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  1. WarhammerActual

    3CB Factions

    Ok , i will try to dig around some more and see what on my end could be causing that ..ty
  2. WarhammerActual

    3CB Factions

    Hello, Great mod but anytime I try to place a Hilux with a ZU23 in it , I get this error and it prevents my server from running . Warning Message: Cannot load texture uk3cb_factions\addons\uk3cb_factions_vehicles\uk3cb_factions_vehicles_common\data\armour\rusty_metal_armour_co.paa. I have repaired and updated 3cb but this error always remains and prevents startup . Any thoughts or fix?
  3. WarhammerActual

    Crew Resource Management

    Is there a status on this mod? It is no longer on the workshop ....
  4. WarhammerActual

    TGP Simple Cockpit Slew

    Just a quick question , what other mods does this work with ? RHS, USAF? Thank you in advance
  5. Hello, I am having an issue with File extensions. I need to edit my file extension because I run ACRE2. [// FILE EXTENSIONS allowedLoadFileExtensions[] = {"b64","hpp","sqs","sqf","fsm","cpp","paa","txt","xml","inc","ext","sqm","ods","fxy","lip","csv","kb","bik","bikb","html","htm","biedi"}; // only allow files with those extensions to be loaded via loadFile command (since Arma 3 build 1.19.124216) allowedPreprocessFileExtensions[] = {"b64""hpp","sqs","sqf","fsm","cpp","paa","txt","xml","inc","ext","sqm","ods","fxy","lip","csv","kb","bik","bikb","html","htm","biedi"}; // only allow files with those extensions to be loaded via preprocessFile/preprocessFileLineNumber commands (since Arma 3 build 1.19.124323) allowedHTMLLoadExtensions[] = {"htm","html","xml","txt"}; // only allow files with those extensions to be loaded via HTMLLoad command (since Arma 3 build 1.27.126715) /] When I manually Edit that into the SERVER.CFG OUTPUT it keeps getting deleted and defaulting to being empty below //HEADLESS CLIENT
  6. How would I go about implementing this so I can test ? TY
  7. HI, this looks amazing , is there a status on a possible release date ? Thank you in advance
  8. Thanks again, which settings should I adjust to begin tweaking spawn radius values? is it in XEH_preinit.sqm?
  9. @tinter Thank YOu so much for the quick response.. I will just have to do some testing in real time.. If I get a good sample I certainly will post my findings.. Thanks again Tinter
  10. @tinter I had some question about this script. I was wondering if players operating AIRCRAFT will activate the spawning of the furniture also , as they travel across the map ? Example , I fly in troops to an area where they will be conducting ground operations, but aircraft will remain in orbit in the area to provide support.. Will the aircraft loitering in a wide area constantly be triggering the spawning of furniture? I am assuming they will. So, I had a few questions. 1. Will this increase the strain on the server 2. Would it cause dsnyc issues has anyone even tested this? I know Drongo's did something similar with spawning of AI but he added a feature making it to where air units would not trigger ground spawning units. Thank you in advance for any response and for your work ..
  11. Hi , I was wondering if this has any functionality to limit the "dynamic furniture " spawning to a predetermined area. Example I would like to have this ONLY work in an area of the my that has been designated for Urban Warfare Training and NOT globally on the entire map. Is this possible ? Thank you in advance for any clarification..
  12. WarhammerActual

    Truck Reverse Parking Sound

    still a no go, I guess I will just run the pbo, that works fine.. Ty again for everything
  13. WarhammerActual

    Truck Reverse Parking Sound

    thank you for this , I will test and advise..
  14. WarhammerActual

    Truck Reverse Parking Sound

    I just tried it here: For some reason it's just not working. But when I run the PBO it is.. Anything stand out to you ? //Radio Programming _nop = [] execVM "irRadio_Nofreq.sqf"; // JIP Check (This code should be placed first line of init.sqf file) if (!isServer && isNull player) then { isJIP=true; waitUntil {!(isNull player)}; } else { isJIP=false; }; waituntil {!isnil "bis_fnc_init"}; // Precompile code execVM "precompile.sqf"; //Initialization call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\Script\fn_truck_reverse.sqf"; { _x addEventHandler ["GetIn", {[_this select 0] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\Script\fn_truck_reverse.sqf"; }]; } forEach vehicles;