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  1. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.5.6 Stability & bug fixes * 1.5.6 is now current Stable Build [ADDED] Interaction to 'Pack Up' vehicles and wrecks into logistics cargo containers. [ADDED] Interaction to set stance of guard AI (base building) [ADDED] Parameter to adjust how often server prints general info reports to RPT log. [TWEAKED] Various ongoing general scripting optimisations (A3 2.14) [TWEAKED] GPS alternate mode ( Ctrl + ] ) now properly rotates player icon. [TWEAKED] Better handling of vehicles submerged in water (drowned). [TWEAKED] Bobcat mine clearance would spam notification messages. [TWEAKED] Zeus can now repair vehicles and heal units, with same "revive selected unit" key binding (Numpad 7). [TWEAKED] Zeus numpad key bindings also now have alternate corresponding Custom key binding options. [TWEAKED] Zeus garrison function to work for ammo boxes and small objects to be placed into buildings. [TWEAKED] Zeus Placing soldiers near Destroyer ship will now garrison them onto the ship. [TWEAKED] Zeus Placing objects near destroyer will place them onto destroyer helipad (be careful, collision enabled!) [TWEAKED] Zeus Placing objects under carrier will place them on ship deck directly above (if the carrier is directly above). [TWEAKED] Zeus Placing crewed aircraft on water will put them into flight automatically. [TWEAKED] Zeus Placing crewed aircraft while holding [Alt] will spawn them in flight. [TWEAKED] Zeus will no longer hear strong gusty wind noise when zeus camera is at high altitude. [TWEAKED] Zeus view distance will adjust dynamically when entering/exiting interface (syncs to "Plane" visibility setting). [TWEAKED] Passenger in UGV Stomper can now drive the vehicle without a UAV Terminal. [TWEAKED] Main Battle Tank cannon recoil dampening now only works when stationary. [TWEAKED] Reduced mass of small cargo containers to allow HEMTT flatbed to carry two at once. [TWEAKED] Recruitable AI placed in editor can be spawned on elevated surfaces. [TWEAKED] Added AI garrison positions to cargo plaftorms. [TWEAKED] Unarmed UGV Stomper given Forklift abilities. [TWEAKED] Player can now use the "Eject" key binding when incapacitated in a vehicle. [TWEAKED] Vehicle passive stealth algorithm for missile passive countermeasures. [TWEAKED] Improved player survivability in armored vehicles. [TWEAKED] Turning off vehicle engine clears any active cruise control. [TWEAKED] Cargo could not be unloaded from wrecks. [TWEAKED] Damage disabled on many fortifications. [TWEAKED] Added build delay to sandbags setup. [TWEAKED] Packing up and unpacking vehicles requires Repair services nearby. [TWEAKED] The "Engine Toggle" key binding will now force AI driver to turn off vehicle engine (if player is commander). [TWEAKED] Boats can now be unflipped. [TWEAKED] Inflatable boats given "Forklift" ability to act as a ferry (for logistics containers, etc). [TWEAKED] Required enemy distance for packing/unpacking deployments. [FIXED] Player in seat of vehicle could fire when inside no-fire area. [FIXED] Z-axis issue with spawning units in buildings (units spawning way above building and falling down). [FIXED] Script error with group commands (Ctrl + numpad gestures). [FIXED] Winch system could get stuck in an unbreakable script loop. [FIXED] Using Arsenal Mode 3 in parameters would cause player to get stuck accessing Arsenal after changing roles. [FIXED] T100X Futura tank now fires properly [FIXED] Server would get stuck in a reboot loop if only one daily restart was set in parameters. [FIXED] Script Errors event was not saving unique script errors properly. [FIXED] Case sensitivity bug with enemy reinforcing in urban areas. Enemies should respawn in urban areas more reliably. [FIXED] New logistics containers were not having their mass set correctly over MP network. [FIXED] Tank commander (with AI driver) was unable to manage Cruise Control and Convoy Separation. [FIXED] Winch could hook onto unwanted objects (player weapons, etc) and then remain suspended in midair. [FIXED] Bug in Vehicle Cargo where unload menu could display non-unloadable items. [FIXED] "Forklift" function was non-functional on packed vehicles and wrecks. [FIXED] Malden default base respawn marker. [FIXED] Opening vehicle parachute could cause cause upward velocity in some cases. [FIXED] AI bug with dynamic stance adjustment (case sensitivity). [REMOVED] Changes to the Unflip interaction and Unflip parameter.
  2. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

  3. fn_Quiksilver

    Is single player being phased out of Arma?

