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  1. Triggers VS Spawn

    Change your OnMapSingleClick so that it checks whether or not the coordinates fall within the area of your trigger (a simple distance check would be sufficient, assuming a round trigger and not rectangular) and activate the alarm if so.
  2. Guerrilla Pack

    Not 100% sure what you mean but it is probably magazines.sqs: this script changes "player", "AI", "HD", and vanilla BIS weapons/magazines to the appropriate one for each unit (typically the player or units under his command, as they are more likely to pick up "wrong" gear).
  3. OFP Addon request thread

    There are some AR10s in my Guerrilla pack, but they are the newer A4 variants and not the AR10B. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?127651-Guerrilla-Pack
  4. If I remember right, OFP 1.99 does something which breaks reloading animations
  5. Guerrilla Pack

    West Desert Elite and Veteran units
  6. Guerrilla Pack

    The dexterity of the AI's weapons has been increased which quickens their aiming speed. However, some other things have been changed such as their rate of fire and sensitivity. By far, the most noticeable difference comes from changing the dexterity value.
  7. Guerrilla Pack

    What more do you expect? No one has reported any bugs (except for the scopes occasionally disappearing, which can't be fixed), so I haven't been doing any work on the pack.
  8. Guerrilla Pack

    The marksman are just a non-ghillied sniper, so they don't stand out as much when used with a squad. Only the elite units use the .50 caliber rifles.
  9. Guerrilla Pack

    This happens sometimes, the solution is to press the back key with the weapon up, or lower the weapon and press V again. The engine tries to remember if the optics are on regardless of whether optics are allowed in certain animation states or not. Crashing happens in the editor if you change a unit's type multiple times (for example, if you are trying to check all the units out). This issue is not unique to my addons, it even happens with BIS units. Also, the SVD was always the BIS model - you must have been playing with a mod before.
  10. Guerrilla Pack

    I've released the update, including the unit replacement config. I'm working on another mission pack.
  11. Guerrilla Pack

    If anyone is wondering what is taking so long, I was having trouble fixing a bug where AI animation got stuck after healing/being healed. I'm also finishing up a "mod" version of this, so you can play the campaign using the units - I know I said it would never happen, but it turned out to be easier than previously thought. I'll make another release on Saturday.
  12. Restrict unit animations?

    You can use StatesExt and change all of the CombatSprint/CombatRun/etc states to be identical to StandRunF. However, I think it would be easier to work with your own CfgMovesMC - that way you can just change the actions themselves (fastF=StandWalkF). It will be much less work.
  13. Guerrilla Pack

    Yes, their combat behavior is not based on scripting, but on the weapon and animation config.
  14. Guerrilla Pack

    I found a strange bug that was sapping a lot of performance (a loop in the uniform scripts was never terminating, for any units, ever) and fixed it. I've also significantly cut the number of units running scripts - now only the player and his or her group members run them, for the most part. I'm trying to make some more missions that take advantage of the performance increase. I have also been tweaking the AI some - they now engage from farther away. Unfortunately, I still experience some crashes, albeit extremely rarely. I haven't been able to figure out what is causing it, as it happens so infrequently.
  15. WW4 Modpack 2.5

    Pretty sure this is an engine limitation, not a bug limited to WW4: vehicles with multiple magazines of the same type can only rearm one magazine. I had this problem when working on my mortar addon. Try adding an extra magazine of FFARs to an Apache and rearming it. I guess you could make two additional, but functionally identical, magazine classes for the grenades. Then it would rearm like tanks with Sabot and HEAT.