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  1. Secure ID progress

    The fix was implemented wrongly. All it did was to disable the "failed to setup extended errors" message, but the error code was still returned. Should be fixed properly in 102936
  2. Secure ID progress

    It is not causing issues until servers start require secure id - once they do, you will be unable to connect to such servers. I would like to check as much as possible why is it failing to you. Is there anything you can tell me about your internet connection (do you need proxy to connect, or anything like that) or about the OS you use? If you hesitate to write this on a forum, feel free to post me a private message.
  3. Secure ID progress

    Thanks for reporting this. The registration server has been fixed now, and you should no longer get a "Data too long for column" exception the next time you will try. You may still get some other error, thuogh. In any case, once you try it, please, post the result here.
  4. Crash identified, repro with -world=Utes helped a lot. The eyeDir fix is causing this, as the function is unexpectedly used from other threads as well. I will check what can be done. ---------- Post added at 16:37 ---------- Previous post was at 15:30 ---------- The thread safety issue should be fixed in 101245. I have to admit I am not absolutely comfortable about the fix, there are some things puzzling me in the code around it, as it seems to contain some parts not useful anymore. I will try to understand and clean it, I appreciate any testing regarding game stability you can do meanwhile. The code handles the skeletal animation of both people and vehicle, therefore what you could do is to test if any crashes happen when various types of vehicles are used in the missions.
  5. Secure ID progress

    Does not sound like related to me. If the problem was with the secure ID, you should: - see the error message while connecting - not connect at all to the server I cannot see any way how it could allow you to connect and then cause some trouble. later
  6. Secure ID progress

    You need to install 100496 or newer, and the SSL connection error should be gone. The server version does not matter in this case.
  7. Secure ID progress

    You did not mention which A2OA build are you using. Recent beta builds since 100423 should not require the hotfix.
  8. Secure ID progress

    This should be already fixed in 100423 and newer. Please, test with the current beta and lest us know how it went (do not forget to write the build number you are using).
  9. Secure ID progress

    As the hotfix did help (verified through PM), I have adjusted the SSL access code on our side in 100423 so that the access works without the hotfix as well.
  10. I understand you made a lot effort into this, however there are some mistakes in this guide which make me wonder how reliable is the performance testing done with the tweaks, as in following cases the tweaks suggested do nothing at all: - localVRAM and nonlocalVRAM are write only. Game never reads them, you can change them how you want, it does not matter at - winhoard.dll cannot be used in its default state, as it does not conform to our allocator interface. Someone would have to make a derived project first and plug the hoard into the interface the game expectes. When you use winhoard.dll, you actually get a default allocator instead (same as without -malloc option). It is therefore strange your reported results are different for winhoard and tbb4malloc_bi.
  11. Secure ID progress

    Could you try installing This Microsoft Hotfix?
  12. Secure ID progress

    I am sorry, the build 100258 did not include the diagnostics (caused by a build process quirk, which is being fixed now prevent it happenning ever again). Please retry with 100296 - this build also contains updated libcurl / schannel libraries, therefore there is a slight chance the issue might be even fixed by it. If not, please, post the .rpt here.
  13. Secure ID progress

    Hm. Strange. I will double check the error logging, it really should contain more.
  14. Secure ID progress

    If you please could try with 100258 and provide a report file, that would be a lot easier and faster for me. I have no direct access to the private SSL key, and looking into the logs will be much faster and convenient.
  15. Secure ID progress

    Build 100258 should contain extended reports logged into the .rpt file in case of any HTTP errors. Please, try this version and post the rpt section corresponding to the is.bistudio.com connection here or send it directly to me via person message.