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  1. Macser

    OFP Addon request thread

    http://www.modify-the-game.com/OFP/Nam.html You could try that page. 6th link from the top. Seems to be working.
  2. Macser

    Making a unit surrender

    https://dropmefiles.com/yPZDZ Try that out. I'm not a mission maker, or scripter. It's using what was posted earlier in the thread. There are some small issues you might have. Certain animations can only be called with switchmove. The problem with that command, is that it's instantaneous. There's no lead in, or out. Unfortunately the surrender anims are affected by this. So the movement will appear very sudden and "snappy".
  3. Macser

    OFP videography

    I'm surprised at how good it turned out. Obviously the OFP visuals are an acquired taste. But there's a lot to be said for decent characters, a narrative and some great voice acting. Personally, if I had to make a choice between the look and those elements, I'd go with the latter.
  4. The problem, as I see it, would be the triggers. Or rather the simplicity of the triggers. Try this out. I'm not much of a mission designer, but maybe it'll get you moving. I figure it's better than trying to explain it. https://dropmefiles.com/YDjPF
  5. Macser


    Sorry I didn't see this sooner. But I think my reply is relevant. It's a list of animations that "flow" into and out of each other. At first glance it seems like a long string of info, like one massive sentence. But a closer look shows that there are distinct groupings, or blocks. Example: "Combat","CombatReloadMagazine",2,"CombatReloadMagazine","Combat",2, Put simply, this tells the engine that "Combat" flows directly into "Combatreloadmagazine", and back again, when you reload. The numerical values after the animation state don't seem to have an appreciable effect on their own. None that I noticed at least. Of course that begs the question; why bother if the states in CfgMoves already have entries for connectTo[] and connectFrom[]? And which takes precedence? I don't know to be honest. The connections are laid out in a sequential fashion. Which is easier/faster to read than editing each state. With that said, I've rarely done much with it.
  6. Macser

    Red Hammer II **Project Release**

    I used an old cheat code, as listed in my last post. Otherwise it won't advance. Not in my experience anyway.
  7. Setunitpos "up" in a unit's init field, keeps them standing even with enemy units at close range. At least it does for me. I can't shed any light on group link though.
  8. Macser

    M4's for weapon Individualism

    http://ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk/9816-stgn-s-sopmod-m4a1-pack-v-0-98.html That's one of the last places where you'll find OFP addons and mods. I recommend bookmarking it.
  9. Macser

    ArmaRig for Blender

    Hey Mr.H. Nothing wrong with questions. That's how we find answers. It's by no means a perfectly constructed rig. But you can switch off the childof constraints at any time. And can even key-frame the constraint itself. If you've not key-framed the weapon bone, then it will return to the default position in game. Which appears to be the case in your image. If you've actually switched off the child constraints, then the hands should not be following the weapon bone at all. Does it look very different in the Blender viewport? I'm open to correction on this of course, but I don't believe there's a dedicated bone for handguns. There's a proxy. But without an actual bone it's not possible to animate handguns as a separate object, in the way you would launchers and rifles.There's no selections in the example files I used to construct the rig.Nothing relating to handguns.
  10. Macser

    Red Hammer II **Project Release**

    I got that too. But I decided to do something I don't usually. Use a cheat. It'd be nice to get a fix, but you never know when the author will pop back up. Press down the left shift key and the minus key onthe numpad, at the same time. Then release. After which you enter "endmission". If nothing else it'll allow you to progress. Although I seem to remember it happening again later.
  11. Macser

    OFP Addon request thread

    @d4rkchocolate Try in here: http://ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk/addons/weapons.html?start=30
  12. In case anyone is interested, I've progressed this project with help from Nerv. He'd already ported many of the A2 anims and made them compatible with OFP. I've made a lot of tweaks and even added some of my own animations. And thanks to Faguss too. His coding skills made a particular part of the work go much faster. Long story short, it's sorted.
  13. Macser

    How to make an addon

    If you want the faces to randomly select from the default range, then the face texture should be xicht_a.paa. I think xicht_2a.paa will also work. The head and hands using these textures should be part of the "osobnost" selection. The entire head should also be part of the "Mireni" selection for the first Res lod. Otherwise you'll see the inside of the character's head while in a vehicle. Counter-intuitively, the engine uses the first res lod while in vehicles, rather than view pilot. Also make sure your model has an entry for CfgModels. That's obviously the non-scripted version. But there are addons out there like facetex that have their own scripting built in. But would require you to modify your character to accommodate a custom head model.
  14. Macser

    Game Schedule with Fwatch

    I've tried out the sheduler, and it runs just as advertised. Downloaded and installed the necessary files to get me sorted out. It's also very easy to use. Excellent work sir. 👍