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  1. Would be nice if you allowed Listers post in here


    Since the last post was negative , lister did an contructive post and you guys declined his post.. I rather you would have declined the negative post by the dude before

  2. raedor

    FDFmod 1.0

    Congrats to your superb work. Thank you very much! :)
  3. Closing as FDF 1.0 has been released: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=116341
  4. No, not really. Way away some weeks ... now I'm back! ;)

  5. Hallo Raedor

    Habe heute die Info von Rudedog erhalten, das du uns helfen könnstest wenn es möglich wäre. wir haben eine Reihe von m113 erhalten und das ok vom erbauer.

    diese umzubauen, wir habe ein probelm und suchen ein skript für denn m557

    er sollte das zelt hinten aufbauen, hier ein foto



    wäre super wenn du helfen könnstest.




    /edit raedor: Removed pic direct links: Too large.

  6. You still around much?

  7. raedor

    co07 mission pack for dedicated servers

    Moving thread in correct section.
  8. Hey Albert, yeah, it is indeed very long ago! And I have been some time away, as always in summer, that's why I'm answering so late. I have not been cooping for years, I just don't get to it anymore :(

  9. Just saying hello. Long time not see. Let me know if there are Coop nights still going on.

  10. Okay guys, that was it. WC over. Spain won. It's interesting to see that we this time only made 58 pages, 2006 it were 132. :butbut:
  11. Spain dominated the match, so they deserved the win. But until their goal it wasn't really clear who's going move on.
  12. In German TV he wasn't, at least from what I saw.
  13. Depends on from where you call it. If you call a function inside a spawn/execVM'ed script, you can call functions with sleeps and waituntils ... it's bad style (IMHO), though.
  14. Thanks, cool music (and I don't mean the OA stuff -- that's cool as well). :)