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  1. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.5.5 Stability & bug fixes [DISABLED] Naval Artillery Mk45 Hammer for new Fire Support until it is fixed in future version. [TWEAKED] BIS Dynamic Groups initialization. [FIXED] Unload Cargo menu script would keep running after closing, creating a memory leak. [FIXED] Player was unable to mount static weapons onto suitable vehicles. [FIXED] Script error in UAV self destruct. [FIXED] Script error in AI medical handling. [FIXED] MG Tower could spawn floating. [FIXED] Script error in client core procedure.
  2. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.5.4 Stability & bug fixes [FIXED] Player would die instead of becoming incapacitated. [FIXED] Player unable to mount cage armour to tanks/apcs. [FIXED] Player unable to load captives into vehicles. [FIXED] Script error with AFK system. [FIXED] Script error with Unload Cargo menu [FIXED] Script error with UAV self-destruct handling. [FIXED] Script error with enemy AI Direct Fire Support ability. [FIXED] Vehicle init code could execute before mission ready. [FIXED] Earplugs would not work properly if players volumes were set oddly.
  3. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.5.3 Stability & bug fixes * 1.5.3 is now current Stable Build [ADDED] Fire Support request system (spacebar with binoculars). [ADDED] Parameter to 'overclock' deployment attacks. Use at own risk! [ADDED] Parameter for AI-controlled base artillery. [ADDED] Defensive AI to Fortification containers (FOB/combat outpost/patrol base). [ADDED] Recruitable AI to Mobile Respawn container. [ADDED] Parameter to disable splash menu. [TWEAKED] Virtual cargo capacity. [TWEAKED] Player needs to look at service vehicle to start service, when being serviced by a service asset (rather than a marker pad). [TWEAKED] Players are now able to effectively use Arsenal on recruited AI. [TWEAKED] UAV Operator no longer able to control Naval Artillery (replaced by fire support system). [TWEAKED] Virtual object builder can disassemble it when no other players are nearby. [FIXED] Deployable safezones (low security) were not working properly, rendering player invincible. [FIXED] Unable to toggle on/off safe zones. [FIXED] Player was unable to carry static weapons. [FIXED] UI issue with 3D player tags. [FIXED] Armed aircraft were becoming wrecks too often. [FIXED] Player was able to remotely delete vehicle cargo. [FIXED] Radio tower could spawn above ground. [KNOWN ISSUE] Naval Artillery Mk45 Hammer may not respond to fire missions (its kinda mid).
  4. this is an old method ... use "addForce" instead if (local bob) then { [] spawn { bob addForce [bob vectorModelToWorld [0,-200,0], bob selectionPosition "rightfoot"]; sleep 5; bob setUnconscious false; }; };
  5. also newer https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/allowService this allowService 0;
  6. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.5.1 Stability & bug fixes * Due to the massive number of code changes, 1.5.x is still in beta. Expect bugs, fixes, etc. [ADDED] Ability for Zeus to raise/lower placed buildings/structures/fortifications with [-] and [+] keys (on selected structures). [TWEAKED] Improved vehicle cargo capacity handling (Work in progress) [TWEAKED] Improved detection of low-light conditions/nighttime [TWEAKED] reduced sniper chance at low pop (classic mode) [FIXED] *Critical* Classic Mode AO does not properly cycle, enemies at prior AO not cleaned up [FIXED] Vehicle cargo loading was uncontrolled (anything could be loaded into anything). [FIXED] Admins were not able to lock their own group [FIXED] Non-pilots could fly jets even when role was restricted to pilot-only in parameters. [FIXED] Deployable virtual cargo was available even after deployable packed up. [FIXED] Fixed bug in enemy jet pylon handling. May have been causing cascade failure in AI system and preventing AI cleanup after AO. [FIXED] Spawn vehicle-protection zone was not functioning. * In addition to bug fixes, we will be working on language translation and documentation in the coming days.
  7. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Just a note, if you are working with latest build, there are and will be bugs. Keep on top of ongoing fixes by keeping up to date with recent commits: https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/commits/master
  8. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    ^ showcases a few of the new logistics systems
  9. fn_Quiksilver

    New system for Arma3

    Integrated graphics and Nvidia GeForce Now works great too. just $20/mo or whatever, no need for a rig.
