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  1. Once in a while looking through this forum and see this very sad news. RIP and thank you for all the work that brought countless hours of joy to our lives.
  2. berghoff

    Arma3 Videos

    Hello, Finally installed ArmA 3 last week and it feels like i have to learn how to play the game all over again, especially when I still have OFP in the back of my head. Were in OFP i sometimes like John Rambo himself in ArmA 3 I feel like William The Conqueror when I kill three enemies... Have a look at my first adventure in ArmA 3, with the Scuba showcase. At the point of enemy contact it seems I can't hit anything! :j: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoW_iBSdxqo Also I made a short video of the Diaoyu Islands by fromz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIP1XkO05d4
  3. Good job on the Island, keep improving it in areas people already suggested and you have a gem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIP1XkO05d4 :)
  4. berghoff

    War Thunder [MMO]

    I have been playing this game also, even though i don't like flight games in general this one is very easy and fun to play. For the hard-core fans there are hardcore modes available. So far its already a great game and can't wait to see when they expand to ground and naval forces. :)
  5. berghoff

    GamesCom meet & greet

    I'll be there but on a different day. :o
  6. berghoff

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    Hehee, I'm going in discreetly James Gastovski style.
  7. berghoff

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    I will try to be there this year. :cool:
  8. Great news, always loved zombie mods and this means it will be even better. :D
  9. Hehe, the good old days indeed. :cool:
  10. I would pay a visit at the BIS booth since it is only about an hour drive but its not open to visitors. :o
  11. berghoff

    We all love a bit of Duke!

    I bought it and must say it isn't as bad as people write on the forums (also it is getting annoying since the Steam forums are a mess now). First of all its really captures the Duke feeling quite good. Also I didn't expect anything from this game so there weren't any unrealistic expectations to be shattered. It isn't great but isn't bad either but it is definitely fun. :cool: Same, but then again many so called good games are far shorter than this one.Multiplayer is fun aswell but would be better with dedicated servers though. :)
  12. berghoff

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Hmmm ten years already... a lot happened in that time. Lots of trees have been hugged, shot, flattened and destroyed indeed. Still play the game from time to time, never gets old!
  13. berghoff

    Mrazík iPhone / iPad

    Hmm too bad I don't have and iPad or iPhone because it looks like fun. :(
  14. berghoff

    African Foliage

    I am very busy with school, so sorry for the long delay. Yea, maybe a long break should do the trick. Still have some things left I want to do. I don't get those errors, which Island are you using? Will look into this one, maybe some sort of left-over. Testing the new version now, does anyone have a test mission without addons that shows the AI can see through objects? Right now after a couple of runs through Lingor I didn't notice a problem that the AI could spot me through foliage from 2m away.
  15. berghoff

    African Foliage

    I will have a look at the AI see-through issue.