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  1. Macser

    Sights are off

    Like Krzy said. There's no point trying to get it pixel perfect. You can get close though, with a bit of patience. He's probably spent more time looking into that kind of thing than I have. :)
  2. Macser

    Sights are off

    There's a couple of programs I've used. Pantool and Paatool. I usually use Pantool for creating optics. It tends to give me the results I want without messing around with settings.
  3. Macser

    Sights are off

    I just use GIMP or any other decent editor for mine. You should be dealing with no more than a few pixels. The center should be the center of the image. But it can be slightly different depending on how the sight looks.
  4. Macser

    Sights are off

    Are your sights custom or default? As they're images it's possible to get the centering wrong.
  5. Macser

    Trying to install Mastertronic GOTY version

    That sounds an awful lot like a problem I had in the past. It was as Zulu mentioned. A small amount of damage on the disc I was installing from. On a side note, there's no major difference between the original version and 1.99. Not as far as the player's concerned. Nostalgia should be unaffected once you get into the campaign. I wish you luck finding a solution nonetheless. 🙂
  6. Macser

    OFP Addon request thread

    I thought the version in OFP was the first production model M2. Incorrectly labelled as the M2A2. My version you're talking about is an M2A2.
  7. Just passin by, thought I'd stick my nose in... Shouldn't the landcontact points only be where you would actually contact the ground? Those points sitting near the hull may be confusing the engine.
  8. Never Mind. Nothing to see here.
  9. Macser

    No prone and no crawling

    That's the animation played while you have no weapons. Are you sure that's what you want to change? I wasn't aware the terminators went prone...
  10. There's nothing conspiratorial or theoretical about UFOs as far as I'm concerned. They are exactly what the acronym suggests. Otherwise they wouldn't be referred to as such. Unfortunately there's a lot of baggage with that particular description. It's likely discouraged many honest, observant people from ever reporting what they've seen. 🙂 Public and scientific dismissal, out of hand, has been the norm. And of course ridicule. Considering the depth of the phenomenon and the confirmation by the US navy recently , it's surprising people still have such an attitude. Old habits die hard I suppose. The evidence is pointing to something unusual being in the skies around the world. What it is, is open to debate. But we certainly will never know if serious unbiased investigation is avoided at every opportunity.
  11. Macser

    OFP Addon request thread

    http://www.modify-the-game.com/OFP/Nam.html You could try that page. 6th link from the top. Seems to be working. In fact, check out Faguss's website for a compilation of links to existing OFP related sites. https://ofp-faguss.com/links
  12. Macser

    Making a unit surrender

    https://dropmefiles.com/yPZDZ Try that out. I'm not a mission maker, or scripter. It's using what was posted earlier in the thread. There are some small issues you might have. Certain animations can only be called with switchmove. The problem with that command, is that it's instantaneous. There's no lead in, or out. Unfortunately the surrender anims are affected by this. So the movement will appear very sudden and "snappy".
  13. Macser

    OFP videography

    I'm surprised at how good it turned out. Obviously the OFP visuals are an acquired taste. But there's a lot to be said for decent characters, a narrative and some great voice acting. Personally, if I had to make a choice between the look and those elements, I'd go with the latter.
  14. The problem, as I see it, would be the triggers. Or rather the simplicity of the triggers. Try this out. I'm not much of a mission designer, but maybe it'll get you moving. I figure it's better than trying to explain it. https://dropmefiles.com/YDjPF