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  1. Changelog Game Added: Everon - New Power plant location Added: Everon - Tourist trails Added: Everon - Set of recreational props Added: Everon - Flavor update (murals, posters, notice boards) Added: New color variants of Church_01 Added: New variants of cargo containers Added: Ocean simulation synchronization Changed: Everon - Satmap updated Changed: Increased saline bag effect from 30 to 90 seconds Changed: Map markers configured Tweaked: Blending of ADS state in different situations Fixed: ArmaVision Camera was visible on the map which allowed players to exploit it as a map marker. Fixed: HUD Manager's Layer Handlers didn't register themselves to HUD Manager upon initialization. Fixed: Base supplies are no longer deducted for pre-built services when loading a save Fixed: Game Master budgets desynchronizing for clients Fixed: Newly joined Game Master Clients have the wrong budget information Fixed: Arland base couldn't be captured because defender FIA AI was spawned inside a fuel tank AI Changed: AI simulation was spread through multiple frames by default Fixed: Navmesh Server should run only when using Workbench Visuals Added: Ambient Insects Added: Shore wave effect Added: Tessendorf foam accumulation Added: Particles - Emissivity curve Added: Per-effect particle collision presets Added: Particle lights - world-space relative y-translation Added: Particle light shadows Changed: Forest Generator now supports partial regeneration Tweaked: Particle emissivity multiplier - better behavior for LV < 0 Tweaked: Particles - Better behavior of emissivity map Stability Fixed: Compartment occupant was cleared too early leading to a server crash later Fixed: Crash that happened when destructible entities had HandleDamage called with non-valid damage types Fixed: Crash when trying to host the game from the client Fixed: Crash when download fails due to lack of storage space Fixed: Workbench crash with EquipedLoadoutStorageComponent Fixed: Crash caused by improper handling of controls Fixed: Linux server crash with gamecode::EntitySlotInfo::DetachEntity Workshop Added: Downloading calculation of size between version patches Added: Author block/report cancel when joining a server Tweaked: Workshop - download speed optimization Fixed: Crash when addon download fails due to CRC check or corrupted SHA Fixed: Workshop - download may freeze if the connection is unstable Modding Added: ParticleEffectEntity is now replacing SCR_ParticleEmitter Added: BaseWorld::GetTimeSlice script API Added: Ability to disable AIGroup/AIAgent from script and code Added: Particles API getters/setters support for Max LV param Audio Added: WaterDepth signal Added: Dedicated sounds for explosions in water
  2. Changelog Game Added: Ability to save loadout without restrictions in Combat Ops scenario. Added: Conflict - Proper journal texts Added: Weapon deployment movement restriction now takes buttstock height into consideration. Added: Rotation aiming modifier to weapon deployment. Added: Rule for ignoring disarmed targets in AIWeaponTargetSelector Added: Recognition of unconscious targets to Group AI Perception Changed: Can now loot unconscious characters Changed: Journal layout now uses rich text Changed: Weapon deployment doesn't stop if one of the bipod legs is off the surface. Tweaked: Weapon deployment - Aim and movement thresholds, so that its more restrictive when colliding with object in front of character. Tweaked: Improved initial position of thrown grenade if character has obstacle just behind him Tweaked: Duration of AI Group investigations depends on distance to targets and amount of targets Tweaked: Collider setup on juniperus_communis 1s and 2 Tweaked: AIs won't shoot unconscious soldiers any more Tweaked: Better weapon collision to prevent pivot point being inside surface. Fixed: Unconscious enemy can now be dragged out of the vehicle Fixed: Vehicle affiliation wasn't updated when character was deleted from vehicle Fixed: Player callsigns not being assigned (Note placing entity via GM still lacks a callsign as they are not part of a group) Fixed: Spawn point selector refocused on a different entry when a spawn point was created/removed Fixed: Players were able to spawn on already lost base Fixed: Teleporting player in a vehicle on client did not work, the vehicle position got overridden by the server. Fixed: Saline disappears when applied inside vehicle Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Tutorial world mistakes in setup Fixed: Campaign - Vehicle depot vehicles don't get reserved for player that spawned them Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Logic prefabs were wrongly created and missed unique naming Fixed: Entity action was activated even when it shouldn't upon pressing 'E' shortcut. Fixed: Respawn Refactor - Player list can't be opened on GM welcome page Fixed: Some issues with voting for GM Fixed: First placed mine on DS is not armed Fixed: spawn point border was not visible on initial deploy map open Fixed: Player could accept invite to group which does not exist anymore. Fixed: Tasks list can now be opened via keybind in DeployMenu Fixed: Objectives map gadget is not functional on player equipped map Fixed: Playerlist now closes properly on presing esc in deploy screen. Fixed: ScriptAPI: ScriptAndConfig inheritance fix for modded classes Fixed: World editor - Camera auto rotation funtionality worked with wrong axes Fixed: Wrong patrol respawn timers upon scenario reload Fixed: Weapon movement properly restricted when reaching height limits. Fixed: Weapon deployment - when character's z position is not close enough to the expected one, we move the weapon in the opposite direction to fix offset between weapon and character. Fixed: Could break character item use command by interrupting item use in the first frame, when the animation have not started yet. Fixed: Character holds an invisible gadget after falling from low obstacles. Fixed: Character item changing gets broken after entering vehicle, stalling, reconnecting and exiting vehicle. Removed: Hide career UI from AccountWidget on MainMenu layout. Removed: Some way too experimental keybinds were removed from keybinding menu for now. Stability Tweaked: Underwater effect has now correct shore parameters, fixed crash when there is no terrain in water shader Fixed: Crash when player makes group and AI exist as Group on Player join and assign leader script invokers are static Fixed: Non-Square Terrain Crashes Fixed: Crash when releasing widgets after game was destroyed Fixed: Crash upon deletion of a bleeding character. Server Hosting Added: In-game hosting option to host LAN server (use local address for publicAddress) Fixed: Joining to server via invite Modding Added: ScriptAPI: additional info logged after script module compilation Changed: FullHeal() now has a condition to remove healing-damagetypes as well when called Changed: Increased static memory for scripts from 20MB to 40MB (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T173029)
