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  1. If you have a good idea for a new addon, post it here. Please do not open a new thread. This thread must also be used when searching for a certain addon!
  2. <span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'>This is for ArmA screenshots only remember. Hotlinking images greater than 100kb is not acceptable, nobody can feign ignorance of the rule, anyone hotlinking images greater than 100kb will get 1WL per image.</span> As requested, the first official ArmA photography thread.
  3. The usual discussions. Don't quote images here.
  4. Official pre-order overview Inofficial pre-order overview D/L versions: Sprocket Steam: n/a yet Boxed versions: *Australia/NZ: Ezy and Play-asia and CDWow *Belgium: Gamemania *France: Amazon *Germany (German *and* English): Amazon *Romania: gamestore.ro *UK: Amazon and Play and BlahDVD and HMV *US: Amazon and GameStop As soon as there's more info available, post here and/or make sure some mod updates this first post.
  5. raedor

    Military Discussion Thread

    This thread is for military stuff you want to discuss. Military news, youtube videos, etc. etc. No spam, no flaming and no endless Abrams/T-90/Challenger/...-comparison discussions though :p
  6. raedor

    FDFmod 1.0

    Congrats to your superb work. Thank you very much! :)
  7. Closing as FDF 1.0 has been released: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=116341
  8. This thread is for discussions about which hardware will result in which performance with which settings. Please do not open further threads discussing hardware/performance aspects.
  9. raedor

    co07 mission pack for dedicated servers

    Moving thread in correct section.
  10. Today it all starts again. Watch the matches, bet on their results, whine about the referee, don't become racist (or at least don't post racist comments). Discuss! /edit: And here the old threads, to read it all again: WC 2006 in Germany WC 2002 in Japan/SKorea
  11. Okay guys, that was it. WC over. Spain won. It's interesting to see that we this time only made 58 pages, 2006 it were 132. :butbut:
  12. Spain dominated the match, so they deserved the win. But until their goal it wasn't really clear who's going move on.
  13. In German TV he wasn't, at least from what I saw.
  14. Depends on from where you call it. If you call a function inside a spawn/execVM'ed script, you can call functions with sleeps and waituntils ... it's bad style (IMHO), though.
  15. Thanks, cool music (and I don't mean the OA stuff -- that's cool as well). :)
  16. Closing, please use the existing thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=100949
  17. NL made it! They were lucky, though, as Vittek didn't score until the penalty ... he had some very good chances ... Why don't we have an oranje skin for these forums?!
  18. Wow, Ghana made it. At least one African team in the quarter final. Go Ghana! :)
  19. Yeah guys, and now we get back on topic or I'll change the rules and German is the only allowed language :p ;)
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    The thread starter should maybe be so kind and put some more info in the first post... what this thread is about etc, otherwise I have to close it.
  21. ... and I was watching the crap match. :(
  22. Wow. Italy out. -- :o
  23. Wow ... can't remember a team being that negligent with their absolute superiority ... :O
  24. raedor

    AMS Roter Stern [Campaign]

    s4 seems to be undefined, i.e. there's no soldier with that name.