  10. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.5.0 Logistics, base building mechanics & new player interactions * Due to the massive number of code changes, 1.5.0 is in beta. Expect bugs, fixes, etc. [ADDED] Extended Context action menu (Windows key). [ADDED] Towing [ADDED] Pylon Loadout Editor [ADDED] Quick Build System (Sandbags, etc) [ADDED] Deployable bases, vehicles, logistics & weapons systems. [ADDED] Wreck Recovery. [ADDED] Weapon lasers (beta). [ADDED] Bobcat/Tractor/Quadbike configured with forklift capabilities. [ADDED] Emergency Parachute for flying/falling vehicles. [ADDED] Mortar Gunner role can assemble a "Lite" disposable Mortar with 1 backpack. [ADDED] Increased glide distance when parajumping. [ADDED] Aircraft can now roll backward when on ground or carrier deck (use "moveback" key, usually ) [ADDED] Alternate UI mode for progress visualization system. [ADDED] Altitude controls for UAVs (page up/down) including landing mode. [ADDED] Stealth Mode for MH-9 Hummingbird (passive countermeasure mode). [ADDED] Vehicle Locking (driver seat and inventory). [ADDED] Extra weather parameters. [ADDED] Laser color customization menu. [ADDED] Face customization menu. [TWEAKED] Jets have extra gun ammo and extra flares. [TWEAKED] Overhauled safezone system. [TWEAKED] New vehicle service now rearms large magazines much faster. [TWEAKED] Players can eject from steerable parachutes with their Eject key binding. [TWEAKED] Base Artillery no longer locks/ejects the Gunner after shells depleted. [TWEAKED] Static Weapons can now be carried and Loaded into vehicles, similar to ammo crates. [TWEAKED] Static Titan Launchers (AT/AA) have increased ammo. [TWEAKED] Vehicles with camo-net on have a chance to passively defeat missile lock. [TWEAKED] Stealth aircraft have a chance to passively defeat missile lock. [TWEAKED] Vehicles with slat armor on have improved survivability. [TWEAKED] Car siren turns off when vehicle owner exits vehicle. [TWEAKED] Old Towing system (now only handles Mounting). [TWEAKED] Prowler LSV can now fire both AT and AA Titan missiles, and their default magazine capacity has been increased. [TWEAKED] UGV Stomper now gets "packed for transport" when being slingloaded or transported in cargo to mitigate game desync issues. [TWEAKED] Pilot can disable passengers opening/closing Ramp with [Tab] key (Same as fastrope toggle). [TWEAKED] Force AI to dismount/mount vehicle (Custom User Action 15). [TWEAKED] Vehicle collisions now more survivable (Car/Tank/Boat). [TWEAKED] Cargo load/unload interaction for increased flexibility. [TWEAKED] Earplugs system. [TWEAKED] How game detects nighttime (for scripted lighting). [TWEAKED] Player can adjust adaptive distance for convoy cruise control driving and AI convoy separation. [TWEAKED] UAV/UGV headlights and collision lights can now be turned on/off manually by operator. [TWEAKED] Player 3D cursor tags and icons. [TWEAKED] Destroyer hangar bay would launch/retract helicopters into predictable collisions. [TWEAKED] Hatches can only be opened/closed from inside the building. [TWEAKED] Zeus-spawned units can be recruited by players of the same faction. [TWEAKED] Zeus can turn on/off vehicle lights & sirens, and selectable street lamps ( Headlights keybind when object selected ). [TWEAKED] General script optimisations. [FIXED] Some issues with FOB resupply detection. [FIXED] Flares ignited from sub-munitions were not despawning. [FIXED] VTOL throttle bug. (workaround, not fix as its an arma issue). [FIXED] Sit-down interaction would fail if player was not looking at correct part of chair object (arma bug). [FIXED] Duplication bug in Magazine Repack affecting underbarrel magazines. [FIXED] Respawn Vehicle action was available on ammo crates and other non-respawnable vehicles. [FIXED] Player could not use action menu if Zeus attached a task to them. [FIXED] Players could service their own vehicle from occupied enemy support vehicles.
  11. fn_Quiksilver

    admin and moderator zues

    in my experience, is best to just trust your team and give them full access. tell them if their actions cause people to leave the server they'll be removed tell them that to keep their zeus they need to run a 2-3hr op once a week for however many people are on
  12. awesome work lads that "selectionVectorDirAndUp" is a game changer for stuff like this
