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Found 18 results

  1. While I am no beginner at programming in general, I am relatively new to SQF scripting for Arma 3. After 1000 hours I decided to finally toy around with the scripting side of things and I've already completely broken my first script. I apologize for any mistakes I may have made in advance, I am really new to this and I need some help solving this problem. At the moment the script is executing, however, it is not displaying the kills in the chat as it should be. I am realizing more and more that the YouTube video I learned this from is very inaccurate and riddled with errors. ----------initClient.sqf---------- // Executes all client scripts remotely and globally (with restrictions to client only if set in the script itself). [] remoteExec ["killFeedClient", 0]; ----------initServer.sqf---------- // Executes all client scripts remotely and server-sided. [] remoteExec ["killFeedServer", 2]; ----------killFeedClient.sqf---------- // Creates "killFeedClient" function to be executed in "initClient.sqf." killFeedClient = { { // Adding an event handler for the "Killed" action to every unit. _x addEventHandler ["Killed", { // Initializes all of the variables used in the formatting of the kill-feed statement. _unit = (_this select 0); _killedBy = (_this select 1); // Organizing and grouping all of the variables into a single array. deathInfo = [_unitName, _killedBy]; // Creating the "killFeedUpdate" public variable event handler. publicVariableServer "killFeedUpdate"; }]; } forEach allUnits; }; ----------killFeedServer.sqf---------- // Creates "killFeedServer" function to be executed in "initServer.sqf." killFeedServer = { // Only runs this script if the machine executing it is the server. if (isServer) then { // Listens for updates from the "killFeedUpdate" public variable event handler. "killFeedUpdate" addPublicVariableEventHandler { // Initalizes "_deathInfo" private array and sets it's value from the previously mentioned event handler. private "_deathInfo"; _deathInfo = (_this select 1); // If you are confused by why we used 1 and not 0 refer to "addPublicVariableEventHandler" documentation on the wiki. // Extracts each variable from the "_deathInfo" private array. _unit = (_deathInfo select 0); _killedBy = (_deathInfo select 1); // Grabs some more data by passing the previously mentioned variables through a variety of functions. _unitName = name _unit; _killedByName = name _killedBy; _distance = _unit distance _killedBy; // Formats the kill-feed statement to be displayed in the game chat. _killFeedStatement = format ["%1 was killed by %2. (%3m)", _unitName, _killedByName, _distance]; // Displays the kill-feed statement in the game chat as if it were being called in by the killer. _killedBy globalChat _killFeedStatement; }; }; };
  2. Now before anyone says it, I realize that this forum is dedicated to Arma 3 and usually does not support any 3rd party addons, mods, plugins, etc., however, I believe that as CBA is such a big part of SQF scripting that I feel as if I need to learn to use it. I have tried to use the official CBA documentation on their GitHub, but if I am being completely honest, it is genuinely quite confusing and difficult for me to wrap my head around. I have some prior programming and scripting experience in languages such as C++, Javascript, Python, and a few others, yet this seems more complicated than anything I'm used to. I guess I should get to the point and ask my question. Is there any YouTube videos or written guides that can explain these CBA features to a beginner in both SQF and CBA? Any and all responses are greatly appreciated, as always! 😊
  3. Hello! I run a WWII Milsim unit and need to make an op for this Saturday. I want to have a spawn where my guys can load in, and kit up with BI Virtual Arsenal, and then I want to have a spawn point on a moving, AI controlled plane ( C -47 ) that all of my guys can spawn into, it puts them in a seat, and we can then jump out accordingly. Is this possible?
  4. Hey guys, Straight to the point to save your time, here are the issues a noob is going through: 1. In-game Loadout changed through Virtual Arsenal disappears upon respawn. 2. Task progress is halted upon respawn. 3. Position Sharing btw BLUFOR squads on the map don't work. So here are the game set-up and brief scenario. Set up: Eden Editor and 3den Enhanced Add-on to build my mission. Scenario: 1. Squad Alpha and Squad Bravo have to finish given tasks to complete the mission. 2. Both squads start inside rhibs. My assumption on issue #1,#2 is that they come from the same reason: player loses given 'variable name' upon respawn, but I don't know this is true. Issue#1: Partially Addressed, but creates errorbox Issue#2: Partially Addressed, but creates serious flaw in game.(Assuming this is also connected to issue #1) Issue#3: Unaddressed So these are the unaddressed issues. And If my assumption is right, it will create another problem. There is a part where squad alpha and bravo merge into a same squad, and i put this script below to a trigger to enable it. if variable names are lost upon respawn, this part will also get lost too. Thanks for reading it and i would really appreciate any kind of comment. I wish I knew how to do scripting.
