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  1. jandrews

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I see. From my testing and style for me personally it's the opposite. I guess it always depends on what ai considers to be cover. And if I was an ai I would want to be in more cover then in the open I guess. Ai life matters too. 😉 Anyways, would be a cool parameter to have the option of either more open terrain or more cover based movements. Another question I have is what does the ai do in vehicles? The last time I had one drive in a wide circle wasnt sure if he was trying to run me over or just confused.
  2. Hey scotg, Would you mind sharing some stuff? I need to remember to dl the mod again and jump on discord. Has the unit classnames and configs been implemented? One of the challenges I had early in the mod was having to make the units in editor and then copy to clipboard and so on. I will dl this later and check out the updates. Thanks for keeping this going.
  3. jandrews

    CBRN Script

    Looks cool. Anyway it can free of ace 3 dependency?
  4. jandrews

    Combat Den

    I have 2 questions. Can you blacklist areas to prevent missions in certain areas? And Is there a unit config available to edit units per map?
  5. jandrews

    Combat Den

    Thanks for keeping this updated. Look forward to the missions.
  6. jandrews

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    Sounds like some code is broken. May need someone to review and correct before getting it back up. There have been a few updates since op last thread post.
  7. jandrews

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    This sounds cool as well. After seeing the latest video it would be nice to tweak the ai to take cover a bit more and move even more organized. They seem to stand out in the open move during gun fights. Also that 1v1 in the video was funny. Being it's for coop I doubt players vs ai would be anything close to it.
  8. Is this mod still working? 210 pages is rough to review. My question besides the above are , if so, can you access a unit config now to up units and stuff? Thanks
  9. Have you looked at eos? You could easily configure the markers using that script. Check it out.
  10. Hello, thanks for the fix. I see some debate on if this is mp or not. After looking through the code will it run in mp?
  11. jandrews

    GF Missions Script

    Just fyi, its throwing some errors and in my poor attempt to only use your missions not dac or eos. It failed greaty.
  12. jandrews

    GF Missions Script

    Hey gf. How is this file doing in development, is it complete and in working order? I saw some other posts about auto populate and placing a addaction to call missions. Do you mind offering an updated post of its current state? Thanks again.
  13. jandrews

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    I know you've been off this for some time. Does it still work?
  14. I am interested in hearing your results. Yea. I would presume the same. But unless we test, well never know. I am working on using eos as spawner and running these two separate and together and see how badly I get rolled. If I get it up like I'd like may be I will run a mission on my older server. But b/t now and then I have to do some arma work.
  15. Will you post a short mission with your updates please? Could you post a short mission with your updates please and may be a script that is inserted in the code you posted here for example on how to? thanks