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    Apex Framework

    ArmA 3 Apex Framework Version - 1.1.8 (19/08/2019) Compatibility - A3 1.94 Download (Github) Support (Discord) Email - armacombatgroup <at> gmail Documentation (Github) Donate (Patreon) Enjoy ______________________________________________ Terrains: Altis Tanoa Malden 2035 Livonia Mission Types: Invade & Annex: Apex Edition. Classic I&A style mode. Sector Control. Domination-style Sector Control mode. Campaign. Insurgency-style campaign mode. Custom. Disable the objectives and use the integrated systems (including advanced Zeus systems) to support your own custom content. Gameplay: Edited Raw Features: Advanced AI behaviors: suppressive fire, building clearance, logistics & helicopter use, dynamic close air support & mortar support, regrouping, automated medics, vehicle repair, demolitions, house/building suppressive fire, stance adjustment, inter-squad communications, evasive behavior, attack & defend routines, tactical commander, organic intel gathering to decide where to commit soldiers & resources. tracer rounds to make battlefield more visceral, custom jungle spawning & patrol routines built for Tanoa. Ambient civilians and wildlife. Custom wildlife and civilians at missions, using high-performance techniques to ensure they don't reduce FPS. Geo-typical dynamic weather. Weather for Altis/Stratis/Malden taken from Lemnos data, Tanoa weather taken from Fiji data. Persistent and full yearly cycle. Storm simulation & fog reduction. Dynamic day/night cycle. Accelerated nights, accelerated noon, slowed down at dawn & dusk. Cinematic AO lighting on dark nights. Persistent and full yearly cycle. Dynamic missions. Players can create tasks and objectives for each other. Recruitable AI. Players can recruit AI to help with the fight, either as engineers, fire support, fully integrated automated medics, etc.. Wide range of enemy weapons. Enemies use a wider array of weapons that those defined in config. 70+ custom player interactions. Intuitive and custom player interactions using the action menu (familiar to veterans and newbies alike). NEW! Custom In-Game Role Selection Menu System. Change role or faction without aborting to the lobby. Custom menu system. Menu system supporting custom buttons, player options and link buttons to your community website. Full difficulty scaling by player population. Dynamic AI difficulty. New and interactive side missions. Custom Zeus systems. Keybindings (numpad) to support on-the-fly Zeus missions, including garrison, patrol, attack, suppressive fire, player revive, unit incapacitation, and hunting/stalking logic. Custom Virtual Arsenal. Use either the custom whitelist or blacklist to set up what gear your players have access to. Custom medical system. An intuitive and simple medical system for public server play, not buggy! Revive, stabilise, medevac, carry, drag, load, unload, ambulances, field hospitals, AI revive. Custom MOUT operations. urban warfare AOs for Tanoa & Altis. Player damage modeling. Dynamic damage modeling to make playing against AI more fun. Admin tools. Admin tool menu with a range of options for moderators, admins and developers, including a custom dev terminal. Anti-cheat. A proven anticheat custom-fitted into the mission, caught about 30 cheaters on the development server over 16 months. Anti-troll. A system to resist and counter common forms of griefing. Restart schedule. A custom restart schedule built into the mission to provide graceful restarts, reminding players which server they are on and time-until-restart. Helmet-cam live feed. Players at base can watch a live feed of operations. Enemy capture. Capture enemies and imprison them. Blue Force Tracker. High detail blue force tracker system with dozens of configurations, including custom enemy info on the map display. Earplugs. Squad radar HUD. Visibility & View Distance menu. Magazine repack. Backpack locking. Parajump backpack-to-chest. Explosives charge 'attach to surface'. Gameplay Leaderboards. Track transport pilot effectiveness, top medics and other objective-based metrics. Semi-persistent (weekly ladder). Dynamic Simulation. Server-side dynamic simulation and client-side optional dynamic simulation to improve FPS and performance. Logistics, Towing, Hauling & Mounting, Carrying & Dragging. Custom system to facilitate towing, and mounting of static weapons to suitable vehicles. Also linked directly to ingame Vehicle-in-Vehicle system for seamless logistics. Enhanced Slingload rope controls. Adjust rope length during flight and seamlessly attach Taru pods to Taru helicopters with simple controls. Active Protection System for armored vehicles. Based on Israeli "Trophy" and Russian "Afghanit" systems. Forward Operating Bases. Forward operating bases built directly into the framework, with logistics tasks, respawn tickets, vehicle respawns, ... Aircraft Carrier (USS Freedom). Dynamic aircraft carrier can be toggled on and off with a mission parameter, spawns at random locations, fully supported with vehicle respawns, player respawns, optional defensive turrets, and field hospital mechanics. Destroyer (USS Liberty). Dynamic destroyer can be toggled on and off with a mission parameter, spawns at random locations, fully supported with vehicle respawns, player respawns, optional defensive turrets, optional naval artillery, and field hospital mechanics. 40+ Custom object compositions. Many missions spawn custom scenes to add a fresh and replayable element to the missions. Custom vehicle & uniform skins. A variety of custom and realistic military skins created for this framework. Monetization solutions. Servers cost money, so we have put in solutions to reward players for donating. Custom cosmetics system for patches, uniforms and vehicle skins, and whitelisted lobby roles. Monetization license. You may use this framework on monetized servers. Highly polished. Considerable time spent polishing and ironing out bugs and rough edges, a necessary part of professional development missing from many other mission offers. Performance. Surprisingly high FPS (both client & server) for the amount of action going on, smooth and doesn't stutter. Change Log: https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/documentation/_Change Log.txt Mods supported: Blastcore Edited (standalone) by Opticalsnare JSRS soundmod by LordJarhead Mods integrated: Advanced Rappelling by duda Mag Repack Custom skins (third party designers): A sample of the vehicle & uniform skins that come as a separate content pack for use with the framework, purchased from third-party designers. Notes: Do not use AI mods like VCOM and ASR. There is an AI system built directly into the framework. Youtube development channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/QuiksiIver/videos License: Monetization permitted APL-SA (you have permission to modify and publish the modified version for others to download/use).
  2. fn_Quiksilver

