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  1. On behalf of the team, I would like to invite you all to join us at our new home on armaholic. http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=24909 There you can follow any releases, news, and interact with the team. We apologize for any inconvenience our move might cause. Armaholic is more flexible and will make it easier for us to keep the first post of our threads updated, since any of our team will be able to do it. Admins please lock the thread, if you would :) Please note over the course of our next releases (a new build is imminent!), the links in the first post will slowly become invalid.
  2. max power

    Wrong blast effects for all RPGs.

    No, it uses shockwave focusing to form a jet of molten copper all in one direction. The explosion itself goes in all directions. "Some guy on a forum" is at best a case study conducted by a layman which doesn't account for factors he is not aware of. I would imagine that this specific situation is not representative of most situations where a someone has a shaped charge detonate near them.
  3. A few things: You are not involved in a professional relationship with the modder. There are no mod customers here. If you're so used to being treated like dirt by your dysfunctional customers, it would stand to reason that you'd be more inclined to treat people with respect in your spare time, not less. So let's pretend for a minute that everyone here is a human being. If you have a suggestion to make, trying phrasing it as if the modder doesn't owe you a god damn thing.
  4. The problem is that you did not express what you wanted to see, you expressed what you thought tpw was wasting his time on. So, let's not kid ourselves and pretend like you were merely expressing your opinion, or that all opinions are valid. Modders are not here to make do what you or anyone else wants. They are here to be creative and to do things they are interested in. If you want to get involved in their projects by making suggestions, the least anyone can ask is that you show some manners.
  5. max power

    Tactical Kitten is looking for missions

    Use the User Mission Request thread sticky like everyone else, please. Thank you. Closing.
  6. Here is how damage is done to a hitpoint, at least in theory. A bullet is shot by a unit and impacts the firegeolod. There is a check to see if the bullet hits near any hitpoints on the hitpoints LOD. Hitpoints must have named selections that correspond to a config entry, so it checks the properties of the named selection via its name. Based on the data in the hitpoints class that correspond to the name of its named selection, damage is done to both the damage capacity of the hitpoint (as defined in the config), and the total damage of the vehicle. Hitpoints are not like the number of points you have to decrease by hitting, like in Dungeons and Dragons maybe. They are physical points you have to hit (near) in order to damage a thing on a vehicle. Hitpoints themselves have their own damage capacity and other properties.
  7. FPDR The answer is on the first post of that thread.
  8. max power

    Sources For Tactics And Operations Manuals

    I removed the links since they may contain malware of some kind.
  9. max power

    WASP Warfare

    Perhaps he is not aware of your activities. Allow me to quote a passage from the forum rules that may be of particular interest to you. So it would be extremely helpful for me and for you if you were able to PM me and justify your use of Benny's scripts while posting screenshots on the forum. This topic will remain closed until the issue is resolved.
  10. I think he's talking about the accessibility options in windows. Namely, the screen magnification tools, on screen keyboard, and the voice recognition interface.
  11. I see what looks like jpeg compression cells.
  12. max power

    Mods and ARMA 3 on the same level as FSX?

    Lying about it is fraud. There is no difference between saying you need x money for y thing, regardless of what the reason, because that need is unverifiable. If mod maker says he needs money for a new hard drive, but spends it on hookers and blow, you will have no way of knowing as long as he keeps making addons. But, if you are lumping Fraud in with saying you need money for something in order to continue, then you are denying vilas his donations, since this is exactly what he did. I don't think that either of us were talking about 'just having a donation button lying around' at any point in this conversation. Why didn't you address every little last speck of my last message? Because you didn't care about it or didn't want to waste your time on it? I understand. That's why I didn't answer this question as well. If you recall, in my very first first post on the subject, when everyone still remembered that we were talking about, I used the word 'crowd funding'. We were talking about the use of the word extortion to describe the situation where a mod maker says, "I need money to continue". Not, "I need money to continue" then run off without doing anything, or just letting a donate button sit there for people to trip over. At any rate, I can tell I have said everything I want to say on this topic because I've been repeating myself. You can make a reply but if you wish but if you want to discuss it further I think we should take it to PM.
  13. max power

    Mods and ARMA 3 on the same level as FSX?

    There's no difference, and you can't know even if there was. What you're talking about here is a difference in wording which is pretty much meaningless. Moreover, the door is already open to what you are cautioning against. And I see you used the word extortion again, and yet you don't mean it. I don't know what to tell you, man. Well I guess someone had to :p I'm attempting to 'weaken your point'? I think if you recall, I was attempting to help you strengthen it by saying that the word 'extort' isn't appropriate ;) How does that work? It's already possible to do that. It's perfectly acceptable to ask for donations. So you think that it should be allowed but no one should know about it? No, I am exactly extrapolating what you said to its inevitable conclusion based on your use of the word 'extortion'. If you don't think that's fair, maybe you shouldn't use the word 'extort'. edit: I find it very confusing that you excused your use of the word 'extort' by saying that english isn't your first language, now you're holding on to it like your life depends on it. Sorry man, using that word was not appropriate in this circumstance by the definition of the word and by the logically cogent conclusions that directly and inevitably follow. Period.