  3. Changelog Added: InventoryItemComponent::PlaceOnGround method, to be able to place on-ground items from a script Changed: General art vegetation, clutter and surfaces cleanup and polishing Fixed: Mine can be placed on characters (kinematic bodies) Fixed: Data errors in Brick Gate 01 Fixed: Settings freeze fix Fixed: Small refactor of item changing replication, should fix situations where mine arming animations would not start or interrupt correctly Fixed: It was possible to equip mine with the gadget, if the mine equipped from the ground Fixed: Player would exit vehicle through roof at low server FPS Fixed: Bug with forbidden gadget equipping if a weapon is not unequipped Fixed: 2D sights adjustment didn't match PIP properly Fixed: Dying with scoped binos didn't clear the ADS state
  4. Changelog Game Added: Mines feature Added: Gamecode support for per-projectile reloads for UGLs Added: Lowering/raising the weapon in time crucial moments is now faster Added: AI perception tracks occlusion (by smoke, trees) of each target aimpoint Added: Engine controls for engine start/stop action Added: Add dead character to vicinity Added: Flattening of grass under weapon at lower stances Added: Add a way to preview worn model inside PreviewRenderAttributes Added: Notification shown to all players of the given side when a service is built Changed: Log files moved from profile into separate directories with timestamps Changed: Position of weapon from head now only uses y coord. And changed the default values to prevent long hands Changed: Aim modifiers should apply aim modifiers locally even on remote proxies Changed: Having a focused gadget in hand does not stop the character from sprinting, LMB while sprinting permanently hides the gadget, pressing R with a hidden gadget does not block reload Changed: DamageManagerComponent memory optimizations Changed: Better dynamic stance handling Changed: Enabled Door type navlinks to be automatically opened by vehicles Changed: Unified way in which AIs climb to match the way players climb Changed: Replay part of character simulation split into multiple parts so it's possibly to parallelize it and do additional processing Changed: Allow empty string to be set as a name, alias or surname for character identity Changed: Animation updates changed so triggering of animation events happens on the main thread Changed: GameTriggerEntity queries will now use async results Changed: Reworked navlink directions to be consistent. Jump navlinks have single unit traversal by default Changed: Exposed used transceivers to VoN Changed: Remote vehicles start with their physics off Changed: Refactor of AI Movement Changed: AI aiming deathzone Changed: Aim input is not slowed when hands are far away from body. Changed: Prone roll compensation is no longer unstable and frame dependent, but is also less precise Changed: Player in building mode can no longer delete static guns with others players in them Changed: Fixed character doing 360 spin in lowered locomotion when changing direction along with moving the mouse (as well as wrong feet blending in demi adjusted stance) Changed: Optimize activeness of entities Tweaked: Procedural animation system optimization Tweaked: Improved AI perception ambient light model Tweaked: Stamina can be drained even while jogging now Tweaked: AI perception: targets are now detected and identified not instantly but with delay. Delay depends on target's amount of exposed aim points, size, stance, speed, illumination, and observer's alertness. Tweaked: 2dmap - changed default "vertical flip" option on rasterization export Tweaked: AI will not decide any more to attack a target which is outside turret angular limits Tweaked: 2DMap - Powerlines and Grid are only recalculated when frame changes Tweaked: 2DMap - Allow contour density set to 0 to hide specific portions Tweaked: Improved AI visual perception if only one enemy body part is exposed Tweaked: Don't animate door physics in the resource browser Tweaked: Naming of some controller RPCs changed to meet our standards Fixed: Not simulating procedural animation on headless when not needed Fixed: Moving a weapon from one inventory slot to other causes it to be dropped and bugged. Fixed: Character would rotate to random directions after exiting vehicles, sometimes also after climbing over objects. Fixed: Optimize moving operation in inventory Fixed: Ragdoll handpose of holding a weapon. Fixed: While reloading, AI Weapon&Target selector didn't detect the left hand magazine, thus AI thought it was out of ammo Fixed: Character collision shape not set before changing stance. Fixed: Teleporting of vehicles was stretching particle effects, now properly resets velocity Fixed: Stretched arms when aiming at horizontal limits. Fixed: Issue when moving item from/to storage who are not streamed in Fixed: Sprint impossible while weapon is raised Fixed: First few car inputs are not used on server when getting in. Fixed: Switching weapons while reloading displays the magazine of the previous weapon on the new one Fixed: Clone preview in CharacterInventoryStorageComponent was not going over all storage component for creating previews Fixed: Don't enable event on DestructibleEntity when it is not needed. Fixed: Weapon can now be slinged even if the character is inside a vehicle Fixed: One hand aim modifier not updating properly on obstruction changes Fixed: Character will not stop firing from the gun until he finish the whole animation of getting into the vehicle Fixed: Moved the height raycast in turrets back a bit to make character not sit on sandbags Fixed: RemoveEquipedWeaponTask now properly calls DropWeapon instead of trying to equip empty hands first. Fixes issue where Tab+X would teleport weapon on the shoulder before dropping it on the ground Fixed: Budgeting for stationary nodes with per connection streaming disabled Fixed: PerceptionComponent wasn't able to perceive large targets at short distance if target's origin is outside view cone Fixed: Character canceled aiming if target was too close, thus aiming request was never finished and AI character didn't fire Fixed: Character reconnected from driver seat can't control the vehicle properly and physics of it break Fixed: Activeness of attachments on weapons Fixed: Weapon partial lower should now be synchronized again across all