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  1. Today I recieved some very terrible news about one of our beloved members of the community. Planck passed away on Wednesday evening and he will be forever missed. http://www.ofpec.com/index.php RIP good friend. Hoz
  2. hoz

    Question on Reducing Grass

    I have a script that changes the grass in MP for ArmA. It works in arma2 as well. Grass Changer
  3. Awesome job Kenji good to see it released, and once again many thanks for the CWR donation!
  4. I downloaded it from petergames and it took just about 3 hours to download the 7.5 gigs or so. I've been totally happy ever since. I bought 3 copies 1 for me and 1 for each of my arma buddies so I saved a bundle of download time for them. :)
  5. hoz

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    maybe he wasn't ?? :)
  6. The OFPEC Mission Depot has lots to offer in the way of very polished missions and campagins for ArmA 1.
  7. Please report any bugs to the bug tracker its the best way to ensure what your reporting will be looked into and addressed
  8. The jeep didn't get a whole lot of attention, we really hoped it would be replaced in time. We'll look into that tho :D
  9. Use eliteness to de-rap the mission.sqm files. In the newer version of eliteness it deraps on the fly during depbo.
  10. The winter island error we know about. It will be fixed in the next patch. The racs units, this is stumping us at the moment. Do you have any other mods running ? Like QG?
  11. I've put together my 6 favorite OFP coop missions into a pack. I did this for Elite as well. I'm not the author of any of these missions, but did have permission way back when I ported them over for Elite. OFPEC Mission Depot Enjoy..
  12. There is no desktop shortcut. Use the cwr.bat file in the arma folder, or configure your cwr to work with any of your favorite effects mods. Voices in the original OFP were property of Codemasters. The ones in CWR are directly from Elite. There is nothing we can do about this...
  13. Let me just say its been a long road. Besides the people who contributed content, the team spent hundreds of man hours making sure that as many errors could be resolved as possible. I'm sure some will crop up, the mod itself is huge (over 2.7 gig installed minus the missions and campaigns) They also worked hard on the compatibility of old missions so that they were capable of running without as little changes as possible. However there is still some tinkering needed. I hope you all enjoy it, I know I have enjoyed working closely with the team over the last 2 years. :couch:
  14. We do have a planned release for ArmA as per the blog entry. Hopefully you see it in the very near future.
  15. Lets move off the OFP vs OPF debate and back on topic please. If you want to continue to discuss it take it to PM. Oyman there's no need to spam and add fuel to the fire.