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  1. Tempest Device

    There is a function that spawns earthquakes. I can't find it at the moment, but check the function viewer for bis_fnc_earthquake.
  2. Insane stuttering makes the game unplayable

    What causes stuttering is either a disk that can't keep up, RAM that can't keep up or badly coded scripts that are coded in such a way that they cause stutters. You can check for the first two by using something like the Resource Monitor in Windows, but the last one requires you to test the mission for it. You should check if this happens in all kinds of missions.
  3. I assume this is about the level of magnification? In that case you can just zoom in and out with the + and - on the numpad, or check the controls in the options to see what they're set to.
  4. Lost the ArmA 3 hype

    Honestly, don't feel like I have this problem. Got 7365 hours in Arma 3 so far (Fair amount spent alt+tabbed). I usually try to get ideas for making missions for this coop community I play with and I sometimes makes mods, working on different projects at times. I feel like making missions was once a bit of drag, but ever since the switch to the 3D editor, I feel like I can much better get a feel for my missions. When I first started out making missions, I was all about trying to do things in the editor, and as I gained more experience and learned more about scripting I switched to trying to do most things in .sqf. And now with the 3D editor I rely on scripts to do what I can't do in the editor, but otherwise try to do most of what I can in the 3D editor. Even placing units in the editor and caching them with functions, means I can much better get a feel for my mission and it makes it so much more enjoyable. Sure there are times when I don't always want to, but it's always due to a lack of feel for the direction. My mission design philosophy is all about trying to make something I would want to play, usually this means trying to get a good atmosphere and experimenting with different settings. I'm very inspired by music and sometimes I get an idea just due to listening to a song that I feel is the soundtrack of my mission, even before I made it. This is what gives me ideas, which I then write down and I play around with them in the editor. Although to really make something out of them it requires me to get a feel for what the mission should be like, hopping in the arsenal and designing friendly and enemy units is the first step, but being able to fly around in the 3D editor, looking for a good area, placing enemy and fortifications as I like them, helps me better to get started and designing a mission flow. This is probably a bit rambly, but I just feel with the advent of the 3D editor, this is the most inspired I've been in years of Arma 3 to make missions and it really helps keep me motivated. The biggest problem is of course putting in the work and elbow grease required to make the mission, but most importantly is to just keep at it and not get stuck when not sure of what to do. Of course my experience is probably different compared to people who make SP missions. Being immersed in a mission is easier when playing with other players as it feels more real when there's a person next to you that you can talk with.
  5. Seems pretty good, although I get the feel that some of the cities are copy+pasted on multiple times. Makes the map feel sort of repetitive, but I still feel like it's a good map. One note though, it seems the satmap textures are too bright. When standing on the ground, the textures close to you are dark which makes the satmap further out seem very bright. Will look forward to further updates.
  6. Sounds really promising. I'm excited to try out these new changes for this nice map.
  7. Ah, I thought it was related to SMD, so I didn't know. Thanks for the answer.
  8. I expected this question to be asked before, but I couldn't find anything when searching, probably because SMD is too short to search for. AiA TP changed Arma 1 buildings to enterable buildings. Is it possible that this will eventually arrive to CUP Terrains?
  9. I'm experiencing micro stutters when running certain scenarios in the editor, I've isolated the problem to ACRE and found the frequency of the stutters relate to the amount of units in the scenario. Does ACRE have any recurring loops that run on all units, or were recently added? I didn't find these micro stutters happening before updating to the latest version of ACRE.
  10. Modern equipment mixes well with past equipment as it's used by insurgents and less modernized armies.
  11. AI Laying explosives

    ACE makes changes to the explosives system and removes the vanilla actions in favor of it's own system, which causes it to lose compatibility with AI. This is why ACE doesn't recommend using ACE for missions that are not designed with it in mind, like the campaigns for example. You should ask in the ACE thread, I think they would be interested to keep their mod compatible with AI in most cases.
  12. Also, if suitable for multiplayer use, it should have a key.
  13. Sounds interesting, but it could use a better explanation for people who don't know much about low pass filters or how it will affect sound in game.
  14. i5 2400, 12gb ram, GTX 760.
  15. Is there any chance of getting the amount of vegetation lowered? While it's not very thick at the moment, it does cause my fps to halve due to the size of the groups they appear in.