machines Fixed: It was possible for event handlers to be skipped after an event was fired Fixed: Replication for weapon inspection Fixed: Magazine now dropped correctly when character is shot during reload (BaseWeaponManagerComponent refactor) Fixed: Animation graph attachments refresh on item removed not working Fixed: Inspection should be cancelled by user-input ADS toggle as desired Fixed: Agents no longer overwalk when approaching doors sideways Fixed: Character can trigger climbing instead of jumping when running up slight (around 15 degrees) slopes, leading to freelook activation, which is inconsistent from the players POV Fixed: Broken ragdoll replication Fixed: Inspection state interpolation should no longer jitter at any intermediate value Fixed: Saving your loadout does not save UGL grenades Fixed: AI weapon selection was searching for InventoryStorageManagerComponent on vehicle's compartment slot entity, not on vehicle root entity Fixed: several issues in AI character aiming: - spinning when aim target is too much up/down relative to current rotation - rotating backwards when aim target is closer than weapon muzzle - aiming up/down when aim target is orthogonal to the left/right Fixed: ADS does not disable lean anymore Fixed: Sprint and toggle sprint buttons disable lean. Fixed: AI shouldn't close doors after pass Fixed: Iron sights moved when zeroing scope attachments Fixed: Weapon obstruction now updated during stance change too Fixed: Flying magazines by taking them from crate Fixed: Explosions can now deal damage to slotted components Fixed: Left hand IK wasn't affected by aim modifiers Fixed: Edge case where a child removed from a streamed in hierarchy would remain streamed in even though it might be irrelevant Fixed: Taking control of character while inside turret/vehicle would break the controls Fixed: Weapon inspection will no longer allow leaning Fixed: Muzzle smoke would vanish on weapon switch Fixed: Fix comparison between local and world space transform in ladders Fixed: The volume validation in inventory wasn't taking into account the total volume of the item Fixed: Obstruction will suppress ADS in certain cases as intended Fixed: Melee attack should now properly cancel ADS Fixed: Ik pose is now properly propagated to anim sys in PreviewAnimationComponent Fixed: Order of operations changed to ensure the correct navmesh will be set before resorting to simple double-point path generation Fixed: AI groups not using soldier navmesh after getting out of vehicle Fixed: 2DMap elements adjusted with terrain offset Fixed: AI invulnerability and player invulnerability no longer interfere with each other Fixed: Group movement completion doesn't interrupt jump navigation links anymore. Fixed: Add decal flag to shot decals Fixed: Local driving assist mode synced to all machines as necessary Fixed: Typo in naming VehicleAction_AssitanceMode -> VehicleAction_AssistanceMode Fixed: Broken ADSHold and MP ADS replication. Also fixed ADSHold not being able to pause sprinting if triggered while sprinting Fixed: Safety does not work on weapons that do not have it. Safety now stays engaged if switching to a lowered weapon Fixed: Proper cancelling of item actions by jump and stance change, code cleanup Fixed: Improper removal from spatial map while replication is shut down Fixed: Magazines now go into inventory if weapon is dropped during reload unexpectedly, instead of staying in the character's hand Fixed: Manually loaded ammo does not appear on weapon storage in inventory UI Fixed: Actions were not taking their VisibilityRange into account Fixed: AIs not following commander group and movement speed issues. Fixed: Switching input when driving off with reverse gear engaged Fixed: BaseLightManagerComponent reading past its buffer boundaries (happens with wrecked vehicles) Fixed: Hand additive IK attributes resulting in hand item duplication on preview widgets Fixed: Muzzle flash light could remain visible after weapon was dropped Fixed: TaskMoveInFormation no longer finishing unless if aborted. When finishing movement and formation is shifted, set direction of the group correctly Fixed: Content of blouse and trousers was not saved/loaded for player saved loadouts Fixed: TestAimModifier now yields the same sight picture as zeroing would Fixed: Refactor of character heading angles and aiming angles. Fixed: Added a move settings parameter to control the speed of interpolating slope for animations Fixed: Turret animations height adjustment now does not change while on the turret. Sitting in a turret is supported. Added traces to prevent the character from clipping when aiming the turret left and right Fixed: Condition for preventing deletion of player ignored child entities (e.g., turret inside of a composition) Fixed: Player get stuck in tutorial because of the low rank to build a bunker Fixed: Player character effects in Armavision (e.g., black bar on faces) were not restored after closing Armavision and opening it again Fixed: A building mode is removed when player is in unconsciousness Fixed: Smoke particles of smoke grenades wasn't replicated for JIP players Fixed: Server/Single player exit from occluded seat would get character stuck Fixed: HitzoneContainer - Damage for hitzones inside of slotted entities wasn't properly replicated Fixed: Vehicles - Front right window of UAZ doesn't appear broken when hit zone reaches 0 Fixed: HitZoneContainerComponent hierarchy IDs are no longer done on frame, it broke damage over time calculations Fixed: Disabled RPLcomponents on equipment box props causing ghost entities Fixed: Item dimensions are now checked when replacing items Fixed: Explosions not dealing damage to destructibles Fixed: Services UI didn't support additional services Fixed: Missing Faction in vehicle depot prefab Fixed: Incorrectly shown notifications about disassembled services Fixed: Issue with Tutorial where player could respawn with a weapon Fixed: Campaign/Freebuilding - Dead body can block vehicle deployment if it's dropped within vehicle depot composition slot Fixed: Wrong resource links in procedural animation projects Fixed: Campaign - Vehicle ready message contains the name of different vehicle than spawned Fixed: Sometimes friendlies AI are detected as enemies Removed: Unnecessary transform assignment when lerping is finished Removed: updating of weapon's surface signal from character Removed: NWKCOMPONENT_USE_STATE_REPLICATION macro removed as the state replication has been verified enough Modding Added: Attachments Compatibility addon was merged into base game Added: Zeroing generator for rear-sight apperatures (like M72) Added: Exposed method for getting default magazine or projectile of a