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  1. I'm trying to make ambient urban combat sounds around a group of players that will be moving through a city by placing units that fire at different intervals with different weapons in order to use less entities than if I were to place squads to fight eachother for the ambience. I have searched high and low for a scrip to put into the Eden Init of an entity to make a unit fire in bursts instead of just 1 shot every x seconds. null = this spawn {_this dotarget t3; sleep 0.5; while {alive t3 and alive _this} do {sleep 0.2; g1 action ["useweapon",vehicle _this,_this,0]; }}; sleep 1 This is the script I'm using, but with this script the AI just shoots once every 0.2 seconds, realoads then fires every 0.2 seconds again. I want the AI to fire a burst of 5 shots, wait for 2 seconds, fire 5 shots and wait for another 2 seconds, then fire a longer burst of 7 shots then wait for 30 seconds. I am terrible at understanding codes like these and every thread I've found on this issue is years old and doesn't answer my question directly but instead basically sais ''Play around until it works'' well I can't cause I'm dumb Sorry if there is an answer for this somewhere and I'm just blind. Thanks for any help I can get!