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  1. Players in vehicles will still trigger the spawning, according to their chosen radius and house limit. The objects spawned are also spawned on the server, this is necessary to make sure AI is aware of them. They will despawn once no more players are around. This will naturally cause increased strain on the server, because it's doing something rather than nothing, but how much I can't tell you. It's not possible for me to say whether this could possibly cause a desync, it should be light enough to not do that, but I've never tested it. So do you mean you had a mission where it was working, but then sometimes when you launch the mission it does not work and does not spawn anything?
  2. The first feature already exists, actually. The second was something I had sort of working to a degree when I first started this, but I cut it in favour of keeping the code clean and having it serve it's core purpose well. As for an easy way to debug? There's not really a go to way, it seems weird if it stops working mid-mission, I've never heard of that.
  3. If you're speaking as a mission maker, then this is already possible! It is a little clunky, but setting the variable "tint_house_blacklisted" on a house will exclude it from having furniture spawned in. Hope that helps c:
  4. The intention is already that furniture isn't supposed to be in hidden and destroyed buildings, but that has been a problem before.
  5. Hello, sorry for the late response. It's not quite possible as it is now, but if you don't mind hacking the script a little bit, you can remove the exclamation mark for the blacklist check to reverse the functionality, then make a trigger that "blacklists" all the buildings in a trigger. https://github.com/Tinter/Tinter-Furniture/blob/master/furniture/functions/fn_init.sqf#L41 Or just hardcode a check for whether the building in a trigger.
  6. I took a look, it looks great! It has been merged!
  7. So that was easier than I had initially thought (GM and VN was a lot of work), the new WS buildings should now be compatible. Just as a note, these buildings are all treated the same: I was little unsure since there differences on the roof, but since the ground floor was entirely identical I settled on treating them the same. So a composition made for one of these buildings will be used by all of them.
  8. Ah yeah that's exactly what I have yet to do myself. And I am happy to hear that! That is after all, what it is for.
  9. Quite possibly, if you are working with the new buildings, then I have not added support for those yet. The relevant buildings need to manually be added to a list and some times this involves cross checking which buildings are the same but slightly different. I just forgot about it mostly, but I will try to get it done soon.
  10. The furniture that spawns at any moment is determined by the seed, as long as it's the same seed, you will see the same stuff in the same place.
  11. Sorry for being so late to reply. I think it would be best if you could file these buildings under an issue on github, with preferably classnames, maybe just pictures. That way I and potentially other people can get a clear idea of what needs doing, as "some houses & buildings" is a little vague. Thanks!
  12. I've described a method for excluding a specific area here. As far as considerations go, not specifically, but I've tried to keep furniture out of the way.
  13. It depends on the map, I am not familiar with Vidda, but if it uses houses used on any of the normal maps, then it should already be covered. If it uses custom houses, then the limiting the factor is and always will be making compositions of furniture. They take a lot of time and effort for me to make and I have even less time now so I don't see myself making anymore for quite a while at least.
  14. Ah yes, that is some Laws of War composition. Removing it from the mod is probably a good idea.
  15. Yes I saw, but again it depends on what you mean with doubling up. Including every file should not cause issues. If there are compositions for the same building, then each building will randomly choose one. The only problem you might run into is that a specific house type is clean some places and covered in blood other places. I gathered from your original question that you were worried about a furniture pile up? I interpret that to mean furniture spawning on top of each other, like a chair clipping inside a table? That will not happen even if you run everything. If this is not what you're worried about, please let me know.