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  1. COOP 30 Carrier Operations

    No steam/file link?
  2. Machine learning / AI projects using ArmA?

    can we play on your server? always like fighting against different AI flavors
  3. Machine learning / AI projects using ArmA?

    EA has been experimenting with FPS AI machine learning in Battlefield 1 may be of interest
  4. Machine learning / AI projects using ArmA?

    Generally no, there are too many variables for the AI. In chess and Go, there are limited options so it is possible to attach a "success/fail" value to each move and store that move/position + value in memory. Simply having a player as Zeus to govern the AI is much easier to arrange with much better results and less CPU cost.
  5. General Discussion (dev branch)

    it worked fine right up until the June 2016 1.62 Driving Overhaul
  6. Apex Framework

    that .dll file needs to be in your servers game directory, as pictured in the setup.
  7. Apex Framework

    in your files, find this line https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/code/functions/fn_initPlayerLocal.sqf#L201 and add this: player setUnitTrait ['medic',true,false]; all players should then have the ability to revive (like medics)
  8. Apex Framework

    PM me a copy of your server RPT
  9. Excuse me,sir, how can i use MCC with this mission ,i can't find MCC menu and open it.thank for your help.:f:

  10. Apex Framework

    We will publish a mission patch for 1.88 compatibility within the next couple days
  11. Apex Framework

    your english is fine :) in file “description.ext”, find section “cfgremoteexec” and change both “mode=1” to “mode=2”
  12. Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.1.3 Arma 3 update 1.86 compatibility & some small tweaks/fixes This update brings us up to 1.86 ArmA compatibility, with a few tweaks/fixes thrown in as well. In the background our work on the more significant 1.1.4 mission update continues. - [ADDED] ADR-97 Weapon Pack. - [TWEAKED] 1.86 compatibility - [TWEAKED] Enemy sniper teams (2 snipers instead of sniper + spotter). - [TWEAKED] Medic UI icons. - [TWEAKED] Revive action removed from action menu when currently reviving. - [TWEAKED] Text format of on-screen Server Restart notification. - [FIXED] Error in UI text of incapacitation system. - [FIXED] Medic UI to show nearby wounded in vehicles. - [FIXED] AI Naval divers could spawn without proper weapon sometimes.
  13. setVariable MP question

    well your original question was pretty vague post a bit of code so we can see wha tyou mean
  14. setVariable MP question

    you could use a shared namespace, like "missionnamespace" or an object namespace of a global entity. in the above example in that case, just change "player" to "missionnamespace"