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  1. Line Drawing

    Thanks for letting us know, will be fixed in the next dev branch update.
  2. Hi community! For the upcoming main branch update we've reworked the MP Score Table. You can already try it out on the dev branch. The changes are rather technical than visual, but definitely bring some opportunities. Here are the most important changes: The Score Table was converted from hardcoded display to a standard one (RscDisplayMPScoreTable), so modifications became easier. It was made fully interactive, so it is not only capable of displaying more players, but also offers the possibility to add interactive controls. Two new scripting commands showScoretable and shownScoretable were introduced. Your feedback and ideas will be appreciated! Former Score Table: New Score Table:
  3. Difficulty Overhaul

    They are described here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Difficulty_Menu#Difficulty_Presets The descriptions and explanatory images are currently available only on the dev branch.
  4. Difficulty Overhaul

    Good point:) aiLevelPreset is counted from 0 and can have following values: 0 - AI Level Low 1 - AI Level Normal 2 - AI Level High 3 - AI Level Custom (Values of skill and precision are stored to the profile to the class CustomAILevel under class DifficultyPresets). Will add it to the documentation.
  5. Difficulty Overhaul

    The config placed in game's data, that contains CfgDifficultyPresets class. It's placed in data_f.pbo
  6. Difficulty Overhaul

    To make things a bit clear - the Arma 3 Difficulty Menu page mentions config classes, not content of the profile. Will try to emphasize it on the page to prevent further confusion. The mentioned classes/parameters are correct and valid for the config. Information mentioned on the server.armaprofile page in part Arma 3 are not valid for the profile. Somebody copy-pasted the config classes there, that won't work with in the profile. Will update the page.
  7. Difficulty Overhaul

    Unfortunately this is unintentional behavior - the Difficulty button in Game Options dialogue should be enabled when not in the mission. Sorry for the inconvenience, we're working on the fix.
  8. Difficulty Overhaul

    I've added first part of documentation to the Arma 3 Difficulty Menu wiki page. Hope that together with Difficulty Overhaul Overview it will help a bit.
  9. Difficulty Overhaul

    You can add your own difficulty presets to CfgDifficultyPresets and then use them in the missions cycle in server config. Avoid using the name Custom for your classes, since this is a reserved one. Loading of own custom classes from the profile doesn't work anymore.
  10. Difficulty Overhaul

    Hi community! We decided to release second batch of difficulty changes well ahead of the Apex release, in the upcoming 1.58 update. It is still work-in-progress, but you can try it out on the dev branch right now. Check out the details on the Community Wiki.
  11. Difficulty Overhaul

    Exactly as you say. It already works this way in dev branch.
  12. Difficulty Overhaul

    Good point. It already is on our list :)
  13. Difficulty Overhaul

    When you switch the AI Level to Custom, the Skill and Precision sliders appear and can be adjusted ;)
  14. Difficulty Overhaul

    Definitely, it's already in our battle plan :)
  15. Difficulty Overhaul

    Besides that, there was an unwanted dependency we wanted to fix: If both "Extended HUD Info" and "Permanent Extended HUD Info" were disabled, group indicators didn't show up even if "HUD Show Group" was enabled, which was confusing. This is now fixed and functionality of this option is going to be extended.