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    Yes thank you, I tested more than the commaunauter we shared, the concern is to make them run on a server. At my levels I succeeded in dropping cars in flames Certe it 'small' but everyone sees the same thing. I publish my work tomorrow. What I expect from you is to perfect my work for the good of all.
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    To start I succeeded in creating the position of the object. The object is quoted above the biggest city of tanoa // script sur serveur if (isServer) then { while {true} do { _Positions_M = [ [5989.25,10339.4,800],[5739.1,12545.5,800],[6391.08,12857.8,800],[9723.82,13460.7,800],[13989,8336.63,800],[12838.5,7410.38,800], [10919.8,6273.52,800],[11157.9,5251.68,800],[11517.5,2452.82,800],[9391.18,3946.9,800],[8800.46,10206.6,800],[5401.5,4017.77,800],[1753.61,12121.9,800], [3061.48,11072.9,800],[5072.35,8610.05,800],[5554.37,4087.95,800],[1016.18,7759.05,800],[1718.13,12102,800],[6481.67,12925,800],[12866.7,7449.4,800]]; _mlg_meteorite = selectRandom _Positions_M; publicVariable "_mlg_meteorite"; diag_log "Metor server---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"; diag_log format["MLG Metor server--------------------------------Position Maître Meteorite ici %1 ", _mlg_meteorite]; diag_log "Metor server---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"; Meteorite = "ClaymoreDirectionalMine_Remote_Ammo_Scripted" createVehicle _mlg_meteorite; publicVariable "Meteorite"; sleep 360; }; obj_Meteorite = Meteorite; publicVariable "obj_Meteorite"; nul = [obj_Meteorite] execvm "MajorLynx\MLG_meteor\MLG_Meteor.sqf"; };
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    Hello everyone. I am new (noob). Its three years that I play a arma and I love to play games. I have to mount several servers. I integrate a lot but do not create anything. I have a server with mod "Exile". But after the integration of a mod that pushed me to learn more how a script works I decided to create for server a meteorite rain module. But at the fury and in proportion to my progress I would need you, especially of your knowledge.