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  1. Hello I want to spawn the explosion of the 30 mm MP-T from the LDF APC using createVehicle. I know you can spawn "HelicopterExploBig" and I was wondering if there was a CFGAmmo for the 30mm explosion.
  2. So I wanted to make programmable AB rounds that explode a few meters beyond the turrets current zeroed distance. I thought I could use currentZeroing but it only gives the manually zeroed distances (100,200,300,400,...), however i need to know the distance the gun automatically adjusts to when lasing the range. Is there any way to get that value? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum but not new to ofp or arma assault.... I started with ofp cold war crisis then moved up to Arma assault which I did manage to play it on a dedicated server along time ago, kind of ended the game play in 2009. Well life went on and here I am again with both ofp and Arma 2 ultimate sim along with arrowhead staring at me from my computer shelf....needless to say fast-forward to now I'm not tech savvy at all. I'm hoping I could get help with reinstalling Arma 2 on a new system that has windows 11 installed on it only. From my understanding now it's pretty easy to install off of steam I hear now a days, which later on I will upgrade to Arma 3.
  4. I’ve been trying to make a conflict server on my pc so I can play with my friends on Xbox but every time I try to join my own server on my Xbox it just keeps saying session error connection has failed, with this code: Kick cause code: group=1 REPLICATION, reason=3 CONNEGTION FAILURE any help would be appreciated:)
  5. I'm trying to make ambient urban combat sounds around a group of players that will be moving through a city by placing units that fire at different intervals with different weapons in order to use less entities than if I were to place squads to fight eachother for the ambience. I have searched high and low for a scrip to put into the Eden Init of an entity to make a unit fire in bursts instead of just 1 shot every x seconds. null = this spawn {_this dotarget t3; sleep 0.5; while {alive t3 and alive _this} do {sleep 0.2; g1 action ["useweapon",vehicle _this,_this,0]; }}; sleep 1 This is the script I'm using, but with this script the AI just shoots once every 0.2 seconds, realoads then fires every 0.2 seconds again. I want the AI to fire a burst of 5 shots, wait for 2 seconds, fire 5 shots and wait for another 2 seconds, then fire a longer burst of 7 shots then wait for 30 seconds. I am terrible at understanding codes like these and every thread I've found on this issue is years old and doesn't answer my question directly but instead basically sais ''Play around until it works'' well I can't cause I'm dumb Sorry if there is an answer for this somewhere and I'm just blind. Thanks for any help I can get!
  6. I'm totally new to scripting for custom missions in ArmA, and I'm running into an issue with the execution of a .sqf file. The game knows the file is where it's supposed to be but nothing happens after. execVM "SpecOps.sqf"; I put the above into the init boxes of several units but the commands I put in the file wont execute. This is how they are written verbatum spaces and all: player enablestamina false; player enablefatigue false; player setAnimSpeedCoef 1.1; player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0; player setCustomAimCoef 0; I don't understand why they aren't working or how else to write them and i'd like it to only execute on certain units. I apologize for my ineptitude, i used the wiki but not very well apparently.
  7. Would love some help figuring out how to make groups retreat back to base when needed. Such as a groups ammo running low, or when a vehicle's fuel/ammo is dwindling. Link some relevant tutorials, script commands/variables etc. This part is probably irrelevant, but to go in depth of what i wishto achieve... I want to make groups I can switch to, but if I havent switched to a group in awhile they will go back to base to replenish. Hoping to have these groups roam chernarus redux in a ravage mod scenario.
  8. So currently I have not found many ways with my small knowledge of SQF/arma natives or finding anyway online thats been demonstrated- But I'd like assistance in creating a script. Currently I am using SOG Prairie Fire Exectutor/Random Site modules to place caches that are all removeable via addAction for a search and destroy type mission- With each cache being randomly spawned via module. All of this works and I wish to to map markers to said caches that do spawn, as the Random Site module chooses several different locations. I would like only for (in this instance EAST or OPFOR) to have markers on said objects that are the caches. What method could I use for this? A snippet in initPlayerLocal? Can someone help create a mockup of what that would be? Id like: Markers to be visible for OPFOR only in mission MOST methods for one side markers Ive seen show ALL the markers in the briefing regardless Dont know how to actualize this. In initPlayerLocal? In seperate SQF script? Have them tied to editor placed objects. In this case, the object name/type in the screenshot: Multiple objects that are names cache_(letter)(number) ex. cache_a1 Any help is appreciated. I dont really know where to start code wise.
