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  1. I've been experimenting with the Tanks DLC on Dev-Branch for a couple of weeks now. I'd like to kindly add my opinion on how ground vehicles, especially armored vehicles and tanks, are controlled in relation to third person camera positioning. Right now, if I am controlling an armored vehicle in third-person, the camera is constantly changing its zoom automatically depending on nearby objects around the vehicle. This automatic zoom-in/zoom-out of the 3PP camera is highly disorienting and results in collisions with buildings and trees as well as my tank being shot by enemy vehicles in scenarios and editor missions while testing, events that would have been fully preventable if I had a steady camera view and camera angle being maintained while driving my vehicle near objects around the vehicle (houses/trees/hils etc...). Also, the 3PP camera angle is far too low in the Z-axis (height relative to ground), and a bit too far to the rear of the vehicle in the X/Y-axes. It would be much easier to command, drive, and be a gunner in armored vehicles/tanks, if the 3PP camera was higher in the air, angled more towards the ground in-front of the vehicle, and a bit closer to the turret of the vehicle being used. The best third-person camera (3PP) system in a realistic game with armored vehicles being controlled by the player can be seen in the game 'War Thunder'. I highly encourage the developers of this Tanks DLC to install War Thunder on PC and try operating an armored ground vehicle from the third-person camera in that game, it is far superior to Arma 3's 3PP camera perspective and doesn't automatically zoom-in or zoom-out due to nearby objects around the vehicle. Also, when you zoom in to the maximum level in third-person mode in War Thunder, the camera position is just above the turret of the tank, which is great for driving/fighting in dense urban areas or forests. I would be thrilled, and greatly relieved, if an improved 3PP camera perspective and viewing options was implemented in Arma 3 Tanks DLC as a free platform update. For people who prefer the Arma 3 vehicle 3PP camera as it is now, perhaps the updated "War Thunder-like" 3PP camera can be toggled on/off as an option in Arma 3's Options --> Game settings menu. Thanks for your time, and keep up the great work, BI devs! :) <3
  2. Yopoman

    Tanks - Damage improvements

    THANK YOU, SO VERY MUCH BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE DEVELOPERS! I've been waiting for enhanced armored vehicle damage simulation since Operation Flashpoint came out. This is the most exciting new feature added to the simulation in years, thank you so much!
  3. Yopoman

    Arma continued to sell well in 2017

    Thank you, Bohemia Interactive for continuing to support and release amazing new content for this incredible game! :)
  4. To the BI devs, I sincerely thank you for this visual upgrade of the AO system! I've wanted this type of improvement to interior lighting in Arma 3 since v1.60 was released and this is a vast improvement. It used to be quite visually jarring to me that the interior of buildings with small windows seemed to be flooded with fluorescent lights, now it looks far more natural. I definitely approve of this visual upgrade, thanks for working on this and I look forward to further developments and improvements.
  5. I'm getting the same memory crash as the OP, same exact error message pops-up. I'm not playing multiplayer at all though, I'm just playing single player scenarios, challenges, and showcases and this game crash occurs causing a CTD and that error message. I hope it gets fixed soon, thank you OP for calling attention to this.
  6. The second method you suggested worked really well, Jakerod. Only problem is that now the BLUFOR is moving to the player and standing there if they spot him before activating the trigger probably because the player is set as captive. I'm going to play around with it some more to see if I can get this working 100%. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks everyone!
  7. Thanks! I'll give these a try tonight. :)
  8. I've searched the forum and have not found what I'm after, I've also read through the BI Wiki and Armaholic resources and can't find anything, so here's what I need help with... I'm making a mission in A2:OA where the player is a civilian that spawns outside a heavily secured BLUFOR airbase and has the objectives of infiltrating and blowing up 4 empty helicopters. I want the player to be fired upon and hunted down by BLUFOR if they cross into the base perimeter. I'd like to use a trigger whose circumference is the base perimeter. I made a trigger and set it to be activated by CIVILIAN, ONCE. I tried adding the "joinSilent" trick in the trigger activation line and made the player join an OPFOR sniper outside the base but not only did it just instantly join the player at the start of the mission but I'd like the player to be solo. Does anyone know of a way (possibly using triggers) I can make the BLUFOR hunt down the civi player when they cross the base perimeter? Thank you for your help. I'm an editing noob so every setting in the trigger parameters I would use I'd like to know, the more detail the better. EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED!!! How to use a trigger to make BLUFOR/OPFOR attack Civilian Player... 1. Create a trigger and group it to the civilian player. 2. Set trigger activation to group individual only. 3. Set trigger to occur only once. 4. Condition= this 5. Activation= player addRating -10000 6. Now you have a "no go" zone which will cause the units to attack the player if the enter it, the bounds of which are set by the trigger size.