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  1. GF Ravage Status Bar script

    hmmm. member already defined, well gee golly i think it was defined twice then eh?
  2. i think your right on that. have a function on each client and just remoteExec the function to the players in the trigger
  3. your using publicVariable already, publicVariableServer runs only on the server. for example here if you have this variable event handler on the server "runThis" addPublicVariableEventHandler { (_this select 1) params ["_message"]; _message remoteExec ["hint", 0, true]; }; then you have this on someones client runThis = "This is my message"; publicVariableServer "runThis"; when the publicVariableServer runs, it sends This is my message to the publicVariableEVentHandler and then it hints This is my message to everyone on the server. for a video tut, go to tutorial 6
  4. whats inside of the public variable event handler for Civbar1? also if its for a waypoint, why dont you use publicVariableServer and put the event handler on the server. read on publicVariable, it sends on all clients. you only need it on the server https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/publicVariable
  5. welp, time to switch thank you
  6. when you host, your literally the server so you have access and can see everything going on. when you host dedicated then you are a client just like everybody else. what exactly is the issue your having though?
  7. this is just a whole mess of a script lol. the reason all players stand up is because its using player switchMove ""; so when it runs, it runs for ALL players on their own unit. he should of passed the unit the action was assigned to to the script such as _chair = _this select 0; _unit = _this select 1; [_unit, "Crew"], remoteExecCall ["MAC_fnc_switchMove", 0, false]; _unit setpos (getpos _chair); _unit setDir ((getDir _chair) - 180); _unit setpos [getpos _unit select 0, getpos _unit select 1,((getpos _unit select 2) +15002)];//tf is this for? _unit addaction ["<t color='#0099FF'>Stand Up</t>", { params ["_unit", "_caller", "_id"]; _unit removeAction _id; [_unit, ""] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0, false]; }];
  8. Making White-Listed Cops Only

    what Spatsiba said in this post just slightly modified to make it cleaner(imo). run from initPlayerLocal params ["_unit"]; waitUntil {!isNil _unit}; _whitelistedUID = ["3424324324324324", "3242343242342343", "4234234324324234"]; _whitelistedSlots = ["AlphaSL", "BravoSL", "CharlieSL"]; _uid = getPlayerUID _unit; _slot = vehiclevarname _unit; if ((_slot in _whitelistedSlots)&& !(_uid in _whitelistedUID)) then { failMission "End1"; };
  9. time to rewrite it then lol
  10. lock special keys

    what was the issue?
  11. lock special keys

    do you have your jump key set to user action 1?
  12. lock special keys

    while your player is outside of a trigger he will be able to jump freely like normal, when he goes in the trigger he will not be able to jump. run this off your initPlayerLocal somewhere player setVariable ["canJump", true]; waituntil {!isnull (finddisplay 46)}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler["KeyDown", { _canJump = player getVariable ["canJump", true]; _done = false; if ((_this select 1) in actionKeys "User1" && !(_canJump)) then { _done = true; }; _done }]; and make a trigger covering the area that you do not want the player to be able to jump
  13. lock special keys

    but theres no jumping in the game period aside from scripts(someone correct me if im wrong)
  14. lock special keys

    i would need to see the script your using for the jump
  15. lock special keys

    just make a boolean variable in the condition for the jump script, if the player is outside the area then change the variable to true, if their inside the area you dont want them to jump change it to false.