  9. I've made attack dogs. Everything works on local hosts or singleplayer, but the agents won't move to a position when they're being create and directed on a dedicated server. Created a simple script for the sake of test: This runs in the init.sqf for testing so I get 2 dogs, one for the server and one for the client to observe the behaviour. The 3 move commands aren't required, but just showing that the server doesn't work with any of them mm_fnc_SpawnDog = { params ["_pos"]; // Variables ============================================================= _Class = "Alsatian_Random_F"; _Anim = "Dog_Sprint"; // Create Unit ============================================================= private _newDog = createAgent [_Class, _pos , [], 0, "NONE"]; _newDog setVariable ["BIS_fnc_animalBehaviour_disable", true]; _newDog setVariable [ "AgentObj" , _newDog , true ]; // Behaviour ======================================= _newDog playMoveNow _Anim; // Indicator ======================================= _Class = "Sign_Arrow_Green_F"; if ( isServer ) then { _Class = "Sign_Arrow_F" }; _Indicator = createVehicle [ _Class , getPos _NewDog , [] , 0 , "NONE" ]; _Indicator attachTo [ _NewDog , [ 0 , 0 , 2 ] ]; _newDog; }; Sleep 3; _Player = allPlayers select 0; MM_TestDog = [ _Player getRelPos [ 15 , 0 ] ] call mm_fnc_SpawnDog; WHile { True } do { _PlayerPos = getPos _Player; MM_TestDog setDestination [ _PlayerPos , "LEADER PLANNED", true]; MM_TestDog moveTo _PlayerPos; MM_TestDog doMove _PlayerPos; Sleep 5; }; The client dog (Green) starts running north (Expected Behaviour) then turns around and heads straight back to the client. The server dog (Red) keepings running north ( Spawns facing north, and setting the run animation keeps it moving indefeinelty ) but will never turn or re-direct. It also doesn't matter if I use an absolute position [ 0,0,0] , [ 10000 , 10000 , 0 ] etc. Edit: The server logs show that the server isn't actually applying the move commands, rather than it just being desync between client and server Server Side Logs: 11:50:51 Agent Destination Player: B Alpha 1-1:1 (Madman) REMOTE 11:50:51 Agent Spawn Pos: [7212.9,3036.77,0] 11:50:51 Agent Created: Agent 0x2c500180 11:50:51 Initiated Move From | To: [7212.9,3036.77,0] | [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] 11:50:51 Agent Position: [7212.9,3036.77,0] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 15 11:50:52 Agent Position: [7212.9,3038.36,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 16.5959 11:50:53 Agent Position: [7212.9,3041.58,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 19.8105 11:50:54 Agent Position: [7212.9,3045.15,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 23.3823 11:50:55 Agent Position: [7212.9,3048.72,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 26.9541 11:50:56 Agent Position: [7212.9,3052.29,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 30.5259 11:50:57 Agent Position: [7212.9,3055.86,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 34.0977 11:50:58 Agent Position: [7212.9,3060.15,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 38.3838 11:50:59 Agent Position: [7212.9,3063.72,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 41.9556 11:51:00 Agent Position: [7212.9,3067.29,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 45.5273 11:51:01 Agent Position: [7212.9,3070.87,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 49.0991 11:51:02 Agent Position: [7212.9,3074.44,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 52.6709 11:51:03 Agent Position: [7212.9,3078.01,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 56.2427 11:51:04 Agent Position: [7212.9,3081.58,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 59.8145 11:51:05 Agent Position: [7212.9,3085.15,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 63.3862 11:51:06 Agent Position: [7212.9,3088.72,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 66.958 11:51:07 Agent Position: [7212.9,3092.3,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 70.5298 11:51:08 Agent Position: [7212.9,3095.87,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 74.1016 11:51:09 Agent Position: [7212.9,3099.44,0.00143862] | Destination [7212.9,3021.77,0.00143909] | Distance From Destination: 77.6733
  10. Hello everyone, Iwant to do some sripting in arma and now I have some time so I wanted to make AI talk in one of my scenarios, more precisely they will give a mission. I followed this tutorial by OnlineCombatBN and the ones giving me quests are talking normaly. I then wanted to add a guard that is closing of an area and when you get near him he will say something but i cant get him to talk i tried many things on my own (adding another class to the description.ext, and stuff like that) but i cant get it to work and i dont know what do do anymore, I know I am probably missing something so easy but again I am new at this stuff and dont know much. Any help would be appreciated. Edit: I also tried to put one convo into a folder. Like Folder Chat1 and the inside all the things I need and but i dont know if it will word and what to type into the trigger
