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  1. The famous Battlefield bad company 2 RUSH mod for Arma 3 FIA side needs to destroy AAF mcom's to win. Feel free to use to make your own RUSH game mission on Altis or Stratis This mission is inspired from the famous map Valparaiso of battlefield bad company 2 This mod was created after i could not find a similar mod like Battlefield bad company 2 rush game mod in the community of Arma 3. I decided to begin to create this mod back in 2015, but it was only finished in march 2016. This mod is for Multiplayer Dedicated server only with 60 player slots. No addons required. Latest Version: v4.6 (June 4th) Thanks to: Bohemia Interactive Forums Members for their help. All the beta testers for their feedback and bug reports. All third party community scripts (gear select, zlt fastrope, jts squad, jwc casfs, btc) And especially thank you Barbolani for some of the functions. Download from Github
  2. Yes there is that command it says its better to use this to end properly a mission for all clients according to the wiki "BIS_fnc_endMissionServer" and i already use that to end mission and works good very good because as mrcurry says endMission is local remoteExec i never used before and i don't know how it works but its not needed because of the command BIS_fnc_endMissionServer But anyway thanks for your reply but that was not the question of the topic, also it has already been answered ! ;)
  3. Yes i think i will use endMissionServer instead to end missions on all clients !
  4. amazing serena thank you i really appreciate the effort ! ;)
  5. Wow this seems amazing but i really don't understand everything lol So do i have to use this function in a new sqf file ? anyway will take a closer look tomorrow cause my brains can take it no more xd !!! will post the results ! thanks serena !
  6. well when players die i launch this script above from onPlayerKilled.sqf and then i have another script that creates the dropped items in 3D like a turntable so other players can see it easily and pick it up but the problem with ammunition is it will drop like maybe 20 ammunition cases in the air, so that's not really nice, and makes also some server overload and lag so i wanted to know if i can only drop one ammunition case from a dead player. the dropped weapons and items will only stay 20 secondes in the air as i use also a cleanup script. But anyway that works better with only weapon dropping. So that is 3 different scripts that i use to achieve this lol, this could be maybe all done in one script btw.
  7. ok sry i found why i forgot to delete one }
  8. Ok then maybe its not a good idea to drop ammunition So i tried to delete the ammunition code but now it does not work anymore with the weapons any idea what i did wrong ? _myStuff = weapons player; // Drop all your stuff on ground. if (count (_myStuff)>0) then { _box = createVehicle ["groundWeaponHolder", player modelToWorld [0,0.8,0], [], 0.5, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _box setDir floor (random 360); { _box addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x, 1]; player removeWeapon _x; } forEach _myStuff; { player reveal _box; };
  9. Hi, I use this little script to drop items and then call another script to set items in 3D turntable How to only drop one ammunition case and delete the other ones ? in this script: _myStuff = weapons player; _myMags = magazines player; // Drop all your stuff on ground. if (count (_myStuff+_myMags)>0) then { _box = createVehicle ["groundWeaponHolder", player modelToWorld [0,0.8,0], [], 0.5, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _box setDir floor (random 360); { _box addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x, 1]; player removeWeapon _x; } forEach _myStuff; { _box addMagazineCargoGlobal [_x, 1]; player removeItem _x; } forEach _myMags; player reveal _box; }; Don't know if its possible but thanks in advance
  10. Ok i see thank you Serena i go try this right now !
  11. Ok thank you but could you give me an example because i don't know how to write it
  12. Hi, Could someone help with my PvP mission ? I need to check if player reach 100 kills then the mission ends for everyone and it shows the player name with his stats in a message to everyone just before the mission ends I really don't know how to do this thanks in advance for helping me
  13. Yes probably your script is not working as it should, also its not clear what you really ask for the script i provide will always work even with clan members in the area, and will always check uid of players even with or without clan or normal players in the area so what's the point ? maybe explain it better because its confusing ! i think you take the problem upside down! why not making a secret respawn area for your clan members with reserved slots ?