muzzle Added: Exposed InventoryStorageManagerComponent::GetMagazineCountByMuzzle Added: It's now possible to set the Z offset of the turret sidesteps raytrace for each turret compartment Added: It's now possible to set the Z offset of the turret height adjustment raytrace for each turret compartment Added: PerceptionComponent.GetUpdateInterval script function Added: A method BaseMuzzleComponent::ClearChamber(int i) and fixed a bug which prevented loading an unchambered weapon if no magazines were available Added: Added AttachmentSlotComponent::CanSetAttachment API Added: API to directly set animation variables and to call animation commands. Added: ApplyControls checkbox on BaseControllerComponent, ability to disable controls processing per controller Added: PerceptionManager.RequestUpdateAllTargetsFactions scripted method for cases when faction friendliness changes dynamically Added: Enable/Disable property and script API for BaseProjectileEffect Added: Extended system for sights zeroing generators Added: public API for occluder destruction Added: EntitySlotInfo::IsEnabled function to the script Added: Rotation and Fire functions into TurretController for scripters Added: BaseTriggerComponent::GetProjectileEffects function Added: Scripted Triggers can now run default query before script query Added: DecalMaterial property that replaces DecalMaterials array, automatically copies data to new property Added: Exposed dynamic speed limits to attributes Added: TurretComponent::GetAimingAngleExcess method. Also exposed it to script Added: SpawnDecalEffect class, this can be used to create decal at projectile position Added: Script API for reserved by on Compartment Slot Added: VehicleProcAnimComponent that will replace CarProcAnimComponent Added: WeaponAttachmentAttributes::GetAttachmentType function to the script Added: Under barrel RIS attachments slots Added: Two more magazine wells for 5.45x39 and 5.56x45 STANAG weapons which don't accept drum magazines Tweaked: Inheritance of attachment classes so they work as intended Tweaked: EyesSensor constants were exposed as properties Tweaked: Modified BaseZeroingGenerator to cope with entites that have no muzzle Changed: Bones provided in ProcAnimParams are now simple override of bones in resource Changed: Renamed boneIndices to boneSlotIndices to clarify the meaning Changed: VehicleSignalType is now common for all vehicles Changed: VoN SetCapture API returns if the capture state was changed Changed: TimeAndWeatherManagerEntity: Exposed UpdateWeather method to manually updating the weather Changed: PlayerManager will always assign PlayerID=1 in SP scenarios Changed: Rework a bit script API of BaseLoadoutManagerComponent and EquipedLoadoutStorageComponent Changed: CharacterIdentity API for script Changed: Setup of Maxspeed limiters to penalize walking/sprinting speed from script Changed: Removed Get/Set Heading/Aiming/LookAt angles functions on CharacterControllerComponent. Get/Set Heading/Aiming/LookAt Angles functions on CharacterInputContext all use radians, with the yaw angle being in clockwise direction (turning right = increase and vice versa) Fixed: Invalid pointers to physics components on custom made contact Fixed: ScriptedDamageManager::OnDamage would get called even when default hitzone would be destroyed and there would be no data for OnDamage Fixed: OnActionStart script executed twice when beginning interaction Fixed: SCR_METHOD with array parameter should be pointer or use notnull modifier Fixed: Manager registration no longer interfering with unrelated worlds / edit mode Fixed: OnCompartmentLeft was not called when switching seats in a vehicle Fixed: OnProjectileShot event should now fire if character is seated in a turret Fixed: ComputeEffectiveDamage had a const inout parameter for both HitZones and DestructibleEntities. Because of it the variable was being read as 0 Fixed: InventorySearchPredicate would not work correctly if there is no definition Fixed: PrettyJsonSaveContainer::SetIndent was not working correctly Removed: DecalMaterials property (no longer used) Removed: TurretComponent aiming limits Scenario Framework Added: New Actions (Delete and teleport entity, wait and execute, end scenario override screen) Added: Serialization for scenarios created by ScenarioFramework Added: Add Visualization content of Slots using selected asset prefab in World Editor Added: Intel task map marker delay option Tweaked: Faction inheritance for Areas, Layers and Slots Tweaked: Teleport action renamed to Set Entity Position and it utilizes getters to obtain entity rather than just the entity name Tweaked: Task Defend tweaks, bug-fixes and improvements Fixed: AI handling and waypoint bugs Fixed: Spawnpoint was accidentaly removed from the base sample world Fixed: Task Defend test scenario LastStand had duplicite GUID Fixed: Unknown keyword/data in slot prefabs and outdated classname of PlayerPenaltyComponent Fixed: Task Defend samples got invalid faction values set Fixed: Missing satellite texture for sample world Fixed: Removed notnull from method parameter that was not supposed to be there Fixed: Wrong condition and value -1 caused improper evaluation of Task Defend Fixed: Getter returns wrong entity Fixed: Default values for new actions were wrongly set Fixed: passing wrong entity caused by overlooking Fixed: Task are not properly spawning after restart Xbox Tweaked: downloading speed up Fixed: Input: virtual mouse on XBOX fix Added: Enable BE headless client support Stability Added: Assertion to SDF font rendering for catching potential rare crash Changed: added upper limit when computing offset to light cluster structure to avoid possible GPU crash Changed: GPU crash - skinning matrices in VS with check for out of bounds acces (test) Fixed: BaseEventHandler leaks memory Fixed: SoundComponent - ECS Multithread crash upon activation Fixed: Crash when a vehicle is getting wrecked Fixed: Crash in Anim Editor Properties Fixed: Crash when addon loading fails Fixed: Crash in colliders debug rendering Fixed: server crashes when unable to communicate with backend Fixed: WorldEditor: split spline crash fix Fixed: Crash when closing ANM property grid Fixed: Lack of setting could cause crash. Fixed: crash when upload fails Fixed: Potential crash by providing incorrect geometry element ID. Fixed: workshop crash when pausing and unpausing the download Fixed: Workbench: WorldEditor: current tool & reload scripts crash fix Fixed: GPU crash, fog read from unset const buffer instead of internal structure Fixed: Crash in graphical options when running on adapter without outputs Fixed: Possible crash when on limit of debug shapes in navmesh debugging Fixed: possible crash in probe