  11. Hello! As the title suggests, I'm currently trying to create a faction in ALiVE that uses only drones, primarily UGVs. I've gotten pretty far with this, but I've kinda hit a wall. My apologies if this is not the appropriate place to put this question, I'm just reposting this here since I don't know if I'll find an answer on Reddit. TL;DR: my current process of crewing the vehicles with AI pilots ends up removing the UGVs from their original group. The UGVs losing the appropriate groupings means that they are no longer receiving their orders from OPCOM, and will idle in place. I need a method to either crew the UGVs while maintaining their original grouping, or to resync the newly formed UGV groups with OPCOM. Reprofiling via the admin menu has no effect; I think this is because the units were spawned by OPCOM and thus considered already profiled? Long version with context: I used ALiVE's ORBAT Editor to inherit some drones from other factions and put them into my custom faction, compiled into a PBO, etc. Currently, the faction consists of just one composition, which is 4 armed stomper UGVs. I set up a small test mission on the VR map, with NATO on one side and hostile INDFOR Drones on the other side. I created a script that populates the UGVs with "AI" pilots and gunners. (These AI units are the same type used in vanilla when you set a UAV to fly autonomously, for example.) The problem arises when the UGVs are created; they are spawned as empty vehicles, and empty vehicles cannot be placed in a group by themselves, as far as I can tell. The groups are still being made by ALiVE when it spawns them at the objective; I could gather that much from Zeus, seeing that group callsigns were not being given sequentially, such as the first UGV on the list receiving callsign Alpha 1-5. To make this work, I think I would have to reassign each UGV back to its original group, or at the very least to some group that OPCOM knows about. This would require me to keep track of three things: 1. Each UGV group spawned by OPCOM 2. Each UGV spawned by OPCOM 3. Which UGVs were spawned as part of which groups 1 and 2 are trivial on their own: I can set up initialization handlers on the composition class and on the UGV class, which is how I handled crewing the UGVs. The problem comes with linking the two in a way that avoids mismatches. I would use the units command, but it returns an empty array when used in the initialization handler, likely because empty vehicles aren't being put into the group at all. I am open to any advice on this, since I am extremely unfamiliar with ARMA 3's scripting. If you are here from the far future seeking answers as well, I have little more to offer you. Here are pastebins with the contents of my mission's description.ext and script file that I am using to crew the UGVs: description.ext onTurretUGVSpawn.sqf
  12. Downloaded a CBRN scrypt form the steam workshop. it's size is 50mx50m. i later managed to increase the size of the trigger and the particle area, however, the particles are sparse and can't be seen easily by themselves, they're the only way to know that there is gas in the area. the scrypt is called "CBRN" by QQ 50x50 área (default) 100x100 área (less particles)
  13. Last content update: 6/13/2018 showing how to use the radius for addAction, using params instead of select, adding to arrays with various commands, altering arrays with various commands, get/setUnitLoadout Last content update: 6/10/2018 going through config files and getting details to sort what you want, using radius with addAction, params, and altering arrays with resize, pushBack, pushBackUnique, set, and append and going over to assist with resize count. Last content update: 5/27/2018 added GUI tutorial for how to make a weapon selector using cfgWeapon Last content update: 5/24/2018 added sector control tutorial Last content update: 5/21/2018 This is my arma 3 scripting tutorial series which is aimed to help both people getting into making their own scripts with fairly detailed simple tutorials as well as for the intermediate person looking to create their own features for their missions. The plans for this series is to almost fully cover everything behind the arma 3 missions that people play on a daily basis and have enough content provided in the videos where people can go off and make their own vision for their mission with the knowledge gained. Most of these videos are made on the fly at 1AM-4AM without any pretesting which should give someone the idea of what goes into finding syntax errors and narrowing down a bug that's causing your feature to not function properly. It is also an excuse for you to cut me some slack if you see mistakes :) . A lot of these tutorials are made with multiplayer in mind since I think most people want to play their missions online with their friends(which is why publicVariable has been utilized so much so new people can get a good grasp on the power those commands have). New videos are added to the playlist almost every day so if your stuck with something, maybe it has been covered in a video. If you have any requests on what you would like to see made then please suggest it here. topics covered so far Scripting tutorial playlist Database tutorials with INIDBI2 playlist GUI/Dialog tutorials playlist
  14. I've used the Arma Reforger Tools for a few hundred hours and have made a modified version of C&H. I'm running into issues setting up the ability to save loadouts. I've referenced the conflict mode a few times to try and figure it out. I see that you need a playerarsenalloadout with the base player. I also see the components in the arsenal itself to addaction save loadout. I cant figure out why I'm unable to save the loadout once in game to be selected upon respawn. Could someone do a walkthrough on how to set this up? I'm sure it's some obvious thing I've missed, please help me out! Thanks.
