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  1. Icarus

    WW4 Extended: Arctic

    This is amazing! Great work, kenoxite!
  2. Icarus

    Saving of mission failed! Arma CWA

    If you have the key provided with the game, you can try the non-steam version: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma:_Cold_War_Assault#Download_Mirrors
  3. Icarus

    arma-cwa.ru - russian ofp-site

    Happy Birthday! Its a pleasant surprise to see new OFP/Arma:CWA sites. :)
  4. Icarus

    Funny ArmA quotes

    You made my day :D I had that in my sig for quite a while :) More because of its UK phrase use, rare to see online.
  5. Icarus

    OFP Resistance Servers

    Are you unaware how to use multiplayer server browser?
  6. The Script increases (x > 1) or decreases (x < 1) .RTM animation files. I have not tried working with Arma1 animations but you can always try and share your experience. :)
  7. Icarus

    OFP - Contet viewer

    Thanks for this good script. Would it be possible to make the camera angle changeable?
  8. Giant Soldier is 2.5 times larger than standart size soldiers Thank you :)
  9. @Lenyoga, Thank you for suggestions. I have no idea about scripting in OFP though. Maybe someone with better scripting knowledge could help? :butbut:
  10. If I understand you correctly, Lenyoga, ITWEAS WOLF addon is the fastest moving unit in OFP that inherits from Man class. Is this limitation hardcoded into OFP engine?
  11. I tried your mod today Lenyoga. It is really fun and interesting. Why didn't you use ww4mod animations? Anyway if you need anything from my releases, you can use work without asking for permission. Take care.
  12. Thank you Rellikki, I will definitely try your suggestions and report the results :) EDIT: Sorry it did not work. Soldiers still die when sprinting :/
  13. Giant Animated Soldier (alpha version), 2.5 times larger (can use riffle ironsights) Proof of concept for "Giant - Midget Animating" thread I started earlier: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?135749-Editing-rmt-files This is a request for help. Giant soldier is in ALPHA state, it has some bugs. The most annoying bug: Sprinting kills your soldier. Does anyone know a solution? The Giant soldier can be found in the Editor: West -> Units -> Giant_IronSights Requirements: ww4mod25 by Sanctuary. Or at least ww425bis mod. IronSightGiant.pbo: http://wikisend.com/download/558888/IronSightGiant.zip Hello OFP/Arma: CWA community. This soldier is made for testing possibilities of using 3D riffle ironsights without those annoying model clipping errors. It uses a mix of resized ww4mod25(~95%) and IronSight mod animations. The addon is far from perfect and has a number of bugs like when you throw away you rifle you can no longer pick it up. The most annoying and noticeable bug is SPRINTING BUG - it is pretty much deadly. My guess is it may be related to 2.5 times increased moving speed of a solder or it may have conflicts with either ww4mod25 CfgMovesMC class or it is OFP engine limitation. Any ideas? :(
  14. Icarus

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    I cannot download anything from http://ofp.gamepark.cz/ either :(
  15. Icarus

    Editing .rmt files

    Sorry for the bump. I think I have something that might still interest some off you :p Giant - Midget animating made easier Thanks to a friend of mine, who is good at programing, it is now possible to resize existing animations for non-standard size soldier in OFP without remaking all animations from scratch. Anyone who is not familiar with programing at all can use these 2 files to resize animations by simple drop and drag technique. :) Requirements: File number 1: original created by vektorboson File number 2: created by vektorboson Python version 3.x http://www.python.org/download/ These scripts can e used to animate any non standard size soldier. For example open a standard size soldier in O2 editor and scale it up by 2 times. Instructions: Download and install Python version 3.x. Save file_nr1 as for e.g. Anim_resize.py Save file_nr2 as for e.g. Anim_converter.py Animation resize is based on python script written by vektorboson. The script converts animation.RTM file into animation.JSON file and backwards. I had an idea to refit particular parts of animation file during conversion to make those animations fit nonstandard size soldier models. In order to resize the animation file, you take a copy of your animation.RTM file and drag it onto file_nr1.py (File number 1). This file resizes and converts your animation into animation.JSON file. To make your animation useable in OFP, drag animation.JSON onto file_nr2.py (File number 2), it will produce an animation.RTM file and overwrite the original animation.RTM file so be sure to make a backup.