ? Heres my model.cfg :) https://pastebin.com/i5mLefg and my config file https://pastebin.com/qMMR0PHz
  11. Hello everyone, this is something that's been bothering me for a long time and it has been probably addressed a few times. I still want to talk about it again though, and that's the exploding vehicles. Is there any mod out there (or perhaps even plans from BIS) that simply stops vehicles from exploding? I really don't crave any fancy damage model, I honestly just want them to stop exploding, like, make them stay in the heavy damaged state so the crew bails and you can repair them later if you get the chance. It looks good enough and way better/realistic than the model which the vehicle gets turned into after an explosion. Don't get me wrong, I highly appreciate anything BIs gave to us since they released the alpha like shooting from vehicles and making it possible to rest your weapons, but from an immersion & polishing standpoint this is something that should've been high priority ( at least imo.).
  12. Hello everyone. I was wondering how to add tracers as well as boost the damage of the Dragunov Marksmen rifle and I know that I must edit a config file somewhere but which one I do not know nor do I know what to change it to in order to boost the damage and make the tracers appear. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hello everyone. I have very limited knowledge on editing and I was wondering how to add tracers as well as add more damage to the Dragunov. I know I have to edit a onfig file but as to which one and how to t it accordingly to add tracers and boost the damage I am lost. Can anyone be some ight on this?
  14. Flying jets in combat used to be quite binary in Arma. You fly or die. We heard you like hitpoints, so we put more hitpoints in your airplane so you can die while you fly. In return, you can show us how to land like a boss after a critical control loss. And put it on YouTube. With Jets DLC inbound, the birds needed to be put on par with other vehicle types in terms of damage effects to achieve some consistency and primarily extend the possible outcomes and challenges pilots will get in a combat. (as with other dev-branch'd features, this 'platform upgrade' will be available to everyone that owns Arma 3). And the challenges you may face include: Leaking fuel Reduced / complete loss of thrust after either one / both engines have been damaged Malfunctioning HUD and MFDs Gear that is no longer retractable if you landed too roughly Loss of control authority and adverse flight tendencies (a gameplay counterpart to tailrotor loss in helicopters) after taking hits in wings and control surfaces At the moment, there's only one aircraft configured with the new hitpoints - the Wipeout. Give it a go, try some Neophron Valley mission and let us know.
  15. I want to randomize the damage on a car on the start of a mission, same thing with a tank and helicopter and so on. What are the codes for each part and how do I make it random? Is there some place to reference each part of a car/tank/helicopter like a website I could use?
  16. Hi, This is a config / terrain builder question not quite sure where the problem is any help would be appreciated! Ive got a house model in game this is its config: class Land_VehiclePadCornor: House_F { scope = 2; scopeCurator = 0; displayName = "Sub Terrain Vehicle Pad Corner"; armor = 999999; armorStructural = 999; author = "Article 2 Studios"; model="P:\OPTRE_MapCommon\Buildings\VehiclePadCorner.p3d"; class AnimationSources { class liftgate_1 /// the class name is later used in model.cfg { source = "user"; /// user source means it is waiting on some scripting input animPeriod = 8; /// how long does it take to change value from 0 to 1 (or vice versa) initPhase = 0; /// what value does it have while creating the vehicle sound = "ServoRampSound_2"; }; }; }; It works fine when I place it the Eden Mission editor in that it cannot be destroyed as Ive given it high Armour values in the config. However when placed in Terrain builder it can be destroyed, in addition my add actions and animations do not seem to work on versions placed in Terrain builder. I also ran a small script to test the problem using the nearestObject scripting command, when I ran the test on buildings in Altis it returned the buildings classname when I tested it on my buildings it returned just empty string. The only information on this forum Ive found seems to suggest to link the config and the p3d file you add "Land_" followed by the p3ds file name to the class name and it should work, but this does not seem to be the case for me. Thanks for reading.
  17. Hello, For some reason, my Healing system is not working when the player's legs are hit .......... Can someone help ? While {True} Do { WaitUntil {Alive Player;}; Sleep 1; While {(damage player) < 0.1} Do { Sleep 1; }; Heal_Act = Player AddAction ["<img size='1.0' color='#FFFFFF' image='Images\heal_ca.paa'/>","Heal_System\Action.sqf",[],-100,False,True,"",""]; Player SetDamage 0.26; While {(Damage Player != 0.25) And Alive Player} Do { Sleep 0.1; }; Player SetDamage 0; Player RemoveAction Heal_Act; };
  18. Hey can someone explain how to set the damage of a weapon to 0 ? so no one get damaged by the weapon ? the same with the sound of the weapon it always playes the same sound by shooting.. emptySound[]={"\Taser\sound\Sound_S1.wav",1,1}; opticsZoomMin=0.375; opticsZoomInit=0.75; opticsZoomMax=1.1; memoryPointCamera="eye"; fireLightIntensity=0.012; muzzlePos="usti hlavne"; muzzleEnd="konec hlavne"; modes[]={"Single"}; class Single: Mode_SemiAuto { reloadTime=0.05; dispersion=0.00092999998; minrange=2; minRangeProbab=0.30000001; midrange=250; midRangeProbab=0.69999999; maxrange=500; maxRangeProbab=0.2; sounds[]={"StandardSound"}; class BaseSoundModeType { weaponSoundEffect = "DefaultRifle"; closure1[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 0.177828, 1, 10}; closure2[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 0.177828, 1, 10}; soundClosure[] = {"closure1", 0.5, "closure2", 0.5}; }; class StandardSound : BaseSoundModeType { begin1[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 1, 1, 1800}; begin2[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 1, 1, 1800}; begin3[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 1, 1, 1800}; begin4[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 1, 1, 1800}; soundBegin[] = {"begin1", 0.25, "begin2", 0.25, "begin2", 0.25, "begin4", 0.25}; }; this i found on the internet but it doesnt work for me
  19. So i'm have a mission, with random objects spawning in a small area. I want those objects to react when being hit by a bullet (Delete/Disappear). I don't have any idea how to do this since i have little experience with Event handlers. So if you know an easy way to do this, and teach me how i can do it myself later on i would be very happy! Draoth
  20. I'm trying to figure out how to detect if a bridge (on a map) has been destroyed (getting the damage level of the bridge). In Arma 2, you could toggle on the objects ID#s in the editor. I don't see a way to do that in the Eden editor; am I missing it? I'd like to be able to do this on BIS Arma 3 maps, BIS Arma 2 maps (using CUP), and 3rd party maps, if possible. What are the options for detecting the damage level of a bridge or building object that is part of the map?
  21. Hello I like the mines and IED's but one of the problems is that they basically cause an instant kill in reality they would severely injury the infantry i.e leg and foot amputation. Question ? Is there a way to edit their damage rate of the mines/ ied's to something more realistic ? Thanks