    cfgRemoteExec and its use.

    - CfgRemoteExec handles only "from client" executions. - Best bet is to whitelist only non-destructive commands, the ones that aren't normally used in cheat scripts. Or better yet, dont whitelist any. https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/description.ext#L178-L208 - Instead, create your own script function with which you have more control over the execution, like logging and context-based sanity checks. https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/code/functions/fn_remoteExecCmd.sqf Heres an example of filtered vs unfiltered // Unfiltered [_vehicle,1] remoteExec ['setVehicleAmmo',_vehicle]; // Remote Exec script function QS_fnc_remoteExecCmd = { params ['_type','_1','_2']; if (_type isEqualTo 'setVehicleAmmo') exitWith { if (player is in the vehicle service area) then { _1 setVehicleAmmo _2; }; }; }; // Filtered with sanity checks (in the above function) ['setVehicleAmmo',_vehicle,1] remoteExec ['QS_fnc_remoteExecCmd',_vehicle]; If a cheater wanted to remote-exec "setvehicleammo" then, they would have to use the script function, which would only allow the setvehicleammo if the player is in the service/rearm area. If you're looking at security improvements, dont overlook this one: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgDisabledCommands
  3. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    VCOM will interfere with the built in AI, its highly recommended not to use. Is there any feature in particular that you want VCOM for? If you insist on using it, it should be as simple as plugging it in as a server mod, however you will likely experience adverse results with AI navigation due to conflict with built in logic.
  4. keep in mind this script will itself affect performance, especially with higher number of players. [] spawn { while {true} do { player setVariable ["DNI_PlayerFPS", floor diag_fps, true]; sleep 0.1; }; }; this block here will add quite a lot of network traffic with many connected clients.
  5. fn_Quiksilver

    Troubles with publicVariable..