  5. Full disclosure: I'm very new to scripting - I know I'm probably not doing things the most efficient way, so any tips will be warmly welcomed! I'm making an Exile WWII zombie server using Ravage zombies. The built-in ambient spawner for Ravage works okay, but I wanted to add greater variety in uniforms, loot, etc, so tried to write something myself. As disclosed above, this isn't my strong suit at all. I want the script to trigger at certain locations. I'd got in mind that I'd create an array (called _trgPos) that would hold the positions and radii of each trigger then create each trigger in a loop. This is what I've got so far: _trgpos = [ [[7365.57,2201.88,0],200], // A [[6422.59,2424.74,0],200] // B ]; { pos = _x select 0; _rad = _x select 1; _trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", pos, true]; systemChat format["Creating trigger at %1",pos]; _trg setTriggerArea [_rad, _rad, 0, false, _rad]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["GUER", "PRESENT", true]; _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "null = [pos] execVM 'zombiespawner.sqf'; systemChat format['Spawning zombies at %1',pos];", ""]; } forEach _trgpos; It's meant to pass pos to the script, which then causes the zombies to spawn when an Exile player enters the area. What actually happens is both triggers are created at their correct location, but when either A or B trigger is activated, the zombies spawn at the location of B. I've seen it works like this in 3DEN or when executed on the server. It seems that B's location is being passed to the script on both triggers. Have I missed something basic? Any insight anyone could offer would be fantastic! (Including zombiespawner.sqf in case it's useful):
  6. hi all looking for a training server with english and helpful players i'm a total noob and have no clue but willing to learn
  7. Hey guys, I want to create a Battle Royale Style PvP Mission for me and my friends. I want the mission to end when there is only one player left. If possible it should show the mission completed screen. My problem is that i have no idea how to script it. Ive tried googling but i couldnt find anything usefull. I hope you can help me. Vecto1511
  8. I'll preface this with the statement that, I do understand a bit about scripting, but I am in not in any way, skilled or even very familiar with code type thingies. Therefore, most of the missions I had put together were done entirely using things I could do directly from within the editor. I placed my units, gave them waypoints, set triggers and used the modules, etc...that were available. Most of my earlier missions were never too complex, so it was usually pretty easy to get something up n running that way. Just point and click stuff without a need to call any scripts. But...a while back, I did eventually start using some basic scripts I'd found in other folks work to make it a bit easier to do or to spice my stuff up a little using animations, etc... The "FILL HOUSE SCRIPT v1.5 - by SPUn / lostvar" that I found in the "Operation Dagger" mission (from oneshot) was my go to script for quick town shoot'em ups. Hell...half of my problems would disappear if I could just get THAT to work again. But since the EDEN editor was released, none of my missions work any more, and I couldn't get the old scripts to do the things they did before. So, in frustration, I gave up for quite a while (the loss of all of my missions really took the wind from my sails) and I resorted to only playing missions I found in the workshop. And...for sure, there are some really great missions there, but so many of them require mods to run. My group prefers to use the vanilla version of ARMA. Mods aren't a thing with us, so options are pretty limited as to which missions we can actually play together. And, I also really miss the ability to slap together some new quickie firefights for the Friday Night Fights. So...I've decided to give mission building another try...but I have a couple of questions; 1. Where do the folders go, that hold the short scripts I used before? The scripts I used before were kept in folders inside the main mission folder (right along side the init...briefing...etc). But those folders aren't there anymore. I can't find them ANYwhere. I tried to simply place some of the old folders inside the mission folder we get now (i.e. my folder inside the mission folder), but that didn't work either. When the script is called, I get an error or the mission simply freezes and/or dumps me. I don't understand where the scripts are kept now, so that I can call them when needed. 2. How do I determine if a variable is supposed to local or global? And which is which? Underscore is local or global? I'm trying to use the spawnGroup function from inside a trigger (on activation). The group spawns, but I can't use the addWaypoint to get them to do anything other than stand around in formation. An error comes up that I'm trying to use a local as a global (or the other way...I don't remember which right now). I tried entering the variables with and without the underscore, but it didn't make any difference. Please be kind. I've searched the tutorial vids, but most of them are for before the change. So they don't help much. And I tried digging through the forums, but unfortunately, like the video tuts, most of the posts here aren't updated so that we know what works in the latest "patch" and what does not. So I apologize if the answers are here already, but after three days of searching and trying things from posts and/or videos from years ago, with no luck...I'm at my wits end and felt that I had no choice but to ask again. Thanks for any help you can share.
