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  1. This error is related to Visual C++ Redistributable. (2005 i think) Reinstalling that and/or the tools should fix it. Sorry its so late, however i thought it may be useful to have an answer to save more posts on the same thing.

    Head/bysta Proxy position?

    Just needed a model.cfg that worked for the separate "mod" that was the head. I had bashed one together and missed a few key components I believe. I had things defined here and there, conflicting configs etc. Im just not a coder, it stresses me out :)

    I have problem with my model

    Okay a few things can make this happen. Have you MOVED anything in the model manually? if you have, all the animations will no longer match up. and you get that problem. This means SCALE, MOVE, ROTATE etc. all the parts must remain in there original position. (unless you want t make animations). If Some of the NameSelections like "head" ... "Left_Up_Arm" are wrong. can make problems. If you are using custom animation this may be what make the problem. If you have used a different size skeleton/pivotsmodel and normal size animations. Hope that helps. SPAWN

    STALKERGB's Weighting overview

    Yes youv got the right idea. If you have made LOD 0/1 you can Duplicate that and reduce ploys. Just remember that sometimes the LODs change, Like with a MAN the head is not in LODs 1 and 2, instead there is a head PROXY, and on LOD3 there IS a modeled head. Best thing you can do, is also open a BIS Example Character/Model at the side and compare as you go. Cheers

    Head/bysta Proxy position?

    Nevermind, fixed it. works fine now
  6. x\path to file\file.sqf" Where you say X, do you have a drive letter based path here. all paths should either start "\addonname\filename" or "addonname\filename" there is never a P:\ or whatever. to LOAD a script use the ExecVM for example, depends what the script is.
  7. thanks for the reply, Well i made a larger character and animations, and head. My problem is i cant get the head to work :( im not sure if to config them as 2 separate addons, or "allinone". and im not sure iv got the config entirely correct. iv had a few people out my group look at it, but its not somthing they are familiar with. Im confused very much with CFGFACES, CFGHEADS, CFGIDENTITIES , "facetype" and a lot of other things.
  8. Iv been trying to put this together now for about 3 or 4 days and still had no luck. Can i please send my files to (you) someone so they can have a look. it would be easier than going through all my configs yet again and all the tiny changes iv tried. and then you explaining to me what i need, only for me to be confused. Please, somebody download my models and configs and fix them for me :( here is a DL link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_nvAx6VepYKM3N4bnkwUW5oQUE/edit?usp=sharing In return i would be happy to help you in anything i can (3d modeling or whatever you need). Thanks a lot SPAWN

    Head/bysta Proxy position?

    okay iv made a new head model, that is 1.33x scale, it fits my model perfectly when extracted in O2. How do i get my Character to use that head, i have changed the proxy path in O2, to my own "\myhead\myhead.p3d" i have attempted to make a model cfg and config cpp file to go with them, i think this is where my problem lies. Anyone know of any example of a head replacement procedure or just what i need in my configs. I have searched endlessly to no avail. Thanks all.
  10. Well Nothing is DEAD and we are still working an a 40kmod for arma2....
  11. Can anyone tell me how I adjust the position of the head? i have moved the proxy but it seems not to do anything at all in-game? Any info?, please... Thank you very much :)
  12. Hi, we are pleased to say there is a small demonstration/alpha test of the mod we are working on available to download :) Please see this http://s1.zetaboards.com/OFPWH40K/topic/5415034/1/ link for more information and to download the test files. Thanks, SPAWN
  13. select options in bin pbo, and make sure the options are all correct. like the list of files to copy, and another checkbox.. i had problems because my binPBO forgets all its settings constantly.
  14. thanks for your reply, lol i see that im a noob :P okay basically, when a player runs, it should say "charge" on the radio, to the group. (not enemy team etc) AND th sound should be heard locally, so i have used Say3d and not playSound. the ability needs to be on all BLUFOR units but not on OPFOR. It should work after respawns. while {alive player} do {_t = time; waitUntil {time - _t > 3}; waitUntil {inputAction "MoveFastForward" > 0}; t1 Say3d "CHRG";[t1,"loc",rGroupChat,"CHARGE!!!"] call RE; sleep 20; }; sleep 2; seems to work how i want, but unfortunate any "PLAYER" that runs, even on the OPFOR, still triggers this. even if "execvm thisscript" is not in there init. but thats because its "waitUntill Inputaction", not wait "untill input action of specific units and not all units" or any way to define it. Basically it needs to do what default arma2 does, when you see an enemy. on the radio it says "enemy spotted" and the player says something relevant. but when a blufor player sprints (doubble tap W) ---------- Post added at 11:13 ---------- Previous post was at 11:11 ---------- ah i thought [nil,player,"loc",rPLAYSOUND,"SOUNDFILE"] call RE; was, Play this sound on all things that are "local" to the "player" .. ie the PLAYERS squad... doh. ---------- Post added at 11:16 ---------- Previous post was at 11:13 ---------- the enemy should be able to hear the player scream charge, yes, but not see the radio msg, or hear the sound over the other side of the map (like with playsound)