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  1. vektorboson

    Terrorist attacks in Paris

    My condolences to the French people. I hope Germany will provide the same solidarity to our friend France as it did to the US.
  2. If an image contains only black/grey/white, the converter decides to use IA88, because it gives 8 bits to greyscale; unfortunately it also gives 8 bits to alpha and even if the alpha channel is completely opaque, the engine will recognize the texture as being a texture with alpha channel. Now comes the hairy part: Since the IA88-texture covers a lot of area of the model, the P3D or LOD gets flagged as being "transparent", and then gets drawn in a bad order. Therefore, avoid texture file formats with alpha channel, especially for the larger parts of your model.
  3. As for eastern european gas masks: Couldn't you ask the guys from CSLA-mod to use their gas mask?
  4. vektorboson

    An open letter on basic ARMA:CWA support

    Well, since I was asked to post here ;) Release the source code, no matter how ugly it is (and I have heard that it is extremely ugly...) I mean, there is no technology in this engine which a competitor might steal, and it won't take away players from Arma3. It's more probable it will bring in new players, modders and programmers into the BIS-eco system.
  5. vektorboson

    Bundeswehr 1985 Addon

    Very very cool stuff! I guess I should try it out on a cold winter evening :) As for the Huey, there was a Bundeswehr UH-1D in the very old BWMod (version 1.4 I think). So you could hunt the old BWMod down and extract the Huey (along with a SAR-version), unfortunately I don't think anyone got ever permission to re-release it.
  6. @supportgunner Please note that I just retextured the CH-46 from the JSDF-mod (japanese self-defense forces). And I have to agree with kenoxite that transport helicopters with door gunners in OFP are quite shitty.
  7. vektorboson

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Haha, when I started to get more confident in my abilities (using a Logitech G27) I started to oversteer; a little bit of counter-steering and I managed to get all gold medals. Anyone had as much trouble at the night course as I did? I always managed to turn to the wrong chemlight and cursed like an old man...
  8. vektorboson

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I bought the DLC-bundle, but to be honest, I'm not quite satisfied how access to that content is restricted (nag screen). Thinking about it, there's the possibility for a middle-ground: Why not unlock the content after being 30min or 1h within a mission (in real world time). Let's assume you had a long mission and now want to chill by driving karts around? Since they were not a central part of the mission, unlock them. Same with the pilot with his advanced helicopter: He gets shot? Well, if enough time has gone, you can use his helicopter. Though in that case you probably would like to have bought the helicopter DLC anyway, so you get a feeling how to control that thing... and then, this pilot was a specialist, are you? The biggest problem I see is with rifles/guns, this needs to be dealt differently with. I also see that whole split-community thing a bit differently: Looking at Arma2, if people wanted to play missions with more realistic helicopters then every player would have to buy TOH, even if only one player gets to fly a helicopter. Now in this case, only one player needs to buy the DLC.
  9. Very nice stuff Sakura_Chan! As I loved Dangerous Waters, this naturally waters my mouth :) I was thinking about working on a naval warfare module myself (as I fell in love with the underwater part of A3), but the submarines were missing... my own approach would be to create an external simulator (for SONAR and EW) communicating with A3 through an extension, thus also making it easier to create system-specific displays easier. The downside to my approach is that you would have to play A3 in window mode or use the displays/controls on another PC (though a not too old netbook should be sufficient). As for your question what should be done, naturally I'm mostly interested in the submarines and would love to see them released (hopefully under a SA-license?). I guess that could a spawn a plethora of features... You can also contact me if you have questions about my work :)
  10. vektorboson

    Bundeswehr Mod Problem

    Did you apply the CWA hotfix? The BWMOD-crews are equipped only with handguns and the behaviour you describe sounds exactly like the problems with unpatched CWA.
  11. You should change your loop to look like this: _gp=getpos _shell #loop1 ~_d1 ?alive _shell: _gp = getpos _shell; goto "loop1"
  12. vektorboson

    O2 light to Blender to O2 light

    Ok, thanks. I'll look into the P3DM-code; seems I missed a few things when cleaning and refactoring.
  13. vektorboson

    O2 light to Blender to O2 light

    Are you sure it faces the wrong way? When you import a P3D and export it again, it should have the same orientation as it had before. ---------- Post added at 23:04 ---------- Previous post was at 22:33 ---------- Yeah, the P3D MLOD-format for OFP and Arma is a little bit different. I have not tested the MLOD-reader code with the latest P3Ds, so it would be nice to hear what error message appears (after applying the read_P3DM-patch).
  14. vektorboson

    M88a2 (arv)

    @Sapper and team Thanks a lot for this addon! (Also thanks for the BREM of course)
  15. vektorboson

    Playing the Mod from the primary OFP.exe

    Well at least CSLA had a special config addon where you could use CSLA units and vehicles without the mod-config. Though I think they never updated it to the latest release.