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  1. jandrews

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    anyone have any code to use with this so ONLY SL and TL can request units?
  2. yeah this stuff looks cool. will be following this thread for more info.
  3. Thanks. I'll give these a try.
  4. I want a trigger to pop when two boats are below water line say 2 or 3m. I know I need to include a z value. Not sure where. Not much comes up with Google search (getPosASL (vehicle && vehicle2) select 2) > -2; So far not working. Any ideas.
  5. Yeah. So. Ah. When. Ah. Is. This. Ah. Coming. Out. Ah. ? Lol. Sounds like a bunch of fun!! I'll have to try your spawers out. Glad to see they're being supported still.
  6. This is the error from rpt. Not sure what else to post here. Unless it doesn't see buildings for the tanoa map.
  7. No. I placed code in grp leader init. This is a newer error. I haven't had these errors prior to recently. Like say a few months. Just to be sure. 0 = [getMarkerPos"mrk2", units group this] execVM "Zen_OccupyHouse.sqf" The above command is in the grp leader init. I will try units this code and see.
  8. Hey thanks for the reply. I didn't see any script links. Unless it's in his youtube video.
  9. this doesn't seem to be working either. no error pops just nothing happens. test mission works. i have it set up exactly the same and units sit idle. kinda weird. Although it pops a corrupt mission folder in the mission file. Before you ask. I have the code in the grp composition init.
  10. hey. i know this is an older script. but its now recently not working. any one can help thanks! Error in expression <0 = [getMarkerPos"mrk2", units group this] execVM "Zen_OccupyHouse.sqf"> 6:27:22 Error position: <group this] execVM "Zen_OccupyHouse.sqf"> 6:27:22 Error group: Type Group, expected Object
  11. jandrews

    User Mission Request Thread

    Are there any missions set up already that use respawn tickets and have a resource manager to purchase vehicles? Thanks in advance.
  12. jandrews

    Apex Framework

    Has anyone tried using DCO AI mods and turned off the AI difficulty? If so, how'd it turn out. Is this a possibility in the future? Would elevate this mod to a higher standard.
  13. jandrews

    Apex Framework

    Have you added ability to use different factions?