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  1. Arma Reforger Changelog Fixed: Misaligned and mispositioned zeroing setup for M60 and RPG Fixed: Player penalty system not registering some of the kills Fixed: Script leaks cleanup when compilation failed during OnAfterCompileScripts event Fixed: Missing ocean underwater PP for PIP sights Fixed: Tutorial - No available spawnpoint after resuming the scenario Fixed: Tutorial - Blinking map in deploy screen Tweaked: Normals on RPG ironsights Tweaked: Character should no longer be able to prone or roll into water Tweaked: Character roll while prone only when input is over 50% Changed: Analytics - Disabled playerSpawn + playerScore + playerDie events Added: Grass should be flattened in vehicles for passengers and shouldn't clip the vehicles
  2. Arma Reforger Changelog Fixed: 2D scopes persisting after death Fixed: Conflict - Radio boxes missing in HQ office buildings Fixed: Crash when destructible entity would get destroyed too soon Fixed: Possible crash on character init possible if animations data is inproper Fixed: Crash on detaching weapon Fixed: BaseLightManagerComponent reading past its buffer boundaries (happens with wrecked vehicles) Fixed: Crash when animating a door with BoneAnimated animation type without an animated mesh object Fixed: Registering kills when both the victim and the instigator were inside the same vehicle Fixed: Inability to construct Heavy Vehicle Depot on Soviet side Fixed: Some airport lights were too bright Fixed: M203 and GP25 zeroing position Fixed: Memory leak on dedicated server related to widgets Fixed: Focus in freelook by moving sight switching combo to Ctrl+RMB and RB + Left Trigger on gamepad Fixed: Improved door network synchronization Fixed: CarControllerInputs not default initialized possibly leading to unpredictable results Fixed: Crash when interrupting weapon switching Changed: Polished search lights for Uaz and Ural Tweaked: Don't animate door physics in the resource browser Removed: Weapon inspection rotate keybind that had no function
  3. Arma Reforger Changelog Fixed: Attempted fix of dedicated server freeze due to VME in Conflict
  4. We are receiving feedback about gankers/TeamKill, especially on Xbox servers. Main issue is that some of ways of killing people are not recognized by TK system - we call it "instigator" issues and some of those are being fixed for next update. Additionally kick logic is improved in 0.9.6 (pending to release on Xbox soon(tm)), this will allow players or TK system to remove annoying ganker for the whole session (now he can simply reconnect back) Another issue is destroying vehicles and damaging them - this is still being worked on and I cannot promise full solution just yet. It's useful when you can provide exact ways the gankers block other people, or missing ways of handling it. Best place to do it is feedback tracker, there is an option to mark ticket as not-publicly visible.
  5. Arma Reforger Changelog Fixed: Rolling in prone wasn't working Fixed: Turning left in trucks was less efficient than turning right Fixed: Incorrect outline/selection icons used for generic spawn points in respawn menu Fixed: Attached parts to equipable items inside the trunk are floating under the vehicle Fixed: Crash on GrenadeMoveComponent if there's no BaseTriggerComponent attached to the entity Fixed: Magazines swapping in weapon inspection Fixed: Heavy depot construction Fixed: Memory leaks in EventHandler Fixed: Double reporting of stall from source to services in the replication system Fixed: Sometimes disappearing character in first person view Fixed: IK settings of the left hand during prone Fixed: AI wasn't able to operate some turrets Fixed: Quick deploy is moved to respawn handler Fixed: Vehicle colliders setup could cause clipping when vehicles were colliding Fixed: Crash on changing zeroing or switching sights when there were no sights configured Changed: Enabled attach/detach user actions for magazines and rockets during weapon inspection Changed: Weapon gamemats tweaked to allow better penetration
  6. klamacz

    Custom servers? 32+ player counts?

    Check out https://reforger.armaplatform.com/news/dev-report-4?utm_source=armaplatform_twitter&utm_medium=organic-social&utm_campaign=&utm_content=b6c166c2-dce4-4c0b-a49d-16be2b991aef
  7. klamacz

    Xbox Rented Servers

    We are working on it.
  8. klamacz

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Current plan is to tweak obvious problems till the point that standard skill markers behave similarly with previous implementation. As standard skill markers you can consider 0.2, 0.5 and 1.0 skills (so lowest, medium, and highest). We measure reaction times, spotting times, accuracy, decision delays etc and try to get them close to what you seen before with similar values. That means that conversion table would not be necessary. The big change is the curve of skill, we predict that with current code, actual reaction time, or accuracy would be linearly proportional with skill you've set. It means that you won't have to spend time tinkering with your settings for weeks, because you will get more what you actually set. Thank you, unbalance will be serious. Also, expect bunch of tweaking commits following that change, and be not too attached to momentary effects you see. Anything might get tweaked as we go through it.
  9. klamacz

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Yes, skills are still interpolated through cfgSkills, and skill sliders from settings. Yes, the change may break or unbalance any mission which uses AI skill.
  10. klamacz

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Good day community. There is a new change which will appear on dev-branch (revision 142512), which will affect AI a lot. It is called "AI skill inversion refactored" and changes the way AI skill set on units affects some of the AI features. Previously the effect would have hyperbolic curve, now it is more linear and predictable. In practice it means, that skill set on unit will translate to unit actions in more proportional way, difference between 0.3 to 0.5 will be more smooth and gradual instead of switching fast between no-brainer and terminator state. Also it is a fix for broken behaviors with skill close or equal zero. Following features are affected by this change: - aiming error, muzzle dispersion, allowed target size - during aiming and engaging - spotting, hearing, delay of reaction - during observation, target selection, ambush or sneaking scenarios - reloading weapon delay - reporting enemy for group delay Some of those things (especially spotting related) might be well out of balance now, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi there, I checked on Hunter, Marshall and Prowler, didn't see any issues. Can you please send me more details or repro mission? (can be by PM)
  12. klamacz

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Hi, thanks for report, I tried it on both internal and public versions and couldn't reproduce. They do waive weapon once (at the moment of switching combat mode) and they keep engaging. If you can, send me your mission ;)
  13. klamacz

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Good day everyone. So, next step about AI driving is tracked vehicles. As far as I would like to, they will not be part of 1.66 update. But you can try experimental version on dev branch already, by using command useAISteeringComponent true; // true to enable, false to disable, default False Mind that steering parameters for tanks etc are Work-In-Progress.
  14. klamacz

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Soon. Thank you for the report, yes the speed is too high, I will look into it.