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  1. Russia General

    What propaganda you are talking about? Most, if not all ukrainian aircraft were downed by Strelas/Iglas. FACT Three full Buk divisions in the area when MH17 was downed. FACT Absolutely no straight evidence against EITHER side. FACT Propaganda would be if I'd try to provide false information about one side in favor of the other. I didnt do that. Maybe that Im not automatically condemning russia, DNR, LNR, which is a trend in the west, is a propaganda for you? Check back what I wrote: its 50-50% for either side, because both had motives for doing it! (oh yes, maybe its also a propaganda that I even dare to say this, instead of accepting the "truth" coming from the western mainstream media, which "isnt biased", and "never lies"?)
  2. Russia General

    But lets see those "multiple" planes shot down by your "Buks" Here are the list of losses: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ukrainian_aircraft_losses_during_the_Ukrainian_crisis First, we can immediately exclude helicopters from the list, due to their low altitude. All shot down by Strelas, Iglas, and AA guns. Same with Su-25s. So, remaining are 2 MiG-29s, 1 Su-24, 1 IL-76, 1 An-26 and one An-30. This latter was shot down, surprise surprise, by Strela/Igla. Same with the IL-76. So, we have 2 MiG-29s 1 Su-24 and one An-26. The two 29s and the 24 was almost certainly shot down again by Strelas/Iglas because they were performing ground attacks from low altitude. In the end, there is the An-26. So much about your "multiple" planes at high alt. EDIT: And there is entirely possible that the An-26 was again shot down by Igla... The Antonov was definitely not flying at 6500 meters, as the ukrainians lied... http://www.whathappenedtoflightmh17.com/what-weapon-was-used-to-shot-down-ukraine-air-force-antonov-26-at-july-14/
  3. Russia General

    Yes, also you should not troll this forum with pro-junta propaganda... Then tell me, why the hell there were 3 (THREE) pro-junta Buk divisions in the area? Neither DNR or LNR had ANY aircraft! Then why THREE full Buk divisions? Why such strong air defense? Maybe shooting down pigeons who are constatnly shitting on their soldiers? And why one division was relocated to the launch zone, presented by Almaz-Antey, exactly when MH17 was shot down? Anyway. Most ukrainian aircrafts were downed with Strelas. Not with "Buk". Hell, you are exactly like soviets! For them, every german tank was a "Tiger" and every SPG "Ferdinand". For you, every AA missile is a "Buk". And Im not even asking you of differentiating a PZU and a SOU...
  4. Russia General

    What use you are talking about? Nothing proves that they used it! Then what about the other 2 pro-junta AD units in the area, and an additional maintenance base, full with SOUs? For me, it seems you deliberately "forget" about them, and just trying to accuse russians just because it is a trend in the west! Maybe indeed they did it, but the chance is not higher than that pro-junta units were the offenders! There you go. The area was full of pro-junta units! All armed with Buk-M1, and not just a single SOU, but complete divisions, with the required KP and SOC, and several SOUs and PZUs all present! http://kremlintroll.nl/?p=569
  5. Russia General

    THIS! Anyway, absolutely no evidence for anything other than a 9N314M warhead detonated near the plane. Both side had reasons. Its also possible that this was just a "private action" of some psychopathic soldiers, from either side, without orders from their superiors. So there is no point of accusing anybody.
  6. Russia General

