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  1. Macser

    Operation Autumn Forge

    😄 At this point, OFP is retro style. I remember that mod you mention. I thought it might've been Mercer. But he probably would've mentioned it to you. I think Prof tournesol did something similar to see how unit numbers affected frame rate. He went pretty low on the detail as I recall. But it didn't increase performance much. I assume the AI itself is still a big drain, regardless of model complexity.
  2. That's the latest version. 2.93. It dropped win 7 support. But the earlier versions should be ok. I think you'd be safe enough with something like version 2.8.
  3. Macser

    How do I define unique voices?

    That mod likely did what most do. Repath from default sounds to a set of their own. Of course there is the CfgVoice class in the config too. Which has elements referenced in CfgFaces. Speaker=Whatever. But I haven't explored it personally. So I can't say how much that would actually allow you to do. There is also a Voice.PBO in the DTA directory. This is the source for the sounds referenced in the Cfgvoice class. So perhaps it might be possible to create a new "character". I don't know.
  4. Macser

    ArmaRig for Blender

    The first page has been updated with some new information. Links have been refreshed and one addition has been made.
  5. Macser

    ArmaRig for Blender

    The first page has been updated with a couple of links.
  6. Macser

    ArmaRig for Blender

    Sorry I haven't replied sooner. I haven't experienced any problems while moving the fingers. Could you cite an example of what you mean?
  7. Macser

    How to make an addon

    Ok. Well that's the best place to start. Weapons are a great introduction to addons, as they're relatively simple to get working. I'd suggest going with that first.
  8. Macser

    How to make an addon

    I know "mod" and "addon" can be interchangeable words in other communities. But generally "addon" refers to smaller projects. Like weapons, vehicles or characters. "mod" usually refers to something larger that affects gameplay, or the overall look of the menus. As well as adding new content. If you know how to make a self-contained addon, you have the basic knowledge to make a mod. How far have you gotten with brsseb's tutorials? Did you successfully complete them?
  9. Macser

    ArmaRig for Blender

    It's not exactly ideal. And would mean messing about with some of the other bones in the chain. If you select the hand bone and hit Shift-S "cursor to selected", that should give you a good location. Then select the ik target, for the hand, and hit Shift-S again. This time choose "Selection to cursor". After that reactivate the ik constraint if it was inactive.
  10. Macser

    How to make an addon

    That tutorial is for a much older version of Blender. 🙂 What do you mean by advanced exactly?
  11. Macser

    The Code Blue Thread

    Most of the links on threads of that era, and older, would be gone. Not surprising. The links to the beta addons, on Ofpinfo seem to be ok though.
  12. Macser

    Silent War: Polish-Belarusian Conflict

    I've been playin around with the addons in the editor. Very high quality work all round. Even for a "teaser" there's enough there for a mission builder to create some decent missions. Kudos to all involved. 😉
  13. Macser

    ArmaRig for Blender

    I'm not sure. What method are you using to export? BVH? Or the arma toolbox? Secondly, I don't recognise that rig. Maybe it's the modified one Ruff posted above? @ruff It'll work where ever a bone in the rtm matches a bone in the armature. But not the ik targets (red triangles in this case). You could try snapping the ik target to the hand bone after import.
  14. Macser

    Silent War: Polish-Belarusian Conflict

    👍Excellent. I've been looking forward to tryin this out.
  15. Macser

    ArmaRig for Blender

    If you mean the script on github, I'm familiar with it. It works fine, but it can't deal with Inverse kinematics. Which is presumably why the constraints are disabled by default on import. If you don't, you get quite a mess. Because the Ik targets have no key frames within the rtms to drive them. So nothing is "broken". It's behaving as expected. It's not a simple process to build the rig to accommodate rtm import and retain IK functionality. Although it's possible.