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  1. Sorry for being so late to reply. I think it would be best if you could file these buildings under an issue on github, with preferably classnames, maybe just pictures. That way I and potentially other people can get a clear idea of what needs doing, as "some houses & buildings" is a little vague. Thanks!
  2. I've described a method for excluding a specific area here. As far as considerations go, not specifically, but I've tried to keep furniture out of the way.
  3. It depends on the map, I am not familiar with Vidda, but if it uses houses used on any of the normal maps, then it should already be covered. If it uses custom houses, then the limiting the factor is and always will be making compositions of furniture. They take a lot of time and effort for me to make and I have even less time now so I don't see myself making anymore for quite a while at least.
  4. Ah yes, that is some Laws of War composition. Removing it from the mod is probably a good idea.
  5. Yes I saw, but again it depends on what you mean with doubling up. Including every file should not cause issues. If there are compositions for the same building, then each building will randomly choose one. The only problem you might run into is that a specific house type is clean some places and covered in blood other places. I gathered from your original question that you were worried about a furniture pile up? I interpret that to mean furniture spawning on top of each other, like a chair clipping inside a table? That will not happen even if you run everything. If this is not what you're worried about, please let me know.
  6. Depends on what you mean by doubling up. It should never try to put furniture on top of a building that already has furniture. So in that case it would be safe to run absolutely everything. On the other hand some furniture is themed, so if you don't want houses covered in sandbags or with blood piled up, you should leave those out. Hope this clarifies things, if not just ask! I am very happy to hear that you enjoy it, I appreciate all feedback!
  7. Finally got around to releasing a new update, I'll leave you with the changelog this time.
  8. It is update time again. I'll just quickly post the changelog here.
  9. If you have objects, like furniture in a building that you want to move to another building, you might run into problems with objects ending up being offset and being oriented weird. I've spent quite a while on this problem and with the help of a scripter named Nigel, we found the solution. For visibility I'm making a post here so anyone searching for it might stumble onto the solution. tint_fnc_getRelPosAndOrientation = { param["_objA", "_objB"]; _pos = getPosWorld _objA; if (!(surfaceIsWater _pos)) then { _pos = ASLToATL _pos; }; _relativePos = _objB worldToModel _pos; _relativeOrientation = ([_objA, _objB] call BIS_fnc_vectorDirAndUpRelative); [_relativePos, _relativeOrientation] }; tint_fnc_setRelPosAndOrientation = { param["_objA", "_objB", "_relPosAndOrientation"]; _relPos = _relPosAndOrientation#0; _relOrientation = _relPosAndOrientation#1; _relDir = _relOrientation#0; _relUp = _relOrientation#1; _objA setVectorDirAndUp [_objB vectorModelToWorld _relDir, _objB vectorModelToWorld _relUp]; _objA setPosWorld (_objB modelToWorldWorld _relPos); }; I've made an issue about whether these functions would be a good fit for CBA, but it has stagnated https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/issues/1353 As a sidenote, if working specifically with houses, it might help to take the bounding center into account, since some houses that should be the same seem to have a slightly offset origin, you can see an example here https://github.com/Tinter/Tinter-Furniture/blob/master/furniture/functions/fn_dressUp.sqf#L62
  10. Thank you! I'm sorry I'm a little late on answering this, but better late than never. Short answer, the seed controls exactly what furniture appears in each building. Long answer, each building has a predefined list of furniture for that type of building. I place down furniture in eden so it looks nice, then save it so that I can put it on any building of that same type. Some building types have more than one, so to make more than just one set of furniture appear, I choose which list actually shows up randomly, but only sorta randomly since we would want people to see the same furniture in multiplayer. So if they enter a building with the same seed, they'll see the same furniture in the same place. If they have a seed that is not the same, one might see a chair where the other sees a table. The reason I let people set it manually is that due to the randomness involved, sometimes you might see buildings all have the same internal layout next to each other, so you can change it if it ends up a little weird. It mostly applies to mission makers using the script though. If you play in multiplayer I recommend everyone use the same seed, you can force it on the server even. As for the error you get, I don't have a lot of context, but I do not believe that the mod would change anything about locality for vehicles or really do anything that would cause that error to show up. If you can reproduce it consistently, then I can take a look at it.
  11. Thanks to lelop we have now a nice new set of compositions for Livonia buildings! It is available now.
  12. Big thanks to lelop! The Livonia update is now live adding a whole new slew of compositions for Livonia buildings!
  13. @HBAOplus Hey and thanks for showing your interest. I'm sorry to say that it doesn't at the moment. It's not impossible to do, it just takes a lot of time for me to make compositions, so I haven't made any for CUP. As always, I have to mention that any help is appreciated and if anyone wants to contribute with compositions for CUP or even just vanilla buildings, then I'd be happy to help make it work. I've considered whether I should write some guidelines for how contributions should be handled, but I haven't yet worked with anyone, so I'm not sure how it would look.
  14. I've updated both the script and the mod so that they use CBA settings now, and the mod will turn off if a mission is running the script, avoiding spawning the wrong kind of furniture and what not. Not that I assume anyone was going around calling the functions in the mod, but I have also changed the function names, so they don't overwrite the script. The release can be downloaded from https://github.com/Tinter/Tinter-Furniture-Mod/releases/tag/v2.0.0 or at the workshop. Thanks.
  15. So I have now updated the script and the mod so that they both use CBA settings and the mod will turn off if a mission is using the script, avoiding spawning the wrong furniture if the mission is set to use something else. Other than that I have now also added the classnames for Global Mobilization buildings. No compositions yet, but it's one step closer. As always, get it here: https://github.com/Tinter/Tinter-Furniture/releases