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  1. Max Zombies

    the steam forums lol
  2. Player teleport outside Trigger

    to use markers you need to use getMarkerPos as grumpy stated above. also consider using just one .sqf file for teleporting and simply pass in a parameter to it with the players side like this On activation if (side player == west) then { null = ["west"] execVM "teleport\teleportUnit.sqf"; }else { null = ["east"] execVM "teleport\teleportUnit.sqf"; }; teleportUnit.sqf params ["_side", "_caller"]; if (_side isEqualTo "west") then { _caller setPos (getMarkerPos "bluforspawn"); } else { _caller setPos (getMarkerPos "opforspawn"); };
  3. Script obfuscating

    commenting for later use
  4. Defining Configs in description.ext

    can you just make a addaction with the condition for it, that way even if zeus places it it should still show up and function the same?
  5. Add the right suppressor to rifle

    make it universal with a switch statement kind of like so using the author _devName = getText (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _weaponName >> "author"); then do a switch on _devName _muzzleSlot = ""; switch (_devName) do { case "CUP": {_muzzleSlot = "whatever"; case "Bohemia Interactive": {_muzzleSlot = "yea that"}; };
  6. just had a issue trying to get variables from a client to the server and to another client, it was completely wrong and offered no use for information to anyone so i edited the thread so please delete this
  7. get the damage and store it with the vehicle https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getDammage get the items https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getItemCargo wepons https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getWeaponCargo do same for the other crap
  8. go into editor and press esc and click configs and find cfgWorlds(i think) and start lookin
  9. you can get various positions such as along roads/towns via the config of the map your on. check and see if theres one for something along the lines of where your looking for
  10. you could use cursorObject and isKindOf to go about this. heres the setup but with addAction, only shows on units that are not in your group, same faction, less than 2 meters. convert it to use with holdActionAdd and just change conditions to your liking. cursorObject being the main help player addAction ["Invite to group", { _unit = cursorObject; _sender = (_this select 0); [_sender] remoteExecCall ["BUF_fnc_addPlayerToGroup", _unit, true]; }, [], 0, false, true, "", "cursorObject isKindOf 'MAN' && !(group cursorObject isEqualTo group _this) && side cursorObject isEqualTo side _this && cursorObject distance _target < 2"];
  11. like stated above, set your editor placed markers of a different type or color from the script placed markers. then use a forEach to cycle through that array of markers, if the color or type equals the editor placed markers then add them to a separate array or whatever you want with it.
  12. Altis Life Shops Interaction Range

    read the addaction page https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction . you want to modify the condidion and the radius. from a quick skim of what you posted it looks like yours goes to arguments and stops(someone correct me if im wrong), just continue on until you get to radius. object addAction ["title", {script}, [arguments], priority, showWindow, hideOnUse, "shortcut", "condition", radius, unconscious, "selection", "memoryPoint"];
  13. Altis Life Shops Interaction Range

    heres an example of both of what HazJ mentioned, "_this distance _target < 2.6" is the condition that only lets the action show up if the player is within 2.6 meters of the atm(2.6 is a perfect distance imo). the 3 is the radius condition so if the player is further than 3 meters then it will not do the addaction. this addAction ["Access ATM", { //do your crap }, [], 0, false, true, "", "_this distance _target < 2.6", 3];
  14. Check if all unit 'west' is dead, if so do x

    i thought that was just AI that turned to civ upon death?