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  1. Would be cool to have this for men class (instead of having to add new weapon classes): PrimaryWeaponAttachments[]= { "some_optics", "some_silencer", "some_bipod" }; SecondaryWeaponAttachments[]= { "some_optics", "some_silencer" };
  2. DegmanCro

    Croatian military mod (@CROMIL)

    Patch #22/09/2022 released. Changelog: - fixed: M72 light machine gun 7-burst firing mode is no longer available to player - fixed: M72 light machine gun would turn into an AKM if operator were to use RHS fold function - fixed: Patria (BOV-P- xx) vehicles would become glossy and shiny upon destruction - fixed: IFV M80A now has functional hidden selections (those were already defined in config.cpp but were previously not included in model.cfg) - added: IFV M80A now has an additional seat to accomodate Troop commander, which previously was missing - added: Coat of Arms (of the Republic of Croatia) added on BOV-P amphibious variants - changed: existing groups were reorganized and new groups have been added
  3. DegmanCro

    Croatian military mod (@CROMIL)

    HOTFIX v2.1 #19/07/2022 #M-80A - fixed: wrong value was given in destrType param resulting in vehicle losing it's geometry after being destroyed. - water-traversing tweaked - GUI icon added #BOV Patria CRO - fixed: an experimental buyoancy geometry component was mistakenly not deleted and produced the result of amphibious variants diving in water instead of staying afloat. - new GUI icons replacing the old ones #M-84A4 Snajper - fixed: distant shadow lod causing wheels to become black (wrapped in shadow). - headlights now have a proper alpha texture - GUI icon added #Crew Coveralls - icon added - editor preview images for crew and crew (armored) now reflect the new coveralls uniform
  4. DegmanCro

    Croatian military mod (@CROMIL)

    Today's bit: New rvmats and color textures for Patria AMV variants New color textures for dependency RHS assets
  5. DegmanCro

    Croatian military mod (@CROMIL)

    Quick update: TAM-110 4x4 TAM-150 6x6 The vehicles are customizable and will be provided in several variants including flatbed (ViV), infantry transport, ammo, fuel cistern, repair etc.
  6. DegmanCro

    Croatian military mod (@CROMIL)

    M-80A (IFV) M-80A LT (tank hunter) *LT version is not in use by the Croatian army, but will be placed as vehicle for certain INDEP and OPFOR factions, alongside regular M-80A. 3D Artist: Dmitrije Dejanić M-84A4 Snajper (MBT) 3D Artist: Dmitrije Dejanić Elmech EMM-992 / EM-992 (Croatian sniper rifles) 3D Artist: Jota (developer of A.G.E. mod) OH-58D Kiowa Warrior (Observation and reconnaissance helicopter) 3D Artist: Brasiel (developer of Brazilian Armed Forces mod)
  7. DegmanCro

    Croatian military mod (@CROMIL)

