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[MP] RUSH game mod for arma 3 from battlefield series

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The famous Battlefield bad company 2 RUSH mod for Arma 3


FIA side needs to destroy AAF mcom's to win.


Feel free to use to make your own RUSH game mission on Altis or Stratis


This mission is inspired from the famous map Valparaiso of battlefield bad company 2


This mod was created after i could not find a similar mod like Battlefield bad company 2 rush game mod in the community of Arma 3.

I decided to begin to create this mod back in 2015, but it was only finished in march 2016.

This mod is for Multiplayer Dedicated server only with 60 player slots.

No addons required.


Latest Version: v4.6 (June 4th)


Thanks to:


Bohemia Interactive Forums Members for their help.

All the beta testers for their feedback and bug reports.

All third party community scripts (gear select, zlt fastrope, jts squad, jwc casfs, btc)

And especially thank you Barbolani for some of the functions.


Download from Github

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