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  1. Thanks for posting this. Those updates look really cool. One of these days I will jump back into mission day. Side note, hearts and minds mission can support the vobra faction with some minor code if you want something other then alive.
  2. Hey wogz, I have been following this, opened a few demos and files. Its a ton of stuff and awesome to see people are still putting things out there for players. My main question is for calling your scripts. Will you be releasing any small missions showcasing all functions? Thanks
  3. Hey, Id like to take a look at you updated mission files. That link just tells me to contact you for a copy.
  4. Ok. I had a chance to look in the folder. The compositions are nice. If I wanted to make new versions is it as easy as replacing the named file? I presume so. However you have directions and angles added so perhaps not. The laptop could use some access and download info with a timer to add since you may be hacking the pc. And once hacked may be that leads to other side missions opening like capture the unit and save the unit, locate the enemy ammo storage and blow, locate the terrorist camp and destroy, etc.. Other ideas, Destroy radio tower, destroy comms station, destroy electricity grid and black out a sector or region. Destroy cargo ships with explosives, destroy/ fix convoy, support missions like protect the unit from point a to b, deliver ammo to fob, provide support to fob under attack, Guerrilla warfare tactics, like disrupt and sabatoge, Lrrp ops, having to get supply drops to maintain long range patrols, patrol/ recon areas, small group hit and run tactics, cover of darkness ops, red dawn (original) type ambushes. option to sequence missions instead of all spawning at once for specific order? In your opinion whats best way to add units? Via script in mission file? Alivemod? I will look more in to file this weekend and see what I can add. Its a good start.
  5. I like ambush missions, search and destroy, recon, call in air support and defend from counterattack. OP you mention your missions do not include the enemies? I am work i will need to dl the script and open later at home.
  6. Sounds like a job for superscriptman. able to leap tall coding orders in a single bound, able to write code faster then a speeding bullet, his code is more powerful then a locomotive, look up, up in the arma forums, its a troll, its a mod, its superscriptman. a job for Quicksilver! Away!
  7. jandrews

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Personally i think this would be a cool feature in general. Ai pilots should id enemy objects and attack regardless of player interaction. This may be something you could add as a side script running a loop every few minutes or less. Not entirely sure as I suck at creating scripts. Have you done any Google search?
  8. Good topic. I know mission makers have always struggled with units and vehicles that get stuck. That boat driver who drives up on the sandbar and doesn't move, The mrap driver who rides up on a rock and can't figure it out..... Ugh
  9. This looks great. Check this ai spawner. Its probably one of the best made during arma 3 peak player numbers. If you like to script this guy is definitely someone to learn from. And of course this Enjoy and it looks good. The funny thing about arma scripting is you ways want to add more.
  10. This sounds fun. Stratis is kinda lame map. One suggestion like someone stated and like another older tvt was having the aoe randomized.
  11. jandrews

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    A rewrite? Dang. Can he give any details? And is he taking suggestions? I know from the previous version ai spawn bottlenecks was an issue.
  12. Hey man. If you look at my last post with link you will see EOS is not working as is. Its needing some updating with its core functions (spawning location and patroling) that I have found so far. I added some new functions but some other core code is bugged and I am not great at fixing stuff. I shelved it but may be i can get back to it if anyone else wants to help.
  13. Hey everyone, I have to say I enjoy this script as its lite and does not depend on mods unless you want to add them. I am trying to update some outdated functions with zenophon functions. (findgroundposition) and fn bis patrol and defend. I am currently trying to solve a few bugs and I added a few things as well. If anyone is interested in helping me I would greatly appreciate it. Bug fixing is certainly not my strong suit. The simple example is atlas map with 3 zones and player as opfor to trigger areas. no mods. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4e4vx8oxg498xz8/AADZ1bwlSnCOr3gZNDv4I1M1a?dl=0 thanks and please pm if needed.
  14. Hello. Has anyone used findgroundposition with scripted markers? It seems this is set up for editor placed markers only. Was hoping for a work around so that function could follow markers placed from scripts. Thanks.