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  1. I'd like to think there are many players who would like a working version of this spawn script. May be you would consider posting a link for download? Some areas I had tried to improve were: 1. add static weapons facing away from town in defensive position with sandbag walls as cover in 360 2. Fix the reinforcement spawn so ground vehicles would get to the ao and not stuck on a rock. 3. I was able to add a garrison script which allowed bots to spawn in buildings facing out the window and in kneeling positions. Not my script. 4. add enemy planes to patrol the ao. 5. Add enemy boats patrolling water ways around / near ao. May be someone else would like to take these on.
  2. jandrews

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Does the mission support other factions?
  3. jandrews

    Strategic map missions.

    This sounds like an interesting mission selection and set up. Have you considered making it for coop? If you don't mind would you share the mission when you're done?
  4. I'd Iike to see everyones configuration and compare. Try this with lambs, tcl and modified melee mods. So far it's fun to watch.
  5. jandrews

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    It's nice to read others opinions about ai mods. My next question is what combo are you using and why? I have been playing with lambs, tcl, cfbai and nr6. Thinking about adding the melee mod too. Just making changes in the configurations. Been interesting to watch. Another group by the name dragon company is doing this as well. They are way more advanced than me. But good to see people wanting a better experience.
  6. jandrews

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Obviously this mod brings many players who want more realistic ai. And from what I've seen it definitely improves arma ai. My question is does lambs alone do it? If not what other ai mods do you include with lambs? What are your configuration settings? Does anyone adjust ai skill and aim separate? If so how? I see TCL, asr, cf Bai, vcom... Surely, there has to be some combinations that satisfy most, right? Suggestions?
  7. jandrews

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    sry late to this discussion. does this include the latest DLC with vietnam units? unsung? seems this game mode with those MODS would be a great fit.
  8. late to this game mode. is this working? the website links are down.
  9. hey nice clean script and like that you are using zens occupy house script. my favorite house spawn script btw. I had some ideas to which you may think about adding. I feel its missing flying vehicles, have an option to add planes or heli's to patrol the air you have everything spawning in at 50 m of marker. could you make it more random at distance and direction? say lite vehicles are more 75-125 meters from marker, random direction. could the statics have an option to spawn sandbags or some cover around the position? for example, if static high perhaps some cover or sandbags vs static low nothing. EOS has an enemy reinforcement script added that worked sometimes. may be you could add this option as well. perhaps defend an area for x time with waves of ai attacking 360 or something. ai infantry attacking seems to be the easiest cause the vehicles just get stuck or drive off. I think your master system looks good too and an example mission or video would be a great addition. Something to showcase everything. right now I see a lot of script and say well it may be cool. Also the mod dependencies pushes me away. great work and thanks for your additions. I will be using this for missions. I may edit it some but i typically break stuff.
  10. Thanks for the response strider42. Am sure others would like to see your updates as well.
  11. Did some tinkering yesterday with values. Maxd most numbers and with the varying ranges it's still kinda hard to see the full effect. Nonetheless eos seems to work fine. Baston may need more exploring. I maxd those numbers and saw some issues with spawning units or lack there of. The waves appear to be an issue as well. Not sure your free time strider but if you are vested in fixing this stuff that may need further time. I added a careless way point to the transport heli yet it seems to still have issues unloading its troops and the spawning vehicles are not patrolling in to the zones. For all spawn lines I turned debug on to visually see all spawned units. Eos spawned most in but not as maxd as Iike. So other ideas if time warrants. Turrets spawning are lame when exposed. I attempted to add code which would spawn sand bags 360 around the turrets yet the code gets stuck. Another idea is to have units fast rope from transport helis to avoid the silly npc pilots from loitering around the ao to find exact spot to dump units. Another issue I see in towns is ai vehicles getting stuck against buildings. Anyone have any code for ai to get unstuck if they don't move for x time?
  12. Haha. I get eos scaling. I will max all the values and see what happens. Although I didn't know default was 100% probability.
  13. I did the same. Yet the house script and inf patrols did not spawn correct numbers. Be sure and check the amounts of units spawning. The other vehicles did, but I did not find the static weapon.
  14. Hey. So far so good. Although it seems not all units are spawning. I upped the amounts for the inf examples to include all units yet it seems no luck. Does arma now scale to number of players? I am using zen occupy house in place of sku because its better imo. Yet not many units spawned in on any setting. Anyone else notice this?
  15. Hey man. Nice to see someone is interested to making eos better. The version I was using had errors popping and units not spawning. It may have been on end. I think the find safe pos wasn't working either but it looks like you fixed it. But I'd Ike to see a cleaned up version to be honest. I think there are a few still around that like eos but this thread has been really silent. So most gave up I suspect. I'd bet some would like to use the updated version tbh. Thanks.