  9. Me and my friend got this game about a week ago and we're looking for someone, maybe a group of people to help us learn how to play this damn game. I've checked out a few YouTube videos, but the menu layout on those videos are different to the game we have. We have the Anniversary edition bought from Steam. If there is anyone that can either join our discord, or allow us to join theirs, and talk us through it, maybe guide us in-game, that would be great. *PLEASE NOTE* We are NOT IDIOTS, we are NOT NEW TO GAMING, we're just more used to games that allow you to invite a friend, and join / create a match like PuBG, Battlefield, etc. Thanks in advance. Our discord---> https://discord.gg/PPXX3u2 I am MadCalPC on steam
  10. MemesMostDank_

    Help with winch mod

    Hey guys, sorry to once again bore you with amateurish questions, but here I go again I guess :/ I'm looking to create a winch and stretcher, that can be lowered down on a rope, have the casualty loaded into it via ACE3, and then the basket raised up. I'm not worried about transferring the patient from the stretcher into the helo, but I'm entirely new to scripting, and all I really know how to do is create a menu action and use it to call a certain script. What I need help with Attaching the rope to the stretcher (and spawning it on the right place in the helo in the first place). Lowering the stretcher to the casualty (ropeUnwind, perhaps?) Raising the sretcher up to the Helo once the casualty is in it. Attaching the stretcher to the helo (I presume with this attachTo) so it doesn't flail about when the Helo flies.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has any experience making the thermal imaging file? I can't find any tutorials on it.
  12. When I go to crunch it fails due to this error, not really sure where to start. Pic cfgClutter.hpp class Clutter { class DefaultClutter; class grass_green_clutter: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\Plants_F\Clutter\c_GrassGreen_GroupSoft.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.0; swLighting = 0; scaleMin = 0.3; scaleMax = 1.0; }; }; cfgSurfaces.hpp class CfgSurfaces { class Default{}; class grass_green_surface: Default { files = "grass_green_*"; character = "grass_green_clutter"; soundEnviron = "grass"; soundHit = "soft_ground"; rough = 0.08; maxSpeedCoef = 0.9; dust = 0.15; lucidity = 4; grassCover = 0.05; impact = "hitGroundSoft"; }; class concrete_surface: Default { files = "concrete_*"; character = "Empty"; soundEnviron = "concrete"; soundHit = "concrete"; rough = 0.05; maxSpeedCoef = 1; dust = 0.15; lucidity = 0.3; grassCover = 0.0; impact = "hitConcrete"; }; class dirt_surface: Default { files = "dirt_*"; character = "Empty"; soundEnviron = "dirt"; soundHit = "soft_ground"; rough = 0.09; maxSpeedCoef = 0.9; dust = 0.5; lucidity = 1; grassCover = 0.03; impact = "hitGroundSoft"; }; class mud_surface: Default { files = "mud_*"; character = "MudClutter"; soundEnviron = "dirt"; soundHit = "soft_ground"; rough = 0.15; maxSpeedCoef = 0.85; dust = 0.32; lucidity = 1.5; grassCover = 0.04; impact = "hitGroundHard"; }; }; class cfgSurfaceCharacters { class grass_green_clutter { // how much stuff from the clutters will be placed, // so in this case 3 numbers representing the 3 names on next line. probability[] = {0.95,0.01,0.01,0.01}; names[] = {"StrGrassGreenGroup","StrThornGreenSmall","StrThornGreenBig","StrPlantGreenShrub"}; }; }; UPDATE: Viewing the output has given me this error: 0:36:24: Error while inserting texture "data\satellite.paa" to TextureHeaderManager - failed to read the texture. 0:36:24: Failed adding texture op4_vtc\data\satellite.paa to texture header manager. ??