    I find using the remoteExec framework and discarding the publicvariable/addpublicvariableeventhandler/publicvariableserver/publicvariableclient system entirely, to be the simplest. for example private _counter = 0; while {true} do { sleep 10; systemChat "Update"; _counter = _counter + 1; // remoteExec instead of publicVariable [ Counter, { if (hasInterface) then { hint str _this; }; } ] remoteExec ['call',0]; };
  6. fn_Quiksilver

    Creating a QRF

    you can simplify this by simply moving them into the vehicle instead of relying on the getin waypoint. i guess it depends on whether players would be able to see the vehicle at its starting point. next, create a separate group for the vehicle driver, and give him a "transport unload" waypoint next, add a move waypoint to the QRF group. discard the "Getout" waypoint, as they will disembark via the "transport unload" waypoint.
  7. fn_Quiksilver

    Ladder Use Prevention

    Use the "AnimChanged" object event handler to detect the ladder anim, then execute the "ladderOff" action <unit> addEventHandler [ "AnimChanged", { params ['_unit','_anim']; if (_anim in [ladder animations]) then { _unit action ["ladderOff",<building object>]; }; } ];
  8. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Hi, thank you! No plans at the moment for Headless Client. There was past work done to facilitate HC but it is a complex task which I don't have the time to tackle these days. It may come back into focus in the future, but not in the near future.
  9. you've had 10 months to come up with something, lets see it. here is a simple medevac concept, but i dont leave the AI in charge of navigation, it is all remote controlled. ^ even just that little bit at the end where the medics heal the retrieved wounded, that is not a simple thing. here is the code used to power just that small bit: https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/code/functions/fn_clientAIBehaviours.sqf spend more time working on your concept and less time brainstorming/thinking/pondering/talking about it. as i said, its been 10 months
  10. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.1.7 (Hotfix 2) Bug fixes & more bug fixes - [ADDED] AI re-arming. - [TWEAKED] T140 Angara improved APS, but extended minimum effective range. - [TWEAKED] Commander no longer required for Active Protection System to work. - [TWEAKED] @Apex servermod, added override for BIS_fnc_setCustomSoundController running on server. - [TWEAKED] Removed enemy UGV from defend missions due to potential server crash. - [FIXED] "Edit Inventory" menu was broken by the arma update. (Thanks Fitz) - [FIXED] Robocop kick+ban features were broken by the arma update. (Thanks Fitz) - [FIXED] "Escort Vehicle" side mission was not available on Livonia. - [FIXED] Script error in AI suppressive fire system - [FIXED] Script error in AI countermeasure system - [FIXED] Shotgun magazines added to Arsenal whitelist. (Thanks Fitz) - [FIXED] Side mission rewards were not spawning on Livonia. (Thanks Mynar) - [FIXED] APS UI color was switching to red and not switching back to white. - [FIXED] APS UI visible only when in correct vehicle role. - [FIXED] Cancel action remained after reviving/healing. - [FIXED] "Edit Inventory" user action was broken by a recent arma update. - [FIXED] Auto-cancel of Treat action not working when heal target moved out of range. - [FIXED] AI units have ammo for incorrect gun (leaving limited space for ammo for correct gun). - [FIXED] Missions spawning outside map area (Livonia) - [FIXED] Script error in Sector Control mode, causing some AI to become invincible.
  11. SOLDIER TRACKER by QUIKSILVER v2.5.0 CREATED: 8/08/2014 UPDATED: 26/02/2018 A3 1.80 Download (GitHub) VIDEO: IMAGES: DESCRIPTION: A system for showing Soldier, Vehicle and Group information on the Map, GPS and HUD. PURPOSE: Designed for scenario designers to have a powerful, high-performance and highly flexible solution to presenting player, vehicle and group information on the map, GPS and HUD interfaces. FEATURES: FUTURE DEVELOPMENT: INSTRUCTIONS: PERMISSIONS: SUGGESTIONS / FEEBACK / BUG REPORTS: KNOWN ISSUES: CHANGE LOG: THIRD PARTY CREDIT: DONATE: DOWNLOAD LINK: Download (GitHub) Cheers! :)
  12. fn_Quiksilver