  13. Hi lads, had an interesting query over on the arma discord, thought I'd post the result for other modders: // QS Visible Lasers // Custom laser point offsets QS_laserOffset_array = [ // element format: ['arifle_mx_f',[0,0.25,0]], // element format: ['srifle_LRR_f',[0,0.25,0]], // element format: ['arifle_mx_f',[0,0.25,0]], // ETC ]; QS_laser_beamColor = [1000, 0, 0]; QS_laser_dotColor = [1000, 0, 0]; QS_laser_dotSize = 0.25; QS_laser_beamThickness = 0.25; QS_laser_beamMaxLength = 100; QS_laser_forceIR = FALSE; QS_fnc_updatePlayerWeaponObject = { if ((player getVariable ['QS_player_currentWeapon','']) isNotEqualTo '') then { player setVariable ['QS_player_currentWeapon','',FALSE]; }; if (!isNull (player getVariable ['QS_player_weaponObject',objNull])) then { player setVariable ['QS_player_weaponObject',objNull,FALSE]; }; if ((player getVariable ['QS_player_weaponMuzzlePos','']) isNotEqualTo '') then { player setVariable ['QS_player_weaponMuzzlePos','',FALSE]; }; if ((player getVariable ['QS_player_currentProxy','']) isNotEqualTo '') then { player setVariable ['QS_player_currentProxy','',FALSE]; }; _handPos = player modelToWorldWorld (player selectionPosition 'righthand'); _intersections = (lineIntersectsSurfaces [ _handPos vectorAdd [0,0,0.3], _handPos vectorAdd [0,0,-0.3] ]) + (lineIntersectsSurfaces [ _handPos vectorAdd [-0.3,0,0], _handPos vectorAdd [0.3,0,0] ]) + (lineIntersectsSurfaces [ _handPos vectorAdd [0,0.3,0], _handPos vectorAdd [0,-0.3,0] ]); if (_intersections isNotEqualTo []) then { private _weaponModel = toLowerANSI (getText (configFile >> 'CfgWeapons' >> (currentWeapon player) >> 'model')); _weaponModelArray = toArray _weaponModel; if ((_weaponModelArray select 0) isEqualTo 92) then { _weaponModelArray deleteAt 0; _weaponModel = toString _weaponModelArray; }; _intersections = _intersections apply { [_x # 2,toLowerANSI ((getModelInfo (_x # 2)) # 1),_weaponModel] }; private _weapon = objNull; { if (_weaponModel isEqualTo (_x # 1)) exitWith { _weapon = _x # 0; }; } forEach _intersections; if (!isNull _weapon) then { player setVariable ['QS_player_currentWeapon',toLowerANSI (currentWeapon player),FALSE]; player setVariable ['QS_player_weaponObject',_weapon,FALSE]; player setVariable ['QS_player_weaponMuzzlePos',toLowerANSI (getText (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> (currentWeapon player) >>'muzzleEnd')),FALSE]; private _customOffset = QS_hashmap_laserOffset getOrDefault [toLowerANSI (currentWeapon player),[0,0,0]]; private _currentProxy = ''; if ((currentWeapon player) isEqualTo (primaryWeapon player)) then { _currentProxy = ((player selectionNames 'memory') select { ['weapon.001',_x,FALSE] call BIS_fnc_inString }) select 0; if (_customOffset isEqualTo [0,0,0]) then { _customOffset = [0,0.3,0]; }; }; if ((currentWeapon player) isEqualTo (handgunWeapon player)) then { _currentProxy = ((player selectionNames 'memory') select { ['pistol.001',_x,FALSE] call BIS_fnc_inString }) select 0; if (_customOffset isEqualTo [0,0,0]) then { _customOffset = [0,0.25,0]; }; }; if ((currentWeapon player) isEqualTo (secondaryWeapon player)) then { _currentProxy = ((player selectionNames 'memory') select { ['launcher.001',_x,FALSE] call BIS_fnc_inString }) select 0; if (_customOffset isEqualTo [0,0,0]) then { _customOffset = [0,0.25,0]; }; }; player setVariable ['QS_player_laserCustomOffset',_customOffset,FALSE]; player setVariable ['QS_player_currentProxy',_currentProxy,FALSE]; }; }; }; QS_fnc_updateLaserPos = { _player = _this # 0; _weapon = _this # 1; [ (player modelToWorldVisualWorld ((player selectionPosition (player getVariable ['QS_player_currentProxy',''])) vectorAdd ((_weapon selectionPosition (player getVariable ['QS_player_weaponMuzzlePos',''])) vectorAdd (player getVariable ['QS_player_laserCustomOffset',[0,0,0]])))), (_player weaponDirection (currentWeapon _player)) ] }; if (!isNil 'QS_EH_94') then { removeMissionEventHandler ['Draw3D',QS_EH_94]; }; if (isNil 'QS_hashmap_laserOffset') then { QS_hashmap_laserOffset = createHashMapFromArray QS_laserOffset_array; }; player setVariable ['QS_toggle_visibleLaser',TRUE,FALSE]; player setVariable ['QS_player_currentWeapon','',FALSE]; player setVariable ['QS_player_weaponObject',objNull,FALSE]; QS_EH_94 = addMissionEventHandler [ 'Draw3D', { if (!isGameFocused) exitWith {}; if (isNull (objectParent player)) then { if ((player getVariable ['QS_player_currentWeapon','']) isNotEqualTo (toLowerANSI (currentWeapon player))) then { call QS_fnc_updatePlayerWeaponObject; } else { if ( (!isNull (player getVariable ['QS_player_weaponObject',objNull])) && ((player getVariable ['QS_player_currentProxy','']) isNotEqualTo '') && ((player getVariable ['QS_player_weaponMuzzlePos','']) isNotEqualTo '') ) then { ([player,(player getVariable ['QS_player_weaponObject',objNull])] call QS_fnc_updateLaserPos) params ['_laserStart','_weaponDirection']; if (player getVariable ['QS_toggle_visibleLaser',TRUE]) then { drawLaser [ (player getVariable ['QS_player_weaponObject',objNull]) modelToWorldVisualWorld _laserStart, _weaponDirection, QS_laser_beamColor, QS_laser_dotColor, QS_laser_dotSize, QS_laser_beamThickness, QS_laser_beamMaxLength, (((currentVisionMode player) isNotEqualTo 0) || QS_laser_forceIR) ]; }; }; }; }; } ]; removeAllUserActionEventHandlers ['headlights','activate']; addUserActionEventHandler ['headlights','activate',{ player setVariable ['QS_toggle_visibleLaser',!(player getVariable ['QS_toggle_visibleLaser',FALSE]),FALSE]; }];
  14. actually a decent idea to run hideobject locally on each machine