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  1. Was very shoked when I heared about your leaving. Rest in Peace...

  2. Rest in peace.

  3. Didnt know you so well but RIP.

  4. Rest in Peace.

  5. *Present, arms!*

    Rest in peace, mate. :(

    *Order, arms!*

  6. I'm still shocked by this. He's a true veteran of the BI games, and he did more for this community than many of us together. He spent so many time not only on the COMREF, at OFPEC but also as our CWR "workhorse". Whenever someone contributed something, it was Planck who added it to the Mod and fixed what needed to be fixed. All this without a single complaint in all the years and so much dedication.

    You will be missed my friend I will never forget what you have done for us in the past nine years. May you rest in peace.


  7. rip, a kind hearted gentlemen and will be dearly missed.

  8. JdB

    Rest in peace

  9. you will be missed in this forum always,Rip

  10. RIP and thanks for everything you have done for OFP, ArmA and ArmA 2...

  11. Rest in peace.

  12. RIP Planck