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  1. Warlords

    This should already be possible via standard Action menu.
  2. Warlords

    Yeah that turned out to be a real problem in the code to pull out without issues so I scrapped that feature.
  3. Warlords

    @hydrobigbang Not sure which version is currently on the dev branch, but please check the status when the stable update comes out. @Shoppy Basically all of these things are customizable via scenario parameters in the lobby. Official server use default settings for pretty much everything though.
  4. Warlords

    Community wiki page will be updated when the update comes out.
  5. Warlords

    ANOTHER BATCH OF PRELIMIARY PATCHNOTES (1.90) Please keep in mind that not all of these might make it in the update. Tweaked: Asset requesting routines for AI Tweaked: Path planning routines for AI Fixed: Some modded planes would crash upon landing Fixed: Ejection seats and canvases from fighter jests no longer block runways Fixed: Some planes would need to double-take a landing Added: Unless their base is under attack, all playable units are now invulnerable after respawn until they leave the base (60 seconds maximum) Added: Individual asset lists Fixed: The mode would not work properly in singleplayer environment Changed: Arming mines in your own base is not allowed unless the base is under attack Fixed: It is now possible to get rid of vehicles (via Action menu) purchased by AI before player took control over that AI Fixed: Static defences are now properly calculated for the maximum amount of assets Changed: The team killing penalty duration is now increased progressively up to 5 minutes for each 3 player kills or 6 AI kills Added: Sector zone restriction border width is now customizable for each sector in the module window Fixed: Sector voting is now handled properly even if the only player who voted disconnects before the voting is finished Added: Maximum group size is now defined in the Warlords Init module Fixed: Fast travel to contested sector no longer lands you in water if there is land somewhere around the sector Added: You can now further customize various classes for dynamically spawned assets Added: 64 players version of Whole Altis scenario Added: 32 players version of Malden scenario Added: 32 players version of Stratis scenario Fixed: Helicopters would land on inconvenient locations when ordered from the airstrip in Tanoa (South) scenario Tweaked: Various sector and zone border sizes to avoid pointless zone restriction triggering Fixed: Various script errors Fixed: "Starting CP" parameter in the Warlords Init module would set up incorrect values for some settings
  6. Warlords

    Periodic cleanup of all weapon holders is incoming.
  7. Warlords

    These are things that are easily customizable as it is. You want to have vehicles as part of garrison? Place them in the editor. Not everything can be done automatically and if it can, it very rarely has as good results as scenarios hand-crafted by someone. Similarly, you want to have garrison in buildings? Feel free. It's not in vanilla because spending half an hour clearing a single sector in a small town from AI is not what Warlords is about. I'm sure there are plenty of great scenarios offering that kind of gameplay out there.
  8. Warlords

    I did briefly consider having garrison in buildings way back when I started working on the mode, but due to AI not being the best at clearing buildings and the amount of time required to clear out larger towns, particularly on Altis, this was not implemented.
  9. Warlords

    Would you say tanks popping up from the ground are more immersive? I mean there always will need to be some sort of compromise between realism and playability. All things considered I think the airdrop approach is the most feasible.
  10. Warlords

    I think the current implementation allows reasonably varied settings.
  11. Warlords

    It does not work if someone enables Revive in the parameters, other than that it should be working as far as I know.
  12. Warlords

    Not sure at this moment, the problem is that I can't use the X and Y axis parameters as triggers do since both of them need to have the same value. @Tyl3r99 It basically means that individual players can request different assets, for instance, you could have a playable crewman that can request tanks but not helicopters, and then a pilot who can request helicopters but not tanks etc.
  13. Warlords

    Yeah it seems to be wrong in the module config, I'll get that fixed. Thanks!
  14. Warlords

    Okay so the personal asset list implementation wasn't as complicated as I've anticipated, meaning that you will be able to use different requisition lists for individual players.
  15. Warlords

    Individual asset lists would require a pretty major changes in the code, but I will at least take a look at it and see if it could be done.