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  1. dreadedentity

    Playsound sound3d

    Did you find out the answer to this? playSound3D has a parameter for distance, which will fade as the player gets further from the source. You are able to specify a location with one of the parameters where the sound will be played, instead of providing an object. The only drawback is that the command will not work with JIP players, the sound will be played from the beginning, I don't know if that's an issue.
  2. dreadedentity

    Make static vehicles drivable?

    This would still require a bunch of configs settings to work properly. If you were going to that, might as well just do it right the first time and make the boat into an actual vehicle
  3. dreadedentity

    Door lock script

    Guys, I know what a comment is. My post was actually specifically for you, zagor, in reference to this earlier post. But if anyone else reads this and learns what a comment is, that's good too EDIT: I guess I didn't really understand the rest of your earlier post the first time I read it, but yes, what you're describing is exactly what he did
  4. What happens if you just take setDir out?
  5. dreadedentity

    Door lock script

    I'm not sure if this is an April Fool's Day trick or what but the 2 forward slashes (//) indicate a comment. Specifically that kind of comment will cause the rest of the line to be ignored. All comments are removed during preprocessing before the sqf is run, so, in effect, the scripting engine never sees them
  6. dreadedentity

    Dialog controls documentation?

    I've run into this issue many times in the past. The best thing to do is test everything and see what works, remember it, update the wiki. I have updated the wiki many times with things I've found. Just be thorough, people will come after you to correct you lol
  7. dreadedentity

    Recording Movement

    This was extremely fun to write. This code will give you a frame-by-frame analysis of every unit on the map. It gives position, animation, weapons, and their direction. DE_missionUnitInfo = []; ["DE_unitTracker", "onEachFrame", { _frame = [diag_frameNo]; { if (isNil {_x getVariable "DE_trackerName"}) then { _x setVariable ["DE_trackerName", _x call BIS_fnc_objectVar]; }; _frame pushBack [_x getVariable "DE_trackerName", name _x, typeOf _x, getPosASL _x, animationState _x, weapons _x, [vectorDir _x, vectorUp _x]]; } forEach allUnits; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; Be sure at the end of the mission that this code runs //this is pseudocode if (MISSION_END) then { profileNamespace setVariable ["DE_lastMissionInfo", DE_missionUnitInfo]; }; This code then (should) fully recall every unit at the exact frame when it was recorded. { while (diag_frameNo < (_x select 0)) do {}; { _temp = createVehicle [_x select 2, _x select 3, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _temp setPosASL (_x select 3); _temp setVectorDirAndUp (_x select 6); removeAllWeapons _temp; { _temp addWeapon _x; } forEach (_x select 5); _temp switchMove (_x select 4); } forEach (_x select [1, (count _x) - 2]); } forEach (profileNamespace getVariable "DE_lastMissionInfo"); I had many ideas and a lot has been trimmed, but I haven't written a script in a long time so I need some time to get back into it. Be warned that all of this should be executed on the server only. It will probably be very intensive on the server too.
  8. I'm also going to have to disagree with this. While scripts can of course allow you to quickly and easily create deep, complex missions involving different types of objectives, it is absolutely not required to quickly create fun, replayable missions. Very good advice when it comes to a topic like this. It's an extremely good idea to start learning scripting if you want to make serious missions. Create some generic objective-type scripts, something that just creates a bunch of buildings and units, sets some patrols etc (modelToWorld is an excellent command for this kind of thing). Then all you really need to do in the editor is scout some good locations and make a note of them (or place markers only meant to be seen in the editor), throw down a game logic, and execVM your script. At mission start, it will create all the units and buildings and you have a fast objective to go and complete. I have created a script months ago that can aid in the placement of objects and it can save their locations to clipboard This was how I started making missions for my friends and I to play. If you set the placement radius pretty small, around 5 meters, it provides a pretty good area for a unit to spawn in, and if you set the probability to something pretty high (60-70%) it allows you to play a pretty similar mission over and over again but never knowing exactly where a unit is/if there is an enemy there at all
  9. dreadedentity

    Quick dialog question.

    As long as it works then it shouldn't matter. That being said, it's possible that the game would have to pull that resource from the HDD each time you switch on/off, which would take a long time (relative to computing times, it's not really that long), but I don't know what goes on under the hood so it's also possible that that resource is already loaded and the game just hooks that to your RscPicture, which would circumvent the previous argument. Again, that being said, it's probably better to just use ctrlSetFade to maintain consistency
  10. dreadedentity

    Help with Farming Script

    Reminds me of farma 2, that's awesome that you want to do this for real
  11. dreadedentity

    Find a random position on radial

    So radians is from 0 to 2pi, right? Now, you're looking for a point that is r units away from (0,0) on point (r, theta), so you're looking at 2 equations: r * cos(theta) //x-axis movement r * sin(theta) //y-axis movement So let's say you're looking for a new point that is 30 degrees away from your origin(approximately the blue line in your diagram), with radius 10, you're looking at the equations, 10 * cos(30 degrees) alternatively 10 * cos(30*pi/180) for radians, note that radians has no unit behind the number but degrees are marked with a little raised circle 10 * sin(30) alternatively 10 * sin(30*pi/180) for radians These will give you a point that will be equal to 10 meters in the direction of 30 degrees (note that this is mathematical and not compass-based) from your starting point, simply add the result of those equations to the x and y values of the object or point you're applying it to to get a correct new position. Also when you're looking for the distance you're correct with Pythagorean's Theorem (A2 + B2 = C2), but in the context of triangles, I find that it's much easier to think of this equation in terms of X2 + Y2 = H2 (or R2), with H being hypotenuse or R being radius. The specific name for this kind of mathematics is Trigonometry (tri meaning 3, for triangles, it is triangle-based). Hope this helps
  12. dreadedentity

    Mixed Questions.

    Feel free to write some scripts or an fsm that can do all that, however keep in mind that all of takes CPU time. Also, sounds complicated Here in the real world, we all have our own brains (as far as we know), but in a computer all share one "brain". Also keep in mind that not everybody has the most powerful "brain" in their computer
  13. dreadedentity

    Mixed Questions.

    1. I saw somebody working on something like this months ago, can't remember any details though 2. We aren't able to edit the configs directly, however you are free to add new classes to description.ext and write scripts that will use values within those classes. This is exactly what a new system I'm working on (Inhabited World) does 3. I'm not sure what you're asking here, Opfor shoots Blufor, Blufor shoots Opfor, no matter where they are. Seems to be working fine to me
  14. dreadedentity


    That's not the mission root, not sure if picture size matters, not even sure if .paa will work, but .png does work