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  1. Noblezim711

    We are Looking for help

    You would get better results of you made multiple posts under the correct sub forums.
  2. Noblezim711

    We are looking for developers

    Double post, please ignore.
  3. Noblezim711

    We are looking for developers

    This seems to be in the wrong sub forum
  4. Stick with it, it seems like you got the bug now. Everyone started off like you, and grew into what they are today. Just keep pushing yourself to try to do new things, and keep asking questions.
  5. They just use different animations than the default, and keybind them over the default ones. They are already hard coded into the game. If you want to change the animations, then you would have to make a custom model, and import it into the game as a MOD. But then you wouldn't be able to use it on server you don't own, unless it had it installed or let you run whatever mod you want. You can view the Animations available in ARMA 3 by entering the editor, placing a unit, clicking "play scenario", then pressing the Escape key, and clicking "Animations". I'm not trying to be rude, but you need to do a lot of studying before you can try to do stuff like what you're asking. I suggest you start with something simple, like a script that teleport s you to a point.
  6. Noblezim711

    [MP] Capture The Flag

    Wow, your right when you say that some are way over complicated. You defiantly put a lot of work into this project. You got some skills, I can say that, and I looks like you have done a lot of ARMA life development. Can I ask why you don't host this anymore? It looks like it works just fine, I get that you don't like the gameplay, but what did the players think? I would like to talk to you if your free sometime. Anyway, thanks for helping the ARMA community.
  7. Noblezim711

    iniDB demo - gear

    Can you please update the links?
  8. ShinKicker did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue.
  9. Noblezim711

    How to stop tickets bleeding?

    So if I use this module, how would I make it so that it resets the tickets after the mission ends? Currently everything works great, until one team wins, then the server ends the mission, but it loads back up just the way it was. How do I make it reset the mission, or reset the tickets, after the round? Any help would go a long way, thanks.