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  1. ALIVE TAKISTAN NATOFOR ( Master-Antonio Version )

    I created the official server of scenario. I created also a Discord Server . Discord is a VOIP SOFTWARE like Teamspeak or Skype but better. This is the link. http://discord.me/natofor-alive You all are invited. Server IP : Port 2312 Server is ON With PERSISTANCE MISSION and HeadLess Client in TEST.
  2. ALIVE TAKISTAN NATOFOR ( Master-Antonio Version )

    No. MMMM , after i see this halo jump.
  3. ALIVE TAKISTAN NATOFOR ( Master-Antonio Version )

    What? Sorry but i dont understand what do you mean.
  4. Hello guys , how add a GUI on the game of my System Tickets? There are 2 variables in init.sqf. TICKETS_WEST and TICKETS_IND. I would like add on top-right symbol-bluefor = TICKETS_WEST and down symbol-bluefor , symbol-death = TICKETS_IND Thanks to all.
  5. ALIVE TAKISTAN NATOFOR ( Master-Antonio Version )

    Server with MOD : =FSI= Forze Speciali Italiane (Europe) IP porta: 2302 Who host this scenario send me these informations that i will create a list.
  6. ALIVE TAKISTAN NATOFOR ( Master-Antonio Version )

  7. ALIVE TAKISTAN NATOFOR ( Master-Antonio Version )

    I released for now only the NP=No persistance version without ACE , because i could not test it. First to release other version, I need to know if there are problems in the current version. I would like to have your feedbacks.
  8. ALIVE TAKISTAN NATOFOR ( Master-Antonio Version )

    You use Steam workshop.
  9. ALIVE TAKISTAN NATOFOR ( Master-Antonio Version )

    Updated. *Removed the Task Force Radio *Updated the Fast Rope *Added the Sling Loading (Realistic)
  10. ALIVE TAKISTAN NATOFOR ( Master-Antonio Version )

    If it is required, i remove it. I really thought I had, because now i use Discord and not Teamspeak.
  11. ALIVE TAKISTAN NATOFOR ( Master-Antonio Version )

    Updated the mission. For now only the NO PERSISTENCE VERSION without ACE. I could not TEST IT . *****Release Notes**** Updated to last version of Arma 3 . Updated to all last versions of mods. Changed from AllinArmaPack to Cup Terrain. Added Garbage Collector and many more ... Link Download (NP for now without ACE3): https://mega.nz/#!7clwjApC!XOEXXeC7fpff4q56Qh8zQpmJCklTooQyuD2yln8jFJE
  12. ( Project OS ) Falluja

    Sure, i think to use default buildings of Bohemia and Jbad Buildings, but i also lokking for 1 3D Artist to create real Hospital , house ext ext of Falluja with Photo by Google Maps ... All houses will be with interior. I need of one good people that do a detailed mask image for texture. The image of default i dont like , also because around the river there are cltivated fields, ground, green, there isn't desert, beyond this, as seen in the map there are two types of deserts , a more sandy, one more rocky.
  13. Hello guys. Current Falluja Map is not compatible with ARMA 3, yes you can play on this , but prestation are very bad, 70 % of house are not explorable and graphic is really bad, all this because Falluja has been developed on Arma 1 initially, and after porting on Arma 2 . With many MODS have problem and also script, example CQB of ALIVE, all script that spawn enemies in house ext ext ...... For this i decided to develop Falluja for Arma 3 with actual Tools . I started the work from 2 days . I looking for collaborators for this project. I would like to do a project OPEN SOURCE. I have to think it over. Progress : HeightMap Completed : http://gyazo.com/61ba531c6ce7fb5f74f50d3f3fe2e0f6 Satellitar Image : http://gyazo.com/08e1d6936ccd932f2dc2bdf4925af880 Mask Image : http://gyazo.com/37a1b031114067b0e0be097ab3870abf ( In WORK ) . Map Texture ( Ready ) Sound Character when touch Terrain Road on Map Creation of Base Falluja City EDIT 15.54 04/08/2015 : I created reposity on GitHub. https://github.com/Master-Antonio/Falluja_A3
  14. FastRope ( Update )

    No , in first version ( My ) also 3 cm , i created this thread for this.
  15. FastRope ( Update )

    But the only problem is that with the animation does not take the rope, but is 3-4 cm further away.