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  1. bis_iceman


    Full SITREP
  2. bis_iceman


    Full SITREP
  3. bis_iceman

    Development Branch Changelog

    28-08-2018 EXE rev. 144976 (game) EXE rev. 144976 (launcher) Size: ~348 MB DATA Fixed: Kerry's backpack was missing its camo selection in the last resolution LOD Tweaked: Goals now collapse on collisions with vehicles Showcases (potential spoilers) ENGINE Added: These diagnostics have been enabled in the Diagnostics Executable: Normal, Roadway, Geometry, ViewGeometry, FireGeometry, Paths, ShadowVolume, ShadowBuffer, and Buoyancy.
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  5. bis_iceman

    Development Branch Changelog

    22-08-2018 EXE rev. 144959 (game) EXE rev. 144959 (launcher) Size: ~155.6 MB DATA Fixed: Backlit buttons on the steering wheel of the MB 4WD did not move along with the vehicle Tweaked: The legs of Zafir’s bipod were too short Showcases (potential spoilers) ENGINE Added: New damper1, damper2, and damper3 sound controllers for vehicles
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    Full SITREP
  7. bis_iceman

    Development Branch Changelog

    16-08-2018 EXE rev. 144945 (game) EXE rev. 144945 (launcher) Size: ~96 MB DATA Tweaked: Range of the APERS Mine Dispenser was adjusted (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T131505) Fixed: AAF and CSAT Cargo Nets had incorrect Laser Designators in their inventories Tweaked: The "headgear_placeholder" and "equip_placeholder" models were updated Fixed: Incorrect camo selection of US Assault Pack (Kerry) in resolution LODs (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T131466) Fixed: Ghost Hawk LOD issues ENGINE Fixed: Command line duplication after a Dedicated Server restarts due to the missionToServerRestart command
  8. bis_iceman


    Full SITREP
  9. bis_iceman

    Development Branch Changelog

    07-08-2018 EXE rev. 144927 (game) EXE rev. 144927 (launcher) Size: ~875 MB DATA Tweaked: Headlights of the Van would have too little reach (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T131305) Added: Current fire mode indicator to the UI of mortars Fixed: The camera on the Mk45 gun could not move vertically Fixed: Camera rotation sensitivity on the VLS platform was too high Added: Wide zoom level and NV vision mode to Blackfish gun cameras Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_showSubtitles function was updated (optional parameter that forces subtitles to display through titleRsc added to retain old functionality). It is turned off by default, as such subtitles would collide with subtitles displayed by the BIS_fnc_kbTell function. Tweaked: Animated chain on the Kart model using UVAnimations (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/UVAnimations) Fixed: Ammo boxes from which all items were removed in the editor were not exported empty by the BIS_fnc_3DENExportSQF function Fixed: The Kart engine sound position was offset Fixed: Random object position (achieved by connecting it to markers) was ignored in scenarios exported by BIS_fnc_3DENExportSQF Fixed: Helicopters placed in the air were not flying in a scenario exported by BIS_fnc_3DENExportSQF The East Wind (potential spoilers) ENGINE No EXE changes
  10. bis_iceman


    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  11. bis_iceman

    Development Branch Changelog

    25-07-2018 No new EXEs Size: ~1.3 GB DATA Tweaked: The fuel capacities for Sentinel UAV, Falcon UAV, and Caesar plane were adjusted Tweaked: AI controlling SAM sites, CIWS and launch systems will now track targets faster Fixed: A leg of the T-100 driver was clipping (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127779) Tweaked: The fuel capacity for the SDV was increased Tweaked: AI on some sensor-equipped ground vehicles and aircraft should better utilize target info from sensors Fixed: Various issues on the Jets DLC bonus content assets Tac-Ops Mission Pack (potential spoilers) Apex protocol (potential spoilers) Showcases (potential spoilers) ENGINE No EXE changes
  12. bis_iceman

    Experimental Ports Release Announcements

    The experimental ports have been updated to version 1.82. They now include Tanks DLC and are also temporarily compatible with the Windows main-branch (at least until the release of the next - 1.84 - update). Visit the updated overview page, Community Wiki known issues and tips, and let us know your feedback!
  13. bis_iceman

    Development Branch Changelog

    18-07-2018 EXE rev. 144914 (game) EXE rev. 144914 (launcher) Size: ~1.5 GB DATA Tweaked: AI delay between shots for vehicle-mounted SPG and Vorona Fixed: AI didn't want to use SPG against nearby targets Fixed: Vanilla transport helicopters should no longer do dive attacks Tweaked: Improved config inheritance of default environment spatial sounds (Tanoa / Malden) Tweaked: AK-12 hand animations were improved Added: Front lights for the pilots of the WY-55 Hellcat Fixed: The collision lights action for the pilots of the WY-55 Hellcat was missing Tweaked: The weapon Info Panel was removed from the static radar optics Tweaked: Detection ranges against terrain background of vanilla ground-based radars were adjusted Fixed: Various issues on the Jets DLC bonus content assets Eden Editor Fixed: Editor previews for Tanks DLC dirt patches were missing Added: Eden Editor attributes for door & solar panel hiding to Medical Tent Fixed: Scenarios exported by the BIS_fnc_3DENExportSQF function caused a script error when a drone was present Tweaked: BIS_fnc_3DENExportSQF now executes init fields only after all entities are created, so they can be referenced Fixed: Tank Engine (Used) had an incorrect Editor preview picture The East Wind (potential spoilers) ENGINE Tweaked: Target registration by the SAM sites is now faster Fixed: Gunner turret searchlights would not follow turret movement (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T118330)
  14. bis_iceman


    Full SITREP
  15. bis_iceman

    Development Branch Changelog

    10-07-2018 EXE rev. 144906 (game) EXE rev. 144906 (launcher) Size: ~656 MB DATA Fixed: RPT file error connected to the SPG-9 Fixed: The IDAP skin for the Zamak Water Truck was not localized properly Tweaked: The MFD damage indicator in the cockpit of the Shikra airplane is now working correctly Fixed: The Car-95 GL reload sound was incorrect (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T131104) Added: An ability to export editor scenarios to SQF script. Calling such script will dynamically recreate the scenario (known issues: waypoints cannot be attached to objects / position randomization of objects by connecting them to markers doesn't seem to work correctly). Fixed: There were some rogue components in the AH-9 PhysX LOD Fixed: camo selections in the pilot & cargo LODs of the unarmed Hellcat were incorrect (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T130858) Fixed: Incorrect camo selection in the 2nd resolution LOD of Zamak MRL Tweaked: Lowered priority of the "Unload Incapacitated" action Tweaked: The opened message box is now stored in the uiNamespace under the "openedMsgBox" variable Added: A new RscControlsTable base class Fixed: Various issues on the Jets DLC bonus content assets ENGINE Tweaked: Grass is no longer obstructing missile locking