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  1. Drongo's Air Support

    Rapport established...... I didn't realise how far you'd developed it. Really impressive stuff Drongo.
  2. My journey for Arma3 modding

    That's a very nice start to your journey I'd say. Great looking model so far.
  3. ArmaRig for Blender

    Thanks foxhound. I'll put that link into the first post.
  4. Looks like that issue is resolved. Newest post is showing up. Thank you.
  5. One of my recent posts is hidden for some reason, and in a thread I created too. Seems a bit strange. Is there some kind of auto-moderation going on?
  6. ArmaRig for Blender

    @Gstavo I don't have access to the files. And I'm not sure if their being binarised would make that possible, or legal. Just in case you think I'm ignoring you. Update: One of the members here, "Love burns", informed me about an issue they were having with the camera position in custom animations. So I added a camera bone into the rig. Apparently this seemed to sort their issue out. So the first thread has been updated to reflect this. A lot of people use the rig for static screenshots and hand anims. Where the player's viewpoint isn't a factor. So that explains why I haven't had reports about the issue. Not that I remember at least.
  7. Most people do. But the main reason we're here is to discuss the games with other people. Or learn something new. There's more people out there still playing and modding OFP than you probably think. As often happens ,they've splintered into smaller communities, which don't always interact. And many of them don't visit this site on a regular basis. Looking at multiplayer servers or the lack of therein, doesn't give a full picture either. That just tells you how many are playing it online actively. At this point that's a very small number. Not everyone favours the multiplayer experience though. And they likely aren't factored into that. I'm one of those people. I'd have no problem playing a session if the opportunity arises. But I'm happy tinkering with the engine for the most part. So. At least with the club you've got a place where you don't have to explain why you're still interested in such an old title. Unless you feel like it. The OFP club could use a few discussions anyway. It's not easy to get a bunch of die-hards chatting.
  8. If you want to chat about the game, then why not start a thread in the club section? It's not exactly a hive of activity. But I'm up for having a conversation. Especially if it's related to modding.
  9. Cave System

    Great idea. I think the AI may well have the same problem their predecessors did though. That being, they don't handle being "indoors" terribly well. Path finding may go haywire or lead to other unpredictable behaviour. But even so, it's nice to see someone else going down a less travelled modding path. And of course that kind of setting wouldn't be an issue for players.
  10. Star wars: Hoth themed addons

    Cheers mate. Very kind of you. I'm probably jumping the gun. As I still have quite a few anims to convert. But I'm setting some up for your ties right now. They're a bit bigger than the default units. But I'll get em in. As for the textures. Except for the ambient occlusion base, they're done by hand. I simply started with a near black base color. Just enough to suggest the right shade. But not so much I couldn't have any shadow. From there it's essentially white lines placed to suggest shape. Then blended. The helmet in particular had most of the painting done in Blender, rather than GIMP or Photoshop.
  11. Star wars: Hoth themed addons

    https://imgur.com/a/cGsFd Just in case there's any doubt about these units actually functioning. If nothing else it shows them in game and in motion. Apart from that, they should operate like any other unit. The only major differences, from defaults, are the meshes and the animations that drive them.
  12. Star wars: Hoth themed addons

    That's very kind of you to say spad. Thanks. Although I wouldn't consider myself courageous. A glutton for punishment maybe.
  13. It's obvious the newer titles need a beefier system to operate well. So I think there's nothing wrong, in principle, with having an option like OFP/CWA still on the table. I'm not a dyed in the wool gamer. Not anymore at least. I used to regularly upgrade my hardware so I could keep up with the latest games. But not these days. Most of what I do is modding for my own enjoyment. And OFP/CWA is simply less frustrating to work with. And of course it's also fairly light on system resources. And it's because of OFP that I bought into the series, with the exception of A3. Were it not for that, my money would've went elsewhere. I've experimented with them, but they aren't anywhere near as easy to manage for an enthusiast. It's nice to have the original title to fall back on. And it still keeps me connected to the Arma series, even if it's in a peripheral sense. I'm not taking anything away from people who prefer the new titles. And in some cases I've managed to assist some of them with their own projects. OFP still being around might keep some folks interested enough, that if they do upgrade, they may shell out for the latest game. In fact I've seen that happen. I don't expect the company to devote time to it though. Other than acknowledging it's existence. If they were to add a few extra bits n pieces it would be appreciated. But they want to push people towards buying the newer titles to keep the economic ball rolling. Releasing source code, assuming that's what you mean, might not be a good idea from their point of view. Especially if the series is based off RV1. Perhaps if they move onto a fundamentally different engine, that might be viable. But who knows when that would be?
  14. I suspect you already know that making demands is not going to work. OFP/CWA has lasted a lot longer than most games do. And technically it's not "dead". It's code. It's just not as popular as it once was. Which is par for the course with any past-time. As much as I love tinkering with it, I wouldn't expect a company to drop what ever else they're doing to tweak an already niche game, for a small audience.
  15. Star wars: Hoth themed addons

    Some small progress with the tie and rebel a-wing pilots. Textures for the most part.