  15. Here's my problem. Last night I installed 'ReShaders' but I did not realise that the link to it was originally for Ready or Not, And when I installed it to the Arma file, on open, it shrinks, not as in like a program with minimise and close, but for a second shrinks then just crashes. The program is still running, yet same thing happens every time I open it. Now I when to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\reshade-shaders and I think there was a shaders file but now im looking its gone, but I deleted everything in it. The same problem persisted. After that, I then reinstalled arma, hoping it would work, but too no surprise it didn't I've looked at youtube tutorials, and cant find something similar to my problem. Can someone help?
  16. I am pretty new to doing any sort of SQF/init scripting that isnt just frankensteining code together so I would appreciate any help! Simply put, I want to make a fun little roleplay mission where for that mission, a phrase comprised of multiple randomly selected arrays is generated. The Indfor act as captives that are all assigned ONE word from the phrase at random to keep secret. (This is where multiple arrays work better since you can just call the arrays by "word1", "word2", "word3". (I intend to have 4 words, 1 array for each.) And ontop of that I want the entire code phrase to be displayed in its entirety to the Blufor. For this to work, the result of the generation needs to only be prompted once and then have. TLDR: Server generates a code phrase from several arrays. I cant figure out the init code and they usually return as null no matter what I attempt. And to be exact, I dont want people to generate a phrase/array results every time they call; I simply want it generated, stored, and have players access the results. I dont know how efficiently this could be done whatsoever outside of theory crafting nonsensical code. If there is a better alternative please help me out. Please help, Working backwards I am trying to: I inserted the code into initServer.sqf for simplicity; Can execute it as a script later on? Or is a dedicated SQF necessary? This code is almost certainly full of wrong or incorrect syntax/formatting. This is just an outliner of what I am trying. If my method is wrong then please help me goal wise. 2. Have a way to display either a SINGLE result of that array on individual units, preferably just adding a action into their init boxes to get the array/codephrase. I want 2 UserActions I can insert into unit inits; One that displays the codephrase, and one that displays a single array's result- as hints.
  17. JAWZ2143

    Server Trouble

    so lately me and a couple mates have been playing a fun campaign that i was just hosting manually, now i ended up building and using my own server to host a dedicated server so they can play when i'm not around, the first day we had it running we were all able to connect and play no harm no foul, now the next day the server decided it wanted to only show up for my friends and not me, and its confusing me as i cannot seem to find where its disappeared to. ports are fine as my friends can see it and connect. i have sat and waited about 15 minutes to see if it appeared but nothing, it doesn't show up in lan either which it shouldn't as my server isn't connected to my home network. the firewall for the server is disabled at this stage to allow the traffic. but still i cannot see where it is.
  18. I know .sqf is generally better but i would like to save the props as a composition so i can just place it down in different missions. Is there a way to run loops in the init field WITH suspension. Sleep doesnt seem to work.
  19. I've gotten this crash so many times, and I just want to know why this keeps happening, I'm not doing anything other than just playing the game normally and all of sudden I'll get this crash. I get this crash while playing by myself or on MP servers. Sometimes I get this crash just when Im exiting the game. What is this crash, and why is it happening?
  20. Hey I want to make the C-RAM bullets explode if they fly past the target. I know how I'll do the Code but I don't know how to get the object that the C-RAM is currently shooting at. Any help is appreciated!
