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  1. no sorry no update for the moment and revan you can use everything you need from my mod for you C and conquer mod ;)
  2. spad

    Operation siegfried

    well i haven't experimented lag at all, yes the seagul script is a little heavy you can disable it but there is no reason to have lag, the island is very small and there is a normal number of unit in the mission and several unit are just empty object. Maybe do you launch it with several other mod, i use it only with flash FX and it works perfectly, my computer is an old one with vista, 4 Go memory, AMD 5800 series and 3go dual core i don't see why.
  3. spad

    Operation siegfried

    in fact it's a trap, the torpedo chamber has a table in the middle of the room and the destruction of this table will cause the total blow up of the bunker, the torpedo are inactive and just here to illustrated the torpedo chamber, you can shoot on them you will never destroy them as there are a part of the bunker itself (yes i know it's a strange way). you can save your satchel charge by destroying the 88mm with a german armoured vehicle or a stolen plane.
  4. spad

    Operation siegfried

    In fact the last objective is to find the submarine bunker (the big big one) and in it find the torpedo room left side of the bunker with torpedo along the wall, put a satchel charge i th e middle of the room and you will have a big multiple explosion, after that flee by the air with ar196 or a german plane of the lftwaffe airfield to the south west escape area. If you bomb the bunker i suppose it will works too :). You can pick the german SDKFZ 250 if you want it's more easy to perform the task, you can find one in the german radio outpost in the north east in the small town.
  5. spad

    Operation siegfried

    can you delete your link , i add a new one, thanks Jdb
  6. spad

    Operation siegfried

    yes i see thank you windows and it's Fu.... compatibility system. all is correct now i hope read the readme for instalation. thanks for report Sapper
  7. spad

    Operation siegfried

    thanks JDB :)
  8. A new mission with new island and some new addons during the WW2, you are a british spy trying to destroy some german target and later attack a big german navy base. All addons are in the folder, new addons: Arado 196, fairey Swordfish, German WW2 house, German submarine bunker, german Mine sweeper (object for the moment), Luftwaffe items, new music for the mission and of course a new island. have fun. Most of the addons are old ones all are in the folder. the New link (read the readme ): Operation siegfried New LINK
  9. thanks lenyoga, your small script is just easy and very smart, my close air support works fine now :)
  10. thanks lenyoga i will try :)
  11. interresting, but that seems complicated to do.
  12. Is it possible to spawn flying units directly in the air. I need to have an air support at a specific time in a mission (maybe 20mm after the begining of the mission) the only way i have found is to set several planes in holding position in a part of the map but they don't want to stay where they even with a trigger wich call them by radio are or crash. I 'd like to have them appearing when using the radio, is it possible ?
  13. i often ask to myself how to change model by a destructed model when you shoot on it, i will be very interrested to see your eventhandler part to see if i can do something for my own model, nice job
  14. excellent idea how did you make in the config or with script to change the model of a destruct object ?