when tryign to get volume info from entity Fixed: Workbench options crash when path to addon is too long Fixed: cinematic tool crash when some user track script is missing Fixed: World editor - Crash after reimport XOB Fixed: Config editor - Crash after unsucessful loading Fixed: Clouds: Fixed 2 crashes when Atmosphere is not present in World, but Clouds yes. Fixed: Peak limiter SFX audio node crash - Fixed: JSON - Crash with certain script object/ array inheritance and loading of data upon such object Fixed: Crash on quitting World Editor play mode while downloading Fixed: Workbench - crash by setup physics settings Fixed: GodRays: Fixed crash when generating thumbnail in Workbench Fixed: Fixed crash when a connection is disconnected at the same time (same tick) as ownership was given to or take from it Fixed: VectorEntityTool::OnActivate can crash WB upon opening the tool if the map contains a ShapeEntity with corrupted data Fixed: ShapeEntity points do not get copied to m_Positions after being added leading to crashing when adding and deleting them. Fixed: Clouds: fix crash caused by clouds history (temporal buffer is null) Fixed: Audio Editor - Selector crash upon loading a config file with ports that already exist, now gives an error instead and ignores the port Fixed: Audio/ProcAnim Editor - Crash when trying to modify signal simulation values with no opened project, clearing the signal simulations window now upon no tab opened Fixed: ScriptCompiler: protected method call crash Fixed: Property grid - crash when variable is missing in ancestor due to different class Fixed: crash when playing sound in audio editor from non-Sound node Fixed: crash when playing .wav file via audio editor resource browser Fixed: Material editor - Crash after changed material class of modded material Fixed: crash and layout issue in Mesh Preview "Colliders" page Fixed: ragdoll crashes when bone index is invalid or number of bones is zero Fixed: Crash in PlayerManager due to missing PlayerManagerNode Fixed: Particles - Crash on vehicle explosion Fixed: Crash when changing character ownership of pilot while there is not pilot compartment setup Fixed: Crash on switching from turret to cargo compartment Fixed: Crash when entering copilot in helicopter Fixed: Group Movement crash for commanding when the commander disconnects. Fixed: Crash when explosion effects (not explosion damage) would fail to spawn a prefab Fixed: Crash when streaming in vehicle which is destroyed Fixed: Possible crashes when deploying weapon. Fixed: Possible bit buffer crash if inspection state input action value is out of bounds Fixed: crash if vehicle collides with surface with null SurfaceProperties Fixed: Possible crash on CharacterControllerComponent if used without a RplComponent Fixed: Crash when changing zeroing an there is no sights anymore Fixed: SwitchNextSights && SwitchPrevSights crash if there are no sights Fixed: Crash in BaseRadioComponent when streaming it in (broken string sync) Fixed: Crash when animating a door with BoneAnimated animation type without an animated mesh object Fixed: Crash when interrupting weapon switching Fixed: Crash in vehicles destruction Fixed: GenerateWindowsPrefabsTool's World Editor potential crash Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Server crashes after finishing a combat ops mission Fixed: Crash when attempting to save a mission without save struct defined Fixed: Crash in destruction from non-collision damage dealt asynchronously/from physics step Fixed: Crash in destructibles Fixed: Persistent loading widget in deploy menu for reconnecting crashed client ( Fixed: Crash in respawn handler Fixed: Audio - Removed callqueue calls for respawn and spawn music, which caused a crash when the player quickly disconnects or gets kicked Fixed: possible crash in respawn menu handler Fixed: Another crash when computing very small angle Fixed: Assertion/crash during portal volume loading Fixed: Crash on undefined BattlEye callback Fixed: JSON - Crash during processing of missing script object (non-intended Api use) Fixed: Crash on game cleanup while backend communication with workshop is pending Fixed: Crash on deleted Resource name of Behavior tree that was stored in BTmanager Fixed: possible crash in water caustic when texture wasn't defined Fixed: GPU crash when river mesh was not correctly added to underwater surface mesh rendering Fixed: Crash on navmesh rebuild when entities got deleted before query and generation Fixed: Crash where if a DestructibleEntity had less than 2 destruction phases it would crash. Fixed: Crash when reading ragdoll init data when there is no physics controller. Fixed: crash when entering turret compartment without turret controller/component Fixed: Crash when shooting a character Fixed: Explosions - Crash when an entity would be destroyed from multiple explosions in the same frame Fixed: possible GPU crash as index in CB could point out of available CB memory Fixed: Crash without BaseWeaponManagerComponent on a turret Fixed: Passing unverified text as format string to printf, leading to crashes and errors when there are references to non-existinent format string arguments Audio Added: Audio - SoundMap API to get basic map values at a certain position Added: Audio - New callback to indicate when a soundevent has ended in communicationsoundcomponent Added: Audio - New sound event "SOUND_BODYFALL_TERMINAL" for terminal fall damage on character Added: Frequency_Base config Changed: MusicManager - Added custom fading parameters on musicmanager when terminating sounds for interruption or forceplay Changed: Audio - RadioBroadcast full rework to use MS instead of S, optimized entire networking part, way less calls over the network and better synchronization Changed: Audio - Moved binding BaseItemAnimationComponent events from WeaponSoundComponent to SoundComponent Changed: RadioBroadcastManager.et - Modified timings to correctly portray the new system using milliseconds instead of seconds Changed: update samples for inventory open/close Changed: update banks volumes for inventory open/close Changed: Weapon reloads uses maximum 15-10 attenuation curve Changed: Custom curve for reloads Changed: LP frequency on exterior reverb Changed: Direct VON less audible over distance Changed: Audio - Removed unnecessary check in SpawnMusic causing it not to play on clients Changed: Audio - SoundSource, BaseSoundComponent and AudioSystem destruction now supports custom fadeOut time Changed: Audio - SoundEvents replaced with SoundEventTransform where necessary in scripts to support new activeness changes Changed: Audio - Removed include inactive on UGL and Throw Base, should not be needed anymore due to