  21. I don't understand how the rotation works. Specifically I made Airburst Mortar rounds and want to increase the kill zone by rotating the claymores: this addEventHandler ["Fired", { params ["_unit","_weapon","_muzzle","_mode","_ammo","_magazine","_projectile","_vehicle"]; nul = [_drone,_unit,_weapon,_muzzle,_mode,_ammo,_magazine,_projectile,_vehicle] spawn { params ["_drone","_unit","_weapon","_muzzle","_mode","_ammo","_magazine","_projectile","_vehicle"]; waitUntil { sleep 1; getPos _projectile select 2 > 50 }; while { alive _projectile } do { waitUntil { getPos _projectile select 2 < 30 }; for "_i" from 0 to 3 do { _tungsten_fragments = createVehicle ["ClaymoreDirectionalMine_Remote_Ammo", [0,0,1000], [], 0]; _tungsten_fragments attachTo [_projectile,[0,0,0]]; _random =round (random 10) / 10; _tungsten_fragments setVectorDirAndUp [[0,0,_random], [0,0,_random]]; _tungsten_fragments setDamage 1; }; deleteVehicle _projectile; sleep 1; }; }; }]; I don't understand which numbers in the setVectorDirAndUp Array I need to change to rotate the claymores and what each number even does .
  22. I am looking for some help on how I can create a new item with a new texture from ( Steam Workshop::Operation TREBUCHET ) - steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=769440155 I converted the PAAs of Helm ( ODST_ARMOR_EVOLVED_CO.PAA) and the ARMOR ( ODST_Armor_Evolved_CO.PAA ) to a PNG. Recolored the PGN. THen turned my new file into a PAA ...but now I have no idea what to do? or what pg3 files to grab or how to make a config file? Cany anyone please help me figure out what I need to do next to create a new item with the new texture I made? I am looking to make some machinima. https://ibb.co/f8WVvVx < HELM Texture https://ibb.co/WfqM5xD < BODY Texture Thank you.
  23. So I want to make Cuise Missile that can be shot down. So far I've made the following code: this addEventHandler ["Fired", { params ["_unit","_weapon","_muzzle","_mode","_ammo","_magazine","_projectile","_vehicle"]; _drone = "O_T_UAV_04_CAS_F" createVehicle (getPosATL _projectile); _drone attachTo [_projectile,[0,0,0]]; _drone setObjectTextureGlobal [_index, ""]; createVehicleCrew _drone; nul = [_drone, _projectile] spawn { params ["_drone","_projectile"]; waitUntil {!alive _drone}; _bomb = "SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo_Scripted" createVehicle getPos _projectile; _bomb setDamage 1; deleteVehicle _projectile; deleteVehicle _drone; }; }]; I works great (beside that the drones pylons stay visible, which I haven't found a fix for) and you can manually destroy the cruise missile with an autocannon. But you cant lock it for some reason. Even if you turn the engine on the spawned drone on you just get the rectangel but not the sound/diamond with dot in the middle. Anyone know why? (Code is copied from the MK 41 Init Field)
  24. So, I used the following code to add cruise misssles to aircraft: this addWeaponTurret ["weapon_VLS_01",[-1]]; this addMagazineTurret ["magazine_Missiles_Cruise_01_x18",[-1]]; If the Code is added to like a rhino MGS or something it works fine, but if added to eg. the Gryphon when trying to lock on to the laser it just has the 4 corners around the laser but doesnt actually lock it.
  25. Hi, was wondering how to check unit for ACE damage specifically, not for vanilla damage, it doesn't work. There is info everywhere on how to add damage to unit (ace_medical_engine_fnc_damageBodyPart) etc. but not on how to get it. https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/addons/medical_engine/functions/fnc_handleDamage.sqf searched here for info, but no luck. As I understand this stuff is stored in those: _unit getVariable [QGVAR($HitLeftArm), [0,0]]; _unit getVariable [QGVAR($HitRightArm), [0,0]]; _unit getVariable [QGVAR($HitLeftLeg), [0,0]]; _unit getVariable [QGVAR($HitRightLeg), [0,0]] _unit getVariable [QGVAR($HitPelvis), [0,0]], _unit getVariable [QGVAR($HitAbdomen), [0,0]], _unit getVariable [QGVAR($HitDiaphragm), [0,0]], _unit getVariable [QGVAR($HitChest), [0,0]] But I have no clue how to get data from those to check if player has healed the unit. In my case I'm making generated task to heal a unit, but how to check if if the unit was succesfully healed?