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    its reasonably easy to create "coward" AI running away. just use the newer "disableAI" options, like "TARGET","AUTOTARGET","AUTOCOMBAT"
  13. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.1.7 "Contact" Contact DLC & vehicle active protection - [ADDED] Contact DLC Integration. - [ADDED] Livonia. - [ADDED] QS Active Protection System, for armored vehicles. Based on Israeli "Trophy" and Russian "Afghanit" systems. - [ADDED] FOBs to Malden. - [ADDED] Medical cabinets to FOBs (all terrains). - [ADDED] DLC gear to scripted Arsenal. - [ADDED] New enemy static weapon emplacement in AOs. - [TWEAKED] Overhaul of FOB compositions. - [TWEAKED] Improved enemy loadout randomization. - [TWEAKED] FOB'ified the main mission types for Malden (AOs split into regions). - [TWEAKED] Added ability to disregard "is respawn position clear" parameter for Vehicle Respawn (set near entities check radius to -1). - [TWEAKED] Prisoners converted from object type 'agent' (more resources) to 'vehicle' (less resources) when placed into Prison. - [TWEAKED] Contact DLC objects can be dragged/carried when appropriate. - [TWEAKED] Integrated new & improved A3 1.94 script commands. - [FIXED] Player vehicle event handlers were not unloading properly on player death. - [FIXED] "FOB Status" user action had no maximum radius. - [FIXED] Fighter pilot was unable to properly use Aircraft radio channel. - [FIXED] Engineer was unable to disarm landmines. - [FIXED] Enemy forces were unaware of where their own minefields were. - [FIXED] Script error in Towing Release script. - [FIXED] Fixed potential script error in AO Defend mission.
  14. fn_Quiksilver

    Contact Expansion Livonia Feedback

    AI is somewhat of a discontinued game feature. Using "setPosASL" to move AI vehicles around is a reasonable solution. Like get the road network and setPosASL the vehicle to the next connected road segment
  15. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Adding a new countermeasure for armored vehicles (works for both players and enemy AI vehicles)
  16. HI lads, Specifically I am trying to pull the screen position of ((uiNamespace getVariable 'RscUnitInfo') displayCtrl 151) when i do something simple like systemChat str (ctrlPosition ((uiNamespace getVariable 'RscUnitInfo') displayCtrl 151)); It returns a position like [0.24,0.1,0.06,0.04] Which is nowhere near the actual UI in the top corner. I assume there is some controls group to access but I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks!
  17. Thanks lads This was the end goal: note the extra countermeasure under "Smoke Screen"
  18. fn_Quiksilver

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Non important feature/asset request: Can we please get a folded/retracted sling-loadable variant of the Repair Depot? Would benefit CTI-style modes and logistics gameplay.
  19. You need to wait a moment between spawning the child vehicle and moving it into the parent vehicle. logic should look like this: - spawn boat rack - spawn boat in a different position - sleep 0.1 - rack setvehiclecargo boat I also use setDir to match the direction of the boat with the rack before setvehiclecargo
  20. fn_Quiksilver

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Can we please get a Closed variant of the medical drawers? Even just without the lid/door. For community logistics systems (load/unload/carry/drag) it would be handy to have one that appears ready for transport.
  21. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Hi, thank you! The easiest way is to change this line: https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/code/functions/fn_clientEventDraw3D.sqf#L155 To: if (false) then {
  22. hmm did not think of that, was going about it the wrong way thank you good sir
  23. do you have a line for returning the position of the control group? for instance _grenadeCntCtrl = (uiNamespace getVariable 'RscUnitInfo') displayCtrl 2302 controlsGroupCtrl 151; does not return the actual screen XY position of the control. It returns the position relative to hte position of the control group. I am looking for actual screen position
  24. ahh. i mean to find the onscreen position of those controls. how do I return the ctrlPosition of the controls group?
  25. @Larrow any ideas?