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  1. Normal Norm

    BMR Insurgency

    Have you tried enabling save progression in the parameters before starting game?
  2. Normal Norm

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi Jigsor Still around playing your missions. Just a quick question. Not sure whats involved, but is there a way i can change the distance that the enemy spawn in? Sometimes I set myself on a hill overlooking the combat zones but the enemy have not spawned in. But if i walk closer down the hill they all spawn in/ Hope this makes sense
  3. Normal Norm

    Operation Snowman [Co-05]

    Good little mission this is. Had to use thermal scopes as I couldn't see a thing lol
  4. Normal Norm

    Weird Graphs in Arma

    Hi Guys I started Arma recently and have 2 weird pictures/graphs appear every time I load up Arma. Anybody know what these are and better still how to get rid of them? They appear even when gaming and it really annoying.
  5. Normal Norm

    Authority 20 player coop.

    We really enjoyed this mission. Can't believe we didn't spot this earlier. It is a little hard if only 2 of us are playing, even with with settings toned down. Great fun though
  6. Normal Norm

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Just bog standard arma revive from the editor. Works a treat
  7. Normal Norm

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    We love playing this mission, we tweaked it a bit so that we get a chance of reviving our pals. However we keep getting an error coming up when first running the game on our server. It normally takes 2-3 attempts to get the mission running Would there be an easy fix to resolve this issue?
  8. Yep we would love to try this mission but we don't run ace on our server
  9. Unfortunately we keep spawning as seagulls, autoinit is selected and persistent is defined in config
  10. Normal Norm

    [SP/COOP] IFA3 Training Arena

    I really enjoyed this. I added the Zombies & Demons mod so we was fighting soldiers and the undead. It was quite epic in parts.
  11. Normal Norm

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-8] War In Takistan

    Ah I had no idea. There is no link between the two.
  12. Normal Norm

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-8] War In Takistan

    There's been a few downloads of this mission. Anybody have any feedback, good or bad? Hoping to stick up another mission after the weekend. :)
  13. Normal Norm

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-8] War In Takistan

    Added video of mission in action
  14. Normal Norm

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-8] War In Takistan

    Link added for Armaholic The small matter of getting the right faction spawning properly :)
  15. [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-8] War In Takistan The Islamic radicals ISIS have managed to gain a foothold in Takistan. Your Job as part of a NATO multi-national force is to eradicate the enemy from the country. ISIS hold 4 key locations on the map and they can and will send in reinforcements. ISIS are also aware of where you base is located and it is possible that they might launch an attack themselves. Prepare yourself for War! CO-OP Mission for 1-8 players Features: Zeus Revive Ability to Call in Cas Ability to call in Arty Ability to call for transport Remember to ensure your soldier is carrying a Laser Designator to ensure that you can fully use the ALiVE features and to have the abilities to call for support. Requires the following mods (which can be all downloaded through Steam Workshop) CBA_A3 ALiVE Cup Weapons Cup Units Cup Vehicles Cup Terrains Core Cup Terrains Maps Cup Terrain CWA Spyder Addons RHSAFRF RHSUSAF Project Opfor JSRS Soundmod (optional) Advanced Rappelling (optional) Link To Steam Download Steam Workshop Download Google Drive Download Armaholic Link Please leave any feedback below. It would be appreciated as I am always looking learn and see how I can do better. :) Thanks to HeroesandvillainsOS, for the help the other day!!