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  1. mattxr

    Development Blog & Reveals

    hmm I use steam a lot and don't really see any downside to using it.. but that's just me I know nothing anymore haha!
  2. Anyone else having issues with the beta site not allowing to download.. stressing me out, tried on firefox, IE and Chrome... :(
  3. I have a bit of an issue after a reinstall of my system, reinstalled all ArmA 2 titles and updated to 1.60 when i go to update some of the add-ons are disabled and wont download :S this is a prob a simple fix but i don't no how to fix it.
  4. mattxr

    SIX Updater problem

    I also had a similar problem but i updated to fix. How ever a new problem occurs and thats the add-ons are disabled and wont download :S this is a prob a simple fix but i don't no how to fix it.
  5. -A Proper InGame Topography Map which isnt full coloured I don't like the ArmA 2 map where when you zoom in it goes to colour... that should be an option like in Armed Assault as it can be difficult to see the contours and other markers etc.
  6. mattxr

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I don't get why everyone is worried that its too "Futuristic"... its only 20 or so years ahead in time... Current day has already been covered in ArmA 2/OA and all the other games out there like MW2,BF3 etc so they are trying to be a little creative and also its not like there is flying spaceships and all that like Carrier Command Futuristic style etc.. so chill out.. =) Between 1990 and 2010 look how much the battlefield has changed.. another 20 years you will be surprised BIS I'm sure has this one spot on.
  7. mattxr

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Probably see a lot more after the release of Carrier Command.
  8. mattxr

    Development Blog & Reveals

    New video here too with a little bit extra footage, stuff i hadn't seen anyways - Interview is not English but keep on watching for the footage
  9. there is a thread for this go use the search button instead of making a new post
  10. mattxr

    Aliens and UFOs

    Id say he's trolling it lol but this thread is doomed as so many people will have different beliefs. I for one believe in science over religion.. i believe there will be planets with other life forms how ever small i just don't think there is the kind of technology for fast space travel.. id be surprised in the next 100 years if we would have such tech.. if there was outside life it would have shown itself .. or we would have detected it..
  11. mattxr

    Aliens and UFOs

    Hard to tell what they would do.. if we had advanced space travel and came across a planet in which we detected advanced life forms like ourselves now what would we do? would we spy on the planet.. covert ops to gather intelligence or would we just land and say "We come in peace" and hope we don't land in the likes of some alien world Afghanistan lol
  12. Demo will prob come after release, been like that since OFP
  13. When the game is released we should all send a letter to the mayor .. "All your base are belong to us" with attached screenshots :P Send the video too hahaha
  14. mattxr

    Arma 3 with 1,000 players online .. possible?

    Id be happy with at most 200 Player Lagg Free ArmA Game... The reason being we had a Joint Coop and the Max players there was 120.. the server was fine for this and the map built for it but the game server strained under the weight of so many people.. although that was at a time before Arma Arrowhead and the MP has much improved since so i dont no what that is like.. but 200 max to be sure would be very promising. On a side note the mission was completed.. with a few people dropping out cos there computers couldn't handle it but overall it was super fun. We have a video or two of it somewhere :) I could imagine a server full of publics at that rate would be chaos.. but clans joining together for joint co-ops is the way forward for huge games that arnt pvp.