activeness changes Tweaked: Added weapon handgrab sounds when unequipping left-hand gadgets (via animation graph) Tweaked: Added 100ms NoRepeat time to weapon handgrab sounds Tweaked: Distance attenuation Tweaked: Hum loudness Tweaked: Distance attenuation Tweaked: Samples are a bit darker Tweaked: Exterior reverb Tweaked: Removed 40-35 curve Tweaked: Sinking and leaking sounds Tweaked: Distance attenuation curves Tweaked: Exterior reverb reduced Tweaked: Character attenuation curves Tweaked: WaterEnter improvements by Filip added Tweaked: Grenades collisions, unpin, throw use config for frequency weapon handling Fixed: Audio - SOUND_HIT changes to stop current SOUND_HIT of playing and restarting it after consciousness was set Fixed: Multiple UI sounds being played in Hotkey menu Fixed: overlapping HDR/SMAA PP priorities causing HDR to flicker and SMAA not to work Fixed: Radio static final mix routing Fixed: Audio - Activeness fix for weaponsoundcomponent to only assume weapon range if the weapon is active Fixed: Audio - SoundComponent Activating/Deactivating causing infinite loop in soundsystem Removed: Audio - SOUND_WPN_TOUGL sound event Backend, Workshop, Server Hosting Added: Check of file size and resolution of uploaded images with addons Added: Unlisted visibility option for addons Added: SessionStorage Scheduler for periodic saves Added: Configurable period of automatic player save "operating.playerSaveTime" in server config Added: ownerToken.bin file for dedicated servers (replacement for dedicatedServerId) Changed: Server max player limit to 128 player Changed: Server default player limit to 64 player Changed: Use server name instead of dedicatedServerId in A2S_INFO Name https://feedback.bistudio.com/T171463 Fixed: Addon delta patching when downloading updates Fixed: Addon updates on Linux servers Removed: dedicatedServerId from server config
  5. Changelog (Incremental from Game Added: Free Roam Building Composition direction indicator Added: Hat_PeakedCap_USSR_01. Added: Peaked cap for USSR hvt character. Changed: Free Roam Building - New implementation of the ranks limitation Changed: Build support structure task disabled. Changed: DamageManager.HandleDamage now takes instigator as a parameter instead of damageSource Tweaked: Tripod prefabs + compositions which uses them. Also assigned correct anim graphs to tripods and tweak compartment accessibility Fixed: Free Roam Building - It's no more possible to place composition into the water. Fixed: Null pointer to instance in "SetAIWaypoint" function. Fixed: Multiple cases where instigators would be reset before player deaths. Fixed: missing viewgeo of DoorFrame_MetalGate_04_Small. Modding - General Added: Version of MpTest world without game mode and any other prefabs which can be used by community to test their custom game modes Added: Tracer bullet base prefab (Ammo_BulletTracer_Base) for community usage. VFX Update Added: Case for 762x39PS, tweak material Removed: PI division for diffuse lighting Removed: Casings on vehicle roof impact bank. Stability Fixed: Linux DS crash on bleeding particle FX. Fixed: Crash in font rendering. Fixed: Render Crash - Loading GM save with character holding RHS AN/PRC-152 radio Fixed: Crash while loading configs when lot of mods were enabled. Fixed: Crash on deleted Resource name of Behavior tree that was stored in BTmanager. Render Fixed: Flickering shadows Fixed: River flow maps not present in the built data. Workshop Fixed: Loading of offline available addons, corrupted addons shouldn't prevent game starting. Fixed: Crash when opening Workshop when you have lots of mods
  6. Changelog Game Changed: Optimized colliders on Sandbag_01_bunker Fixed: Quick regenerating navmesh tiles could lead to the incorrect final result Fixed: Make log-scopes infinite recursion bulletproof. Fixed: Closing stream not having prior record added when its last frame was ACKed Modding - Enfusion Blender Tools Added: Automatically register & import TXA files upon export Added: Support for importing structures prefabs to blender Fixed: Bug with importing materials that have a space in the path VFX Update Added: Particle FX light Added: Particles - possibility to disable collision until a certain distance Added: Weapon case 3d particles Added: 3D vehicle debris and explosions Added: Light into an explosion Added: Lights into flash Added: SCR_ParticleEmitter - CreateOriented(), CreateAsChildOriented() and CreateOrientedEx() methods Added: Collision-enabled particle interaction layer settings Changed: Metal bullet casing impacts, generic attenuation curves Changed: Better particle FX collisions Tweaked: SCR_ParticleEmitter - deperecated CreateWithTransformAsChild(), CreateWithTransformAsChildEx() and CreateAsChildEx() methods Tweaked: Default values for particle material/prefab Tweaked: Particle editor - new emitter is always created with the default material/prefab Tweaked: Disabled lens flares for particle lights Tweaked: Firearms particles Tweaked: Polish of muzzle smoke Tweaked: Particle FX - ConeAngleMinDist and ConeAngleRndRange Fixed: Instability/oscillation/drifting of nearly static particles, sliding particles (oscillation and speed issues), adds more options for controlling bounce direction and sliding friction Fixed: Disabled some invalid combinations of particle settings Collisions for local-space-simulation particles, local-space for prefab particles (the option is unavailable in the editor, but it was loaded and used anyway) Fixed: Particle FX - random emit angle distribution for ConeAngle.x < 360 Fixed: Particle FX - emit cone visualization for ConeAngle.x < 360
  7. Changelog: Game Added: Free Building feature Changed: Changed crack puddle sharpness for a bit more explicit puddles from detail textures Changed: Moved the MG in compositions to make sure Players stand behind it rather than sit Changed: Sorting is always set to default - behavior is now consistent across all browsers Tweaked: Position of context for open door action Fixed: Color values in LightRunway_02 prefab Fixed: AILimit counter condition when removing AI agents Fixed: Fixed Arland timezone Fixed: Wrong lighting on bunkers Fixed: Streamed out friendlies appeared as unknown source in von display UI Fixed: Combat ops - End screen only shows objectives that were completed while the player was connected Fixed: Conflict - Wrong points color in HUD Fixed: Coastal bases do not have Signal/antenna icons when missing range Fixed: Spawning in Morton, added 2 bunkers. Fixed: Destroyed vehicles do not shut engine down Fixed: Incorrect keybind hint in tutorial stage 67 Fixed: Tutorial - Screen flickering upon scenario start Fixed: Vehicles collide with grenades on the ground and