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  1. Warlords

    There are various failsafe mechanisms which should make the AI progress more reliable.
  2. Warlords

    This is all very well, but imagine being on the receiving end of an arty barrage. Even one battery is enough to effectively lock a faction's progress through the map. If they don't have the required assets at hand, they're simply stuck. I don't want the sessions to last hours and hours where everyone is either being killed from 15km away or hunting for a single vehicle on such massive landscapes. Of course it can provide some interesting emergent gameplay. Feel free to set up your own scenario which utilizes artillery, just don't expect to see it in the official scenarios any time soon.
  3. Warlords

    Check section 4 on this page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/MP_Warlords
  4. Warlords

    For the smaller-scale scenarios, I think 16 players is a reasonable limit. Only the whole Altis scenario currently supports up to 32 players and we'll be internally testing even a 64-player version.
  5. Warlords

    Similarly to potential overhaul of sector services mentioned earlier, incorporating HC support is a matter of the scope of future updates to the mode. If the playerbase is strong enough, we'll be able to invest more work into Warlords.
  6. Warlords

    I've decided to interfere with engine AI as little as possible. The benefit is that you can attack a sector stealthily without all AI units being automatically alerted to your presence, however with the drawback of situations like these. Is it possible they were trying to engage an enemy at that time or something like that? I will keep an eye out for this behavior anyway. This doesn't sound like something related to Warlords, probably your hardware acting up as you mentioned.
  7. Warlords

    Not currently. I understand that rectangular sectors would make more sense for some areas, but for various technical reasons the shape needs to be fixed as a square.
  8. Warlords

    The specific problem with Arsenal in that situation is that the AI you've taken control of has amassed a ridiculous amount of Command Points. This is to do with server configuration and we'll try to find some good settings so this does not happen. Further restrictions regarding Arsenal are not out of the question either.
  9. Warlords

    Feel free to leave your feedback on the new version of Warlords here. You can play the mode after switching to RC branch, code Arma3Update186RC.
  10. Warlords

    Custom asset lists will still be supported, of course. Warlords scenarios created with the Workshop version of the mode will have to be updated with new module classnames, but other than that I think they should work just fine.
  11. Warlords

    Not currently, no. Arsenal, Fast travel and Sector scan all have hard-coded costs.
  12. Warlords

    It seems there's something wrong with runway configurations on this map.
  13. Warlords

    It looks like something went wrong with determinating which asset an AI Warlord should request. Are you using a custom asset list by any chance?
  14. Combat Patrol

    Have you actually experienced AI spawning near you? I'm surprised beacause the town garrison spawns during objective init after location selection and then only reinforcements are being spawned, all of them very far from the AO.
  15. Combat Patrol

    Considering the mostly positive feedback we've been gathering, I can't agree with your opinion of CP being a "joke". Furthermore, we aren't aware of stealing anyone's mission idea. Combat Patrol has evolved from our internal MOUT training scenario (further details in the recent OPREP) and while it's true there are various usermade sandbox patrol missions, it's only natural that we are experimenting with this format as well as many others. As for you next point, I'm afraid we can't relocate any of the programmers working on Combat Patrol to "start fixing the game" since there are none - it's just myself as the scripter and a few designers currently working on it. Have a nice day.