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  1. Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    working on the update now, should be out in a few hours, just going through some of the comments above to see if there are things i can do to solve those requests.
  2. How to keep Maps from being run on other Servers?

    this is just bullshit though ;) publish = other servers steal = your server has 25 players instead of 50 = your mod project is weaker due to less play test/player time/etc. also server cost money. 50 player = 5 donate = cover cost month to month. publish your work, other servers copy, 25 player = 2 donate = cant cover cost = no server. on paper it sounds nice to have share-bear community, but in the real world, there are 2 of us discussing this while there are 50 people who will lurk/leech from the conversation and contribute nothing. server/MP community works the same way, and if you dont meet next billing cycle, your server shuts down. Imagine if Sa-Matra publishes KotH freely. 100 servers would open up and it would look like Exile, with ~5-10 players on 50 servers having shit experience. Without sharing, there are 50 players on 10 servers = fun experience. If you are skilled at modding and value your work, and have run servers and know how scummy the arma MP community is beneath the "mature milsim" facade, you would think twice before publishing anything.
  3. [Poll] Arma 3 Third-Party DLC

    why pay a dev to do it when unpaid modders will do it for them? :)
  4. Tanks - Armored vehicles customization

    tested a couple hrs ago, there was no difference in thermal signature it did reduce visibility well without thermal though, at +500m
  5. Tanks - Armored vehicles customization

    looking good so far. should the camo netting be having any gameplay effect or just cosmetic?
  6. General Discussion (dev branch)

    yes the new "Unload Incapacitated" vehicle action is most welcome! Prevents having to use code like this: https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/code/functions/fn_incapacitated.sqf#L438-L457
  7. Apex Framework

    Issue resolved, was related to microsoft redistributable .dll files missing. Thanks yep, took awhile to get it out the door :) Could have published in October but it would have been unusable for others, and also of course bugs to fix and some polish was required.
  8. Keeping AI units in place

    Each unit needs to be in its own group Use the "setFormDir" script command in addition to "setDir"
  9. This will kill your session due to bandwidth choke. Proper headless client needs to be on same machine as server with local connection. I have tested distributed systems on busy servers (45+ players), and the result is catastrophic collapse of client FPS and network stability. Server FPS will be high but the session is unplayable.
  10. Next Arma confirmed!

    you have time to learn oop, some c++ and some javascript before arma 4 gets released ;) hopefully they are going to work on playable content and not leave it up to unpaid modders to design modes! things are generally better when done by the dev team with the tools and internal access they have.
  11. Heres a universal method in arma to calculate centroid https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/code/functions/fn_geomPolygonCentroid.sqf example use: _positions = [ [0,0,0], [1000,0,0], [1000,1000,0], [0,1000,0] ]; _centroid = _positions call QS_fnc_geomPolygonCentroid;
  12. Path-finding for AI building Entry / Exit

    AI department ... found pic of AI department (inside source):
  13. Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.0.6 Beta is over! Thank you, soldiers! Change Log: [ADDED] AI Vehicle "Unstuck" logic. [ADDED] AI enemy rally point logic for depleted groups. [ADDED] Viper team logic (Classic + Sector Control). [ADDED] AI enemy vehicle repair logic. [ADDED] Random pylon loadouts on enemy helicopters and some jets (at random). [ADDED] Battleye filters. [ADDED] New enemy group config (ar team). [TWEAKED] Default mission.sqm file is no longer used, only Custom is necessary. [TWEAKED] Defend mission (Classic AO) AI overhaul. [TWEAKED] AI regrouping fixed & improved. [TWEAKED] AI driving (wheeled vehicles) tweaked and improved. [TWEAKED] AI infantry patrol logic tweaked and improved. [TWEAKED] AI Fire mission (UAV bomb) tweaked and improved. [TWEAKED] AI Fire mission (Mortar) tweaked and improved. [TWEAKED] Plane service takes 20 extra seconds. [TWEAKED] Classic AO sub-objective randomization. [TWEAKED] AI enemy CAS. [TWEAKED] AI info-sharing extended. [TWEAKED] Enemy vehicle weapon-downgrade now randomized instead of all the time. [TWEAKED] AI enemy UAVs were not behaving properly when given a fire mission. [TWEAKED] AI enemy CAS/UAVs were diving too low when dropping bombs in some cases. [TWEAKED] More enemy jets will spawn when players have 2+ jets in the air. [TWEAKED] Enemy jet spawn tempo increased when defend mission is active. [TWEAKED] Enemy vehicle slingloading was not working well. [FIXED] AI enemy CAS was not spawning when player count > 15. [FIXED] AI enemy CAS force-spawn override was not working. [FIXED] AI enemy backpack drones were spawning too far from AO. [FIXED] CRV Bobcat can now clean up large wrecks like Blackfish. [FIXED] Vehicle-in-Vehicle loading from Towing was not preventing incompatible load attempts (ex: Taru pod to Blackfish). [FIXED] Vehicle-in-Vehicle + Towing could be exploited to daisy-chain vehicles. [FIXED] AI vehicle 'evasive dismount' logic was interfering with their ability to reclaim the vehicle after it was repaired/unstuck. [FIXED] Side mission reward aircraft could sometimes have air-to-ground missiles. [FIXED] Screen blur on respawn after dying in freefall animation. [FIXED] AI enemy CAS rearm delay was using wrong time measurement. [FIXED] Enemy reinforcements (classic AO) were constrained by wrong unit-cap measurement. [FIXED] AO illumination was not going to next AO after a defend mission. [FIXED] Live-Feed screen was not present in Custom SQM file.
  14. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Low-hanging fruit bug for a bored dev: Easy repro included https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127737 Estimated fix time 15-20 min