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  1. the basic structure of an execution cooldown/delay: if (diag_tickTime < (uiNamespace getVariable ['tag_cooldown',-1])) exitWith {}; _cooldown = 10; // cooldown duration in seconds uiNamespace setVariable ['tag_cooldown',(diag_tickTime + _cooldown)]; And a working example: player addAction [ 'Test', { if (diag_tickTime < (uiNamespace getVariable ['tag_cooldown',-1])) exitWith { hint (format ['Too soon! Please wait %1 more seconds.',(round ((uiNamespace getVariable ['tag_cooldown',-1]) - diag_tickTime))]); }; _cooldown = 10; // cooldown duration in seconds uiNamespace setVariable ['tag_cooldown',(diag_tickTime + _cooldown)]; hint 'Go!'; } ]; and applied to your case: this addAction [ "<t color='#ff9900'>Skydive Altis!</t>", { if (diag_tickTime < (uiNamespace getVariable ['tag_cooldown',-1])) exitWith { hint (format ['Too soon! Please wait %1 more seconds.',(round ((uiNamespace getVariable ['tag_cooldown',-1]) - diag_tickTime))]); }; _cooldown = 300; // cooldown duration in seconds uiNamespace setVariable ['tag_cooldown',(diag_tickTime + _cooldown)]; [] execVM "ATM_airdrop\atm_airdrop.sqf"; }, [], 1, false, true, "", "_this distance _target < 2" ]; Adjust the _cooldown number to the desired delay, in seconds.
  2. Alternative to fnc_findoverwatch

    what about what? :)
  3. Old Carrier Catapult Launch System

    can you take a screenshot of what you want vs dont want? hop into that server and snap a screenie
  4. Alternative to fnc_findoverwatch

    i think it uses QS_fnc_findSafePos you should be able to just change it to BIS_fnc_findSafePos and achieve similar results
  5. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Please make the Nyx autocannon engage infantry with the autocannon again
  6. do you have evidence of BI hiring a Game AI programmer to work on their next flagship title? i dont, and their lack of AI development 2012-2018 indicates their next flagship title may not include AI at all
  7. Handicapped player

    probably because of object/surface glitching.
  8. Alternative to fnc_findoverwatch

    used for AI placement, they need line of sight, not just no object obstructions (is there a difference?) :)
  9. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    the old dilemma... lost everything on HDD and a professional attempt to recover data, might also uncover your illegal bestiality porn collection! sorry, tried to crack a joke about a sad occurrence :( Wiki the cursed modder/mission maker
  10. Alternative to fnc_findoverwatch

    https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/code/functions/fn_findOverwatchPos.sqf params [ ['_targetPos',[0,0,0]], ['_maxrange',3000], ['_minrange',0], ['_minheight',0], ['_checkVisibility',[]] ]; the _checkVisibility variable is an array for the key arguments of the checkVisibility command so a call might look like this _overwatchPosition = [_targetPosition,1000,100,10,[[objNull, "VIEW"],_targetPosition,0.5]] call QS_fnc_findOverwatchPos; where ^ 0.5 is the minimum required "checkVisibility" return reference: [[objNull, "VIEW"],_targetPosition,0.5] if (((_checkVisibility select 0) checkVisibility [[(_checkPos select 0),(_checkPos select 1),(_height + 1)],(_checkVisibility select 1)]) > (_checkVisibility select 2)) then { And in practice, here's the types of positions it generates: (black being traditional "overwatch", red being overwatch + line of sight) 3D visualization of the overwatch: and we used it to do things like this, sniper placement:
  11. unless its carefully crafted for a cinematic cutscene (and then why not just use another person?), this is complicated enough that no one has come up with a solution in 5+ years. your best bet is to clear the terrain around the body, have the helo land near the body and teleport the body inside. an automated medevac system is possible, using this concept ^, but still not an easy thing to script, depending on how sandboxy/dynamic you want it. if you want it dynamic, you'll need an AI system to monitor for incapacitated soldiers (plausible), dispatch an appropriate helo (plausible), land nearby (plausible), teleport the body onboard (plausible), take off and land somewhere else (plausible). all doable, but not something you can cook up in 15 minutes. you'll also need a control structure to ensure only 1 medevac is in progress at any one time, or ensure that each medevac helo is assigned appropriately so 2 dont go to collect 1 wounded for instance. to incorporate a believable on-foot component as well (where a medic dismounts the helo, runs to the body, attaches the body, and then runs back to the helo, loads the body and then mounts the helo again), would be quite a difficult thing to script reliably, requiring a whole nother level of AI management, to monitor for all the correct states (landed+mounted, landed+dismounted,moving to body, at body, attach body, moving to helo, at helo+dismounted, mounted)
  12. A large scale milsim scenario

    Agree with advice to start small. Also, fun missions dont need to be big. Yes arma players in 2018 have expensive taste and a lot of expectations due to competing mission offers, but coming up with an idea that is fun to play out is the most important step. An idea that sounds fun on paper isn't necessarily fun in play, so you need to prototype something and see if its worth it or plays out how you expect.
  13. Apex Framework

    there is a small but important script error in 1.1.2 which will require a hotfix. to self-fix your copy, check out our discords #dev channel. hotfix should be published in about 24hr
  14. nice there is also "suppresstarget" object, but maybe it doesnt work as well as these targets use "lineIntersectsSurfaces" to find the surface you want AI to engage and use "worldtomodel" and "attachto" to attach the target to that spot heres a code block i used to use for stuff like this https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/code/functions/fn_AIHandleUnit.sqf#L326-L336 its commented out but i cant remember why anymore :)