    M-84A and M-84A4 will have very basic interiors. VHS-2 variants have been present in RHSGREF for quite some time already, but CROMIL does reduce their recoil to be more realistic. VHS-2 CT-1.5x has integrated red dot sight, and is probably the variant you're referring to. UH-60M is already present in the Croatian faction (RHS retexture), and Rafale is something I'd rather not go with as it's a complex thing to do and is already part of Arma Mod France.
  8. CROATIAN MILITARY MOD Current version: v3.1 #hotfix 11/04/2023 Download on Steam workshop Description Croatian Military mod (CROMIL) offers new vehicle, weapon and character models in attempt to recreate the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia. Vehicles: - BOV Patria CRO BOV-P12,7 (M2) BOV-P12,7 Amfibija (M2, amphibious) BOV-P ABG 40 (Mk19) BOV-P ABG 40 Amfibija (Mk19, amphibious) BOV-P30L (30mm autocannon with Spike-LR missiles) BOV-San (medevac) - Mi-8 MTV-1 - Mi-171Sh (with and without S-8 rocket launchers) - RHS retextures (M-ATV, HMMWV, M2A2 ODS, UH-60M, etc.) v2 - IFV M80A - MBT M84A4 Snajper - TAM-110 4x4 - TAM-150 6x6 v3 - MBT M84A - SPAAG BOV-3 - APC BOV M-86 (PKM / M2) - ATGM BOV M-83 Weapons: - MANPADS 9k32 Strela 2 - LMG M72 - AKM/AKS - SMG MP5A5 - SMG MP5SD6 Characters: - Uniform: M-2021 (with multiple ranks and insignia variants) - Headgear: BK-3 helmet variants - Headgear: BK-ACH helmet variants - Vest: M-401B Plate Carrier variants v2 - Uniform: Crew Coveralls v3 - ATVP (Anti-Terrorist Military Police) faction - Military cap (new model) Work in progress: - IFV M80A LT (tank hunter version of M80A) - FAP-2026 (to replace the current KamAZ placeholder) - OH-58D Kiowa Warrior - EM-992 & EMM-992 (Croatian sniper rifles) - DJB (Landing Assault Ship) - DBM (Landing and Minelaying Ship) Notes: Please report any game-breaking bugs, performance issues and glitches. Credits: Degman (D-Man) - Project Lead / Developer Choffix - Technical information and military knowledge 3D Artists: Jota - Characters (Uniforms, Equipment, Gear) MKNavaG - M-151 CROWS & M2QCB LeroyCake - BOV Patria CRO 8x8 (variants) Dimitrije Dejanic - M-84A/M-84A4 Snajper, M-80A/M-80A LT, TAM-110, TAM-150 Config: Reyhard - RHS BlueForce Tracker (BFT) component (BOV Patria CRO) Scripting: Talya_Taya - Ramp door function (BOV Patria CRO) & License plates functions
  9. The thread updated per new plugin release. New tutorial and example addon available. ☺️
  10. AnimExport - only a few clicks between Blender and complex multi-bone model.cfg animation(s) If you're looking for an alternative to manually writing down every bone movement in model.cfg, then AnimExport is the thing for you. What does it do ? The plugin will convert values from active Blender animation into parameters usable in Arma 3's model.cfg. All you have to do is include the generated .hpp file into your model's animations class. How is it different than anim2cfg ? anim2cfg requires a lot of preparation and setup work in order to export a single bone's animation (time consuming), whereas animExport only requires you to select an armature and make active your desired animation; full animation exported with every single bone included ! All setup work is done automatically by the plugin. How does it work ? 1. Download and install AnimExport plugin for Blender. In order to install, you will need to open your Blender and navigate to Edit > Preferences > AddOns > Install. There, you will select the .py script and click "Install Addon". Once complete, make sure you 'tick' the box next to newly installed plugin in order to activate it. 2. Open the scene containing your armature and animation(s). Make active the animation you wish to export. If you use the NLA system, then in order to do so you will need to right-click on desired action and select "Start editing stashed action". This animation's keyframes should now be visible in Dope Sheet, which confirms it is currently active. 3. Presumed your animation is ready to go, navigate to File > Export > Arma 3 model.cfg (.cfg/.cpp) and populate the export menu with desired values. 'Parent Object': Animations will be exported relative to this object. When not set the origin will be used. 'Armature Object': If set, armature of this object will be used. Bone names are used as selection names. 'Start Frame': Starting frame to export. 'End Frame': End frame to export. 'Selection Name': Selection names to be used in the model.cfg. Defaults to the name of the objects. Automatically retrieved from chosen objects in the Outliner. DONE AUTOMATICALLY FOR EACH BONE BY THE PLUGN AS OF THE NEW VERSION. 'Source Name': Source name to be used in the model.cfg. 'minValue': minValue to be used in the model.cfg for the first animation. 'maxValue': maxValue to be used in the model.cfg for the last animation. 'Precision': Number of decimal places. 'Add Folder': Whether or not a folder will be created for additional subfiles.(If only one bone exists, no folder will be created.) 'Folder Name': Name of the generated folder. If unset, Source name will be used as folder name. If folder with same name exists, that folder will be used. navigate the directory tree and set/select the file name (existing files will be OVERWRITTEN) 'Export model.cfg' 4. The plugin has now generated a .hpp file with animations for each bone. This means if your armature is consist of 5x bones, then 5x .hpp files will be created based off values from the export menu. Those will be inside your newly created folder, if you opted for it. In addition, another .hpp file is created which has all generated .hpp #included in it. This means you can simply #include that single file into your model.cfg, because it already has all other .hpp files #included in it. Example below: bridge_deploy.hpp - the main .hpp file generated by plugin. All .hpp subfiles are included inside. Example content of .hpp subfile: - this is where actual arma3 model.cfg animations are stored (direct translations/rotations) 5. Now with your animation exported, it's time that you create a model.cfg file and configure CfgSkeletons and CfgModels. Thankfully, our friend Talya_Taya has created a separate plugin that can export a list of all bones from a selected armature, ensuring you do not need to type them in manually. Note: when using AnimExport, your bones must NOT be parent/children of each other. This will break the animation. Download skelExport Guide: - Install the same way as AnimExport. - File > Export > Arma3 skeleton (.hpp) - Untick (IMPORTANT) retrieve parents option (as mentioned above: parenting will break this type of animations) You can still create additional bones and make them children to animExport-exported bones, but the bones affected by original animExport animations must not be made children of any other bones (unless for "hide" purposes). 6. With our CfgSkeletons and CfgModels configured, we can now #include the main .hpp file into the Animations class of our model. 7. Open your .p3d and start Bulldozer. Watch your beautiful animation play upon the specified animation source. 😁 If you have any questions regarding this tutorial or the plugins provided, please do not hesitate to ask. I am hoping to create a complete process video tutorial as well (once the things at work get a bit less busy). Meanwhile, you may download this example addon that should make things more clear to you serving as a practical example. Credits: Talya_Taya - animExport & skelExport plugin (quite plenty of, to me magical stuff) 4d4a5852 - anim2cfg plugin (value conversion (Blender to model.cfg direct animations) formula used as foundation & greatly expanded upon by Talya_Taya) Degman - feature demands & guidance during the plugin's development Please read the license. Kind regards, Deg
  11. DegmanCro

    [HELP] RVMAT not working please help.

    The last screenshot from your post is showing some weird shadows and dark areas. This might be a product of poorly made _AS and _SMDI maps. Unless they're a part of your _co texture, it means that .rvmat itself works properly and is ingame, but you would need to change ur maps.