    Then how would you explain that in the said area, there were at least 3 pro-Kiev AD units, with Buk missile systems? And on the other hand, the Kiev junta also had a reason of shooting the plane down: Knowing they cant win the war only themselves, they shoot down the plane, simply blaming the LNR/DNR militias, hoping for a NATO intervention? So, actually either side had reasons to do it. And Im not trying to defend either. Unfortunately, it is highly likely we will never know the truth about this. Nobody could provide anything that would prove who did it. The only thing we know, that MH17 was shot down by a 9M38M1 missile. Nothing else!
  7. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Kerry openly admits, they help Al-Nusra! (=al qaeda)
  8. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    I would avoid using the term "FSA". Today, it is actually a loose conglomeration of different groups, whose common goal is toppling the Assad regime. Yes, there are (or were?) moderate groups, but unfortunately, there are lot more jihadist radicals, like Ahrar as Sham. Already in 2013, at least 50% of them were jihadists. Today, god knows. I'd estimate 95%. They openly cooperate with Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (ex Al-Nusra Front), also with Al-Qaeda, rarely, even with IS! http://www.nbcnews.com/news/other/extremist-element-among-syrian-rebels-growing-worry-f8C11115141 Acutally, the real FSA existed for a short time only, at the beginning of the civil war, and consisted of deserted SAA soldiers. But later, all of them were absorbed by the successor groups. I'd strongly recommend checking Mimi Al Laham's videos (Syrian Girl) https://www.youtube.com/user/SyrianGirlpartisan/videos
  9. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Very well said! The problem is, that lots of people, especially in the west, see it differently, but actually, there is no black and white. Only shades of grey. There were surely problems with the Assad regime. But on the other hand, the "FSA" is also nothing more than just another jihadist, extremist group. So yes, Syria should be united under the current regime, and then they could be judged for crimes, if there were any...
  10. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Well, getting a rain of nuke is a bit too much. There are lots of innocent people out there. On the other hand, I totally agree with you. The government, totally controlled by megacorporations and bankers, is indeed do nothing but wage wars, bringing destruction and suffering around the world, solely for their own profit! And of course domination over the whole world, to create new world order. Too bad Mimi Al Lahan does not get more media coverage, everything she says is true!
  11. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    USA showed its real face! They are now actively supporting the Islamic state!
  12. Architects & Firefighters about 9/11

    Well, actually there is NOTHING that would prove that the collapse of the towers was caused by the planes. On the other hand, there are countless facts prove that it was a controlled demolition! Yes, they were definitely involved. "The issue at hand is the classified, 28-page section of the 9/11 commission report, which many experts and politicians with knowledge of the documents have said point to Saudi Arabian government officials’ direct role in the terror attacks. This is why the Saudis put out a stern warning several days ago threatening to dump up to $750 billion in U.S. assets if Senate Bill 2040 becomes law; S.B. 2040 would make public the 28 pages and also allow for victims of 9/11 to sue foreign governments found responsible." http://anonhq.com/us-govt-saudi-arabia-dont-want-americans-knowing-truth-911/
  13. Architects & Firefighters about 9/11

    So, it turns out the conspiracy was indeed true. Everybody knew this (though some didnt want to admit), but it is now official! http://anonhq.com/european-scientific-journal-concludes-911-was-a-controlled-demolition/
  14. Germany General

    More enthusiasm, please! Hehehehe :D Up to now, they were welcome. Now what is this lack of enthusiasm? Be glad that wesetern europe becomes even more multikulti! When they arrive, you should greet them, if not, you might be labelled nazi!
  15. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Hahahaha... Typical... You perfectly know that Im right, but you wont admit, so instead dodge the question entirely... The questions were very simple, everybody can answer them, and the answer is obvious. Anybody who has even a tiny bit of love for his/her country answers without hesitation "NO", only traitors answer "YES". But well, western europe is full of traitors (=liberals), so I dont wonder about that... And btw, there are no "separatists" in eastern ukraine. They do NOT want a separate country. They started their resistance movement, because they dont want to be slaves of the Troika (EU, ECB, IMF). If one looks back, its evident that they were right. Just look at the cesspit, called "ukraine". Corruption is higher than ever before, ordinary people are poorer than ever before, the IMF dictates everything, they even lost a sizeable portion of their own land to western corporations... Next year, Monsanto begins sowing their cancer-crops. People of eastern ukraine were brave enough to say NO to EU, they deserve respect for this! Here is the truth you brainwashed westerners desperately want to hide, you immediately call it propaganda, but you cant hide the facts no matter how you try! Oh, and also, dont pretend that NATO didnt support terrorist organizations. "moderate" "democratic" opposition never existed in syria, all of them radical jihadists, even your media admitted it!