can get stuck Fixed: Cannot loot binoculars and compass from dead bodies Fixed: Services in bases can be duplicated Fixed: Updating mesh every frame on supply trucks in conflict Fixed: Players can get stuck on loading in deploy screen when deploying to remote locations and getting spawn killed Fixed: Tutorial - Wrong waypoint position for bunker building stage Fixed: Wristwatch was not being updated after dropping and picking up Fixed: Entities were force-streamed to client even when editor was opened, but the mode that required streaming was not active. Fixed: Compression on flashlight overlay textures in map changed from ColorHQCompression to DXTCompression to remove the artifacts. Fixed: Budgeting for stationary nodes with per connection streaming disabled Fixed: Create permission record on the fly Fixed: Conflict - Spawnpoint activation upon building an antenna in a base when all other conditions are already fulfilled Fixed: Conflict - Spawnpoint activation upon connecting a base to the HQ radio network by capturing another base on the way Fixed: UAZ wheels damage, misconfigured roof frame and canvas Fixed: HQ Tents should no longer use Medical crates. Morton spawn moved. Fixed: A check is added to make sure that opened storage are still within vicinity of the player Fixed: Crash when looting dead character Fixed: Engine not starting up reliably on high FPS Modding Added: Math3D::IntersectionSphereAABB API Added: CharacterVicinityComponent::GetDiscoveryRadius API Added: Workshop API to get unfinished download Changed: Editor manager variable was not available in all events Fixed: Server events for mode activation and deactivation were not called in all situations. Fixed: When importing FBX from not loaded project error message Fixed: When importing FBX check for it in all loaded Addon Projects Fixed: Check if FBX is imported from not loaded project Fixed: Error message when importing model with wrong GUID and relative path Scenario Framework Added: ScenarioFramework - Mission header for CombatOps with ability to set number and type of tasks Added: ScenarioFramework - Add Task Defend Changed: Names of the classes of the SF components. Tweaked: ScenarioFramework - Replacing obsolete GetTitleText() with GetTitle() Tweaked: ScenarioFramework - Formatting of code to comply with set conventions Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Exfil task is called move for clients Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Multiplayer issues with SCR_CharacterTriggerEntity, improved exfil countdown and further polished the feature Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Randomized task generation issues that sometimes prevented tasks from being created Xbox Added: UGC privileges are now considered in custom group texts Added: Group name/description now respect UGC also friendly option Added: View target user created content Xbox permission Changed: Xbox mod storage has been increased to 20GB. Players on Xbox need to re-download all the mods. Fixed: Avoid underflow of Xbox PLS space reservation Fixed: XR-045 - Player with Blocked UGC privilige can see custom group names in deploy screen Rendering Added: Upper limit when computing offset to light cluster structure to avoid possible GPU crash Fixed: Broken river flow-maps generating Fixed: GPU crash due to page fault when accessing const buffer out uploaded range Fixed: GPU crash due to vertex buffers overwrite in particles system Fixed: Rendering glitches on particles Fixed: GPU crash, fog read from unset const buffer instead of internal structure Multiplayer Fixed: Fixed rare case where reliable RPC sent once, followed by constant stream of unreliable RPCs, may never be ACKed and gets resent constantly. Fixed: It isn't possible to join modded server with dependencies after game restart Fixed: Rare case when sliding window ACK sending is blocked due to uninitialized RTT. Fixed: High memory consumption on server - caused by replication stats Workshop Tweaked: Workshop checks for an invalid state to improve API stability Tweaked: improved download pause and resume stability Tweaked: prevent downloading a mod twice at the same time Tweaked: safety check on creating a http transfer Fixed: IsEnabled didn't work correctly for local mods Fixed: Mods from a different environment break update Fixed: Race condition in request scheduling Fixed: Deleting and redownloading mod leads to a crash Fixed: If player deletes and redownloads a mod, it is deleted after opening workshop Fixed: Mods in certain state after download can prevent game starting Fixed: Crash on mod update on a linux server Fixed: Infinite addon update if patch is empty Fixed: Pausing and resuming download results in failed addon data validation
  8. Changelog (incremental from Game Added: Conflict - Client data can now be re-applied after server restart Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Title and description for task notifications is not properly updated when overriding default values Fixed: Conflict - Wrong capture point count when resuming a scenario Fixed: Conflict - No longer possible to build already built structures when resuming a scenario Fixed: Conflict - Wrong faction variants of buildings spawned when resuming a scenario Fixed: Scenario menu inputs - double click = Play or Continue, Join and Restart has now different actions on controller Fixed: Conflict - When resuming a scenario, the HQ composition would be spawned on a random starting point as well as on the proper HQ Fixed: Conflict - Incorrect amount of supplies restored in bases with supply depots Fixed: When possessing AI in GameMaster, head of AI would not always disappear in first person Fixed: Missing structures when resuming a scenario with prebuilt compositions Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Message about finishing the objective is shown incorrectly Fixed: Conflict - Missing spawnpoints in small scenarios Changed: Disabled spawn occupants in vehicle (context action in GM) until proper fix can be made Tweaked: Fragmentation damage Stability Fixed: Crash when saving loadout Fixed: Make loadouts area type safer and not crash when not setup Fixed: Race condition causing crash on aborting download Fixed: Potential crash in WeaponComponent::GetSightsTransformation Fixed: Possible crash in AI abort defend waypoint Fixed: Possible AI Crash in RequestAction Multiplayer Fixed: If player tries to reconnect during their ban duration they won't be able to rejoin the server even after the ban expires resulting in the connection failure. Fixed: Backend - Crash related to auth fail and kick during player reconnect Fixed: Possible stall and kick when streaming of replicated objects merges multiple hierarchies Fixed: Possible stall during JIP if some nodes didn't have parent on server Fixed: Possible continuous Room removal process Fixed: Marking BEServer_x64.cfg as userconfig, so Steam won't redownload it