  13. Hello, I am very new to mission creation and the Eden editor. I've taken my time making a Co-Op mission, watched a lot of videos on YouTube. I've used very little code, but I know how to place triggers, set tasks, set task states, and conduct a mission outro. I've tested this mission with friends previously by hosting a multiplayer server, then having them join. I have not put the mission on the workshop yet. It is not finished. Anyway, tonight, suddenly my friends can't get in the mission. I wanted them to join in to test the triggers and hints appearing at the beginning. They could join the server and pick a player slot, but they got booted each time the mission started. They didn't receive an error code, nor did anything appear on my screen. They just got kicked back to the lobby. I feel dumb for posting this on here, because my question is so elementary, but what are some of the most common reasons this could be happening? The mission is multiplayer and under type its Co-Op mission. Friends have joined before as recently as two weeks ago. Any reason why if we're all playing in 32 bit, this could be happening? Thanks for any help.
  14. Hello everyone! So i know how to use addAction in the way the wiki told me (Run a script) , but what if i want to increase a variable of something that only exists in this script. Lets say i have a local variable called: "_speed" I can't use: _Car addaction ["Faster:", "_speed + 10"]; I also can't do this: _Car addaction ["Faster:", "[_speed] speed.sqf"]; (And in speed.sqf : _Car = _this select 0; _speed+10;) I can't seem to find any answers on the forums, so i hope you can help me with this. Remember i'm not that experienced with arma scripting. (scripting in general). Draoth.
  15. I have placed some roads and previewed them working in bulldozer, but once in game they are gone. I am exporting shapes and rebuilding terrain. Not sure what I missed.
  16. Hey there! So no matter the number i put in for "armor=____" I cant seem to get it to translate to the game... Anyone have any ideas? heres my config section for the vests. class Custom_Vest: Vest_Camo_Base { scope = 2; displayName = "Project Honor Platecarrier"; picture = "-"; model = "A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_Vest01"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"Project_Honor\Data\moh_vest_template.paa"}; class ItemInfo: VestItem { uniformModel = "A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_Vest01.p3d"; containerClass = "Supply120"; mass=80; armor = "5*0.5"; passThrough=0.3; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; }; };
  17. Hello, I'm in need of help with a script that's basicly a car shop. The units i'm using ingame are: 1 AI named "carseller" and 1 marker called "carspawn". This is the script: carseller addAction ["Buy Hatchback",{call fn_carBuySystem}, ["C_Hatchback_01_F", 200, "Hatchback"],6,false,false]; carseller addAction ["Buy Hobo",{call fn_carBuySystem}, ["C_man_p_fugitive_F", 3000, "Hobo"],6,false,false]; carseller addAction ["Buy Boxer",{call fn_carBuySystem}, ["C_Van_01_transport_F", 1500, "Boxer"],6,false,false]; carseller addAction ["Buy SUV",{call fn_carBuySystem}, [" C_SUV_01_F", 500, "SUV"],6,false,false]; carSeller addACtion ["Add 5000£ to wallet",{call fnc_addMoney}]; fn_carBuySystem = { private["_Money","_carSpawn"]; private ["_carID", "_carPrice", "_carName"," _caller"]; _carSpawn = carSpawn; _carID =(_this select 3) select 0; _carPrice = (_this select 3) select 1; _carName = (_this select 3) select 2; _carSpawn = carspawn; _caller = _this select 1; if (_Money >= _carPrice) then { _Money = _Money - _carPrice; sleep 3; _veh = _carID createVehicle (getPos _carSpawn); _veh setVehicleLock "LOCKED"; _veh setOwner (this select 3); _veh addAction ["Unlock Vehicle", {(_this select 0) setVehicleLock "UNLOCKED"}]; _veh addAction ["Lock Vehicle", {(_this select 0) setVehicleLock "LOCKED"}]; hint format ["You have bought a %1 and you have %2 dollars left.", _carName, _Money]; } else { hint "You do not have enough money for this car"; }; }; fnc_addMoney = { _Money = _Money + 5000; } Anyone got a clue what's wrong? :)
  18. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the arma 3 editing/modding community. I've just started my first map but when I try to preview it in Buldozer its showing nothing. Does anyone happens to know how to fix this? Thanks!