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  1. This is not a good solution at all, considering that having an enemy unit present in your base might set off unwanted triggers that the mission maker intended for other purposes. I too hate the cheaters/hackers pissing on our beloved game but it's a rather delicate issue to deal with. It's one that can't be sorted by wearing hockey gloves at the recording studio mixing table. :j:
  2. A great addon! Thanks for your fine piece of work :)


    Would it be possible to get access to the Sahrani only map somehow? Me and the boys are feeling nostalgic... :) Cheers

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    I really like where this is going :) Great work!
  5. As a veteran OFP/ArmA player I think the movement is almost perfect now. It's so easy to move around inside buildings (don't run ffs!) and I won't get stuck in doorways anymore when entering a room with potential hostiles. Greatness! :)
  6. Thanks for the script, Riouken! It works really well and saves a lot of time after spawn/respawn. One question though: Is there some trick to getting the NLAW ammo saved to a loadout? I don't seem to be able to get it right.. Cheers! :)

    =BTC= TK punishment script

    Thanks for this script! Something had to be done and this is a step in the right direction. I'm using your script in the current co-op mission I'm working on.
  8. Cheers for all the healthy discussions going on :) It's nice to see that most people in here acknowledge the problem and want it to be addressed. Yesterday we saw someone on our server "cloning" already connected players, walking around with their player name but not appearing in the #userlist. What's up with that? Have you guys seen this?

    Squad.xml not working properly

    Our squad.xml works fine too. The squad logo appears in the player info box and on helicopters for example. Not edited since ArmA 2.
  10. Yes, we decided to go public for the good of the community since there wasn't that many open servers running. Indeed, we do decide who plays on the server. It's just that our admins got tired of kicking and banning people after a while. It should not have to be a full time job being an admin in a reasonably grown-up community. Your alpha argument is ridiculous. Still, you're welcome to play on our server anytime and maybe you can give our admins some pointers.
  11. Yesterday I was playing a custom co-op mission with my squad mates on our server "XSYS Sweden", and we were oh so excited to finally get our hands on the game! We were having a blast with all the new toys and just watching the scenery and hearing the much improved sounds. After some tweaking we even got the new stance settings sorted and were able to make use of this while taking on the OPFOR AI. Everything was perfect and we were a really happy bunch. Then we unlocked the server and let the pubs in... I don't know if I'm getting old and cranky but what the hell is wrong with some people? We could not start a single game without someone teamkilling half of the team at the beginning or destroying our vehicles on purpose. Not mention the voip spamming and placing satchels that blew up our weapon crates. And it's not like these people got bored after having played "normally" for a while and wanted to take a piss for fun. No, they got right to it after spawning in. I fail to see the point in "playing" this great game like this. Of course there are a few rotten eggs for every online game but what we saw was 30 or more offenders displaying this behaviour during yesterday evening. Quite sickening to say the least. I wonder if they are 'imports' from the DayZ community or where are they coming from? It doesn't seem like the OFP-Armed Assault-ArmA 2 crowd, that's for sure. Anyone else seeing the same thing online? I'm starting to think we are stupid for putting up a public server for people to enjoy...:confused: / ]NTRUDER
  12. Well, for starters I would think the A3 addons/assets are named differently which would require some extensive editing all over the mission.sqm file.
  13. I suggest you start treating your fellow forum members with respect. Store issue or no store issue - name calling for no reason will most likely not benefit your case. Good luck with your purchase of A3.
  14. What a nice and friendly comment, dear newcomer.