  9. Changelog (incremental from Fixed: Backend Crash when player is removed during authentication Fixed: Crash when inheritance of unrelated classes, fixes crash on modded loadouts Fixed: Script error when entering a turret compartment with an empty weapon slot Fixed: Conflict: Wrong assets spawned around relay towers Fixed: Leaning not replicated properly Fixed: Character state stayed modified even after the item in hand was deleted Fixed: Crash because HelicopterControllerComponent doesn't perform validity check when running simulation Added: custom arsenal into combat ops and possibility to save loadout and spawn with it Enfusion Blender Tools Changed: TXA export is done through Workbench Bridge (running version of Workbench is necessary) Tweaked: Significant improvement to TXA exporter speed while exporting more complex actions Fixed: Exporting of weapon IK poses Changed: New TXA export interface Better general look - no longer need to expand right panel to see parameters Export profiles & diff poses are reliable stored in the file itself Ability to search through export profiles and diff poses
  10. Changelog (incremental from Stability Fixed: Crash when there is type mismatch in BTNode inputs Fixed: Crash on ResetVehicle not handling missing entity Fixed: Memory leak in scripted camera Fixed: Crash in audio caused by delays Fixed: Crash when BaseLoadoutClothComponent's area type is not set Fixed: Memory leak when server shutdowns immediately after creation Game Fixed: Login dialog password obfuscation Fixed: Explosions are now traced agains center of mass, not origin Fixed: Explosions would not be blocked by walls Tweaked: Damage computation for explosions Fixed: Avoid swapping ai movement component if the controlled entity is a player Fixed: Gamepad usage of GadgetMap (DPad Right + B) does not prevent GetOut action Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Task notification pop-up duplication when someone assigns/unassigns task Fixed: Missing penalty component to CombatOps Fixed: Weapon unequippable after being slinged and then moved in inventory to a different slot. Fixed: ScenarioFramework Deliver Intel glitch can cause Exfil task to appear Fixed: Game slowdown caused by shooting into water bodies (ponds, lakes, rivers), fixes incorrect behavior of water impact particles Tweaked: 2D Map - Update default values on Rasterization export Added: Conflict - MP serialization, client data (stored faction & rank)
  11. Arma Reforger Changelog Fixed: Misaligned and mispositioned zeroing setup for M60 and RPG Fixed: Player penalty system not registering some of the kills Fixed: Script leaks cleanup when compilation failed during OnAfterCompileScripts event Fixed: Missing ocean underwater PP for PIP sights Fixed: Tutorial - No available spawnpoint after resuming the scenario Fixed: Tutorial - Blinking map in deploy screen Tweaked: Normals on RPG ironsights Tweaked: Character should no longer be able to prone or roll into water Tweaked: Character roll while prone only when input is over 50% Changed: Analytics - Disabled playerSpawn + playerScore + playerDie events Added: Grass should be flattened in vehicles for passengers and shouldn't clip the vehicles
  12. Arma Reforger Changelog Fixed: 2D scopes persisting after death Fixed: Conflict - Radio boxes missing in HQ office buildings Fixed: Crash when destructible entity would get destroyed too soon Fixed: Possible crash on character init possible if animations data is inproper Fixed: Crash on detaching weapon Fixed: BaseLightManagerComponent reading past its buffer boundaries (happens with wrecked vehicles) Fixed: Crash when animating a door with BoneAnimated animation type without an animated mesh object Fixed: Registering kills when both the victim and the instigator were inside the same vehicle Fixed: Inability to construct Heavy Vehicle Depot on Soviet side Fixed: Some airport lights were too bright Fixed: M203 and GP25 zeroing position Fixed: Memory leak on dedicated server related to widgets Fixed: Focus in freelook by moving sight switching combo to Ctrl+RMB and RB + Left Trigger on gamepad Fixed: Improved door network synchronization Fixed: CarControllerInputs not default initialized possibly leading to unpredictable results Fixed: Crash when interrupting weapon switching Changed: Polished search lights for Uaz and Ural Tweaked: Don't animate door physics in the resource browser Removed: Weapon inspection rotate keybind that had no function
  13. Arma Reforger Changelog Fixed: Attempted fix of dedicated server freeze due to VME in Conflict
  14. We are receiving feedback about gankers/TeamKill, especially on Xbox servers. Main issue is that some of ways of killing people are not recognized by TK system - we call it "instigator" issues and some of those are being fixed for next update. Additionally kick logic is improved in 0.9.6 (pending to release on Xbox soon(tm)), this will allow players or TK system to remove annoying ganker for the whole session (now he can simply reconnect back) Another issue is destroying vehicles and damaging them - this is still being worked on and I cannot promise full solution just yet. It's useful when you can provide exact ways the gankers block other people, or missing ways of handling it. Best place to do it is feedback tracker, there is an option to mark ticket as not-publicly visible.
  15. Arma Reforger Changelog Fixed: Rolling in prone wasn't working Fixed: Turning left in trucks was less efficient than turning right Fixed: Incorrect outline/selection icons used for generic spawn points in respawn menu Fixed: Attached parts to equipable items inside the trunk are floating under the vehicle Fixed: Crash on GrenadeMoveComponent if there's no BaseTriggerComponent attached to the entity Fixed: Magazines swapping in weapon inspection Fixed: Heavy depot construction Fixed: Memory leaks in EventHandler Fixed: Double reporting of stall from source to services in the replication system Fixed: Sometimes disappearing character in first person view Fixed: IK settings of the left hand during prone Fixed: AI wasn't able to operate some turrets Fixed: Quick deploy is moved to respawn handler Fixed: Vehicle colliders setup could cause clipping when vehicles were colliding Fixed: Crash on changing zeroing or switching sights when there were no sights configured Changed: Enabled attach/detach user actions for magazines and rockets during weapon inspection Changed: Weapon gamemats tweaked to allow better penetration