    Single player in general has been getting phased out for a decade. It's more expensive to buiild and maintain, much easier to create environment for unpaid labor (modders) to work on "emergent player generated content" for you
  4. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getSlotItemName There are hardcoded slot numbers 603 - Goggles 605 - Headgear 608 - Map 609 - Compass 610 - Watch 611 - Radio 612 - GPS 616 - HMD 617 - Binoculars 701 - Vest 801 - Uniform 901 - Backpack So if you are trying to determine if the player has a radio (vanilla or modded), you just do (player getSlotItemName 611) isNotEqualTo "" // the player has a radio of some sort since it will return "" if there is nothing in the radio slot
  5. fn_Quiksilver

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    Updated to 2.6.0 Small update - GPS icons now display correctly when GPS is used in rotation mode ( ctrl + ] ) - Mod compatibility, no longer relies on vanilla GPS item (will detect whatever is in that inventory slot instead). - UAV/remote-controlled-unit detection. Correctly shows player name who is actively remote controlling a unit/drone, even without UAV terminal.
  6. Alternative to "ItemRadio" in (assignedItems player) is (player getSlotItemName 611) isNotEqualTo "" which is mod-friendly for non-vanilla radio items
  7. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    theoretically easy, but ive never created anything multi faction. there isnt much demand for TvT beyond king of the hill. you can run "playable opfor" already however, so technically it does support multi faction
  8. there are no seasons in arma (spring, autumn, etc) green trees are green trees. the most you'll get is the sun position and sunrise/sunset time, and that the thermal imaging contrast changes with ambient temperature (winter is high contrast white/black while summer is lower contrast grey scale)
  9. fn_Quiksilver

    Land transportation

    I would suggest not to bother. the AI driving is generally incapable of complex and mission-critical movements in multiplayer. it is a nice idea, and if you want to try it go for it, but many have come before you trying to do similar
  10. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.5.5 Stability & bug fixes [DISABLED] Naval Artillery Mk45 Hammer for new Fire Support until it is fixed in future version. [TWEAKED] BIS Dynamic Groups initialization. [FIXED] Unload Cargo menu script would keep running after closing, creating a memory leak. [FIXED] Player was unable to mount static weapons onto suitable vehicles. [FIXED] Script error in UAV self destruct. [FIXED] Script error in AI medical handling. [FIXED] MG Tower could spawn floating. [FIXED] Script error in client core procedure.
  11. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.5.4 Stability & bug fixes [FIXED] Player would die instead of becoming incapacitated. [FIXED] Player unable to mount cage armour to tanks/apcs. [FIXED] Player unable to load captives into vehicles. [FIXED] Script error with AFK system. [FIXED] Script error with Unload Cargo menu [FIXED] Script error with UAV self-destruct handling. [FIXED] Script error with enemy AI Direct Fire Support ability. [FIXED] Vehicle init code could execute before mission ready. [FIXED] Earplugs would not work properly if players volumes were set oddly.
  12. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.5.3 Stability & bug fixes [ADDED] Fire Support request system (spacebar with binoculars). [ADDED] Parameter to 'overclock' deployment attacks. Use at own risk! [ADDED] Parameter for AI-controlled base artillery. [ADDED] Defensive AI to Fortification containers (FOB/combat outpost/patrol base). [ADDED] Recruitable AI to Mobile Respawn container. [ADDED] Parameter to disable splash menu. [TWEAKED] Virtual cargo capacity. [TWEAKED] Player needs to look at service vehicle to start service, when being serviced by a service asset (rather than a marker pad). [TWEAKED] Players are now able to effectively use Arsenal on recruited AI. [TWEAKED] UAV Operator no longer able to control Naval Artillery (replaced by fire support system). [TWEAKED] Virtual object builder can disassemble it when no other players are nearby. [FIXED] Deployable safezones (low security) were not working properly, rendering player invincible. [FIXED] Unable to toggle on/off safe zones. [FIXED] Player was unable to carry static weapons. [FIXED] UI issue with 3D player tags. [FIXED] Armed aircraft were becoming wrecks too often. [FIXED] Player was able to remotely delete vehicle cargo. [FIXED] Radio tower could spawn above ground. [KNOWN ISSUE] Naval Artillery Mk45 Hammer may not respond to fire missions (its kinda mid).
  13. this is an old method ... use "addForce" instead if (local bob) then { [] spawn { bob addForce [bob vectorModelToWorld [0,-200,0], bob selectionPosition "rightfoot"]; sleep 5; bob setUnconscious false; }; };
  14. also newer https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/allowService this allowService 0;