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  1. jandrews

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Ok. I didn't realize you need permissions. I thought it was just editing some user config files. I looked for bcombat 2.0 but only see 1.8. Is there another version available?
  2. jandrews

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Would you share your edited versions of bcombat and asr. Am always interested in better ai behavior.
  3. jandrews

    Reverse Engineering EOS

    You brave soul. Eos is in need of desperate updating. If you get something going I am sure the community would love to see it. Eos was a great thing. Now not so.
  4. Hey GF. Great find. I will try and decipher that code and see what happens.
  5. So the mod I am using already has some things for units like uniforms and helmets. Vanilla arma allows me to match the rest. What I was attempting was use editor saved loadouts for enemy AI and as they spawn in with EOS the loadouts just pass over to the selected units. the mod has vehicles as well. Its Fight for Freedom mod. The code I posted was a few years old and popps an error.
  6. hey. looks good. just added a whole lot more code for me to filter. have you come across an easy way to use editor made loadouts with EOS?
  7. would you mind sharing your redress.sqf? mine is from the editor as well. is placing the sqf there all thats needed?
  8. I am not finding much on google regarding this topic. I found some code from 2015 that is throwing an error. may be someone more educated would lend a hand. Code as follows. Description.ext class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class Man { init = "_this call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'scripts\forceloadouts.sqf')"; }; }; forceloadouts.sqf private "_this"; _this = _this select 0; if ((side _this isEqualTo independent) && (!isPlayer _this)) then { null = [] execVM "scripts\Ailoadouts.sqf"; }; Ailoadouts.sqf private "_this"; _this = _this select 0; { if (typeof _this isEqualTo "I_Soldier_TL_F") then { [_this] execVM "loadouts\Cobra_TL.sqf"}; } forEach units group _this; blah blah blah.... am trying to use a mod that does not have premade AI units and using editor loadouts. The error I am getting is "_this" from Ailoadouts.sqf. not sure if this is a good way to try this nonetheless.
  9. One of the all time greats. No doubt, a classic for any zombie kill.
  10. 200+ units all over map? Why not just spawn in the # units as mission progresses. Then script the trigger with final 1-2 squads spawned for mission end?
  11. jandrews

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I see. From my testing and style for me personally it's the opposite. I guess it always depends on what ai considers to be cover. And if I was an ai I would want to be in more cover then in the open I guess. Ai life matters too. 😉 Anyways, would be a cool parameter to have the option of either more open terrain or more cover based movements. Another question I have is what does the ai do in vehicles? The last time I had one drive in a wide circle wasnt sure if he was trying to run me over or just confused.
  12. Hey scotg, Would you mind sharing some stuff? I need to remember to dl the mod again and jump on discord. Has the unit classnames and configs been implemented? One of the challenges I had early in the mod was having to make the units in editor and then copy to clipboard and so on. I will dl this later and check out the updates. Thanks for keeping this going.
  13. jandrews

    CBRN Script

    Looks cool. Anyway it can free of ace 3 dependency?
  14. jandrews

    Combat Den

    I have 2 questions. Can you blacklist areas to prevent missions in certain areas? And Is there a unit config available to edit units per map?
  15. jandrews

    Combat Den

    Thanks for keeping this updated. Look forward to the missions.