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  1. Yes, this is sshot from our game2 project.
  2. Budget/sales aspect is most important for profit from any game, but their overal aspect consoles included is worst then our just on pc, so what kind of succes we are talking about? :) just funy
  3. This is funny readings and interesting numbers. It shows DR was not succes for sure. They sell less then orig OFP, they sell much less on PC then A2 and their budget/sales aspect is worse. So im sure RR is a try to generate profit from work that they was not able to use in DR with very small investment, then anything else.
  4. Black element is our internal studio behind Career Command :)
  5. ohara

    Trees killing performance

    I think that your problems is caused by overdraw, so tunning texture qulity will not help in fact. In case of overdraw could help to set 3D resolution lower, for example on 80%.
  6. Its sshot, we dont do any "target" renders.
  7. Because different newspapers and webmag worldwide recived some info in different time and also webmags are faster then paper mags that need prepare printing, there is some press embargo to be fair to all that people. So be patient please. We are not sleeping, its just question of coordination and timing.
  8. :) problem is that all map of "enterability" is known at a begining, when you will change that, you must regenerate all that in real time! But this still not solve problem when AI will be catch up and there will be no way out.
  9. Funy reading, try to thing about that more. Just imagine, when you will destroy tree, is AI able to move with that tree that blocking way. Is AI able to make some engeneering decissions, when they will be blocked inside ruins, call engeneering support or have so advanced behavior to be able prepare traps by blocking ways. What i trying to say, its not about making holes in houses, its about writing fully adaptive AI that will be able to operate in so dynamic world. This is very very far future just for sing AI agent and you want that for squads. This is possible in games with prescripted behavior, not in dynamic simulation.
  10. First question, yes with data, Im not sure with missions, because there could be small changes and fixes in AI behavior that could chnge them little bit. With Javelin, yes, I think I saw something like that in office across hall :)
  11. Yes, and also any modmaker will be able to rework old trees to new shaders. But dont expect mirracles, we are talking about 1-10% better performance. Depends on HW.
  12. Problem is that this will need to rework trees in chernarus, what is not work for one or two days (but weeks). Every time is possible to make something better, for now i have some ideas for better trees then in OA, maybe next time :) But we cant every single new technology implement backward.