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  1. Would be nice if you allowed Listers post in here


    Since the last post was negative , lister did an contructive post and you guys declined his post.. I rather you would have declined the negative post by the dude before

  2. I have posted a thread in general discussion from ArmA2&OA about Soundtrack to ArmA II revamped and if I could release these tracks to the public?

  3. Today I recieved some very terrible news about one of our beloved members of the community. Planck passed away on Wednesday evening and he will be forever missed. http://www.ofpec.com/index.php RIP good friend. Hoz
  4. Ive tried posting to the main foums, but have had no luck


    I cant be the only one suffering from this, but cant seem to find the problem. Ive reinstalled twice now, deleted all of my past profiles, yet they still come back after reinstall. Ive created new profiles. Im completely stuck. I cant join ANY server! If you can help it would be appreciated, or if you can point me toward the direction of some realy support... anything!


  5. hey sorry to bother you but i just did a dupe post

    Is There a way to turn off the radar from vehicles by script

    can you delete it before everyone gets upset :)



  6. Hi hoz

    I have a question for you and I hope you can give me an answer..

    Im planning to install 1.04 pach. Do I need to install 1.03 before it, or 1.04 will do the trick?

  7. LoLL

    What's up?

  8. I have a request,i want to delete my post

  9. tiket

    I want to change my urername

  10. Hi there I have been having trouble since buying Arma 2.Here is a thread I found with many people having the same problem and not being able to play in multyplayer:


    I was not sure who to send this to but if there is someone you know that could help with this could you please post this to them.

    Any help, much appreciated.

  11. hoz

    Question on Reducing Grass

    I have a script that changes the grass in MP for ArmA. It works in arma2 as well. Grass Changer
  12. Awesome job Kenji good to see it released, and once again many thanks for the CWR donation!
  13. I downloaded it from petergames and it took just about 3 hours to download the 7.5 gigs or so. I've been totally happy ever since. I bought 3 copies 1 for me and 1 for each of my arma buddies so I saved a bundle of download time for them. :)
  14. hoz

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    maybe he wasn't ?? :)