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  1. Remember to check the init strings of the units, some elements are not activated just by gamelogics alone.
  2. Please, try with this test version to ensure dual HUDs, duplication of actions or HUD jumping for some planes is gone. Carmine39, what do you mean to use MMA from the editor? To include the MMA gamelogics on the map?
  3. sweguy96, do you have these dual HUD issues with the test version posted above? I will double check the Jas39 setup, I think it was already using HMD. Do you have the class name of the HKP4? Ordy, MMA doesnt rearm guns/rockets, for these you need standard rearming ways (ammo trucks, etc).
  4. xy20032004, It depends on the chopper's sensors (for example, AH64D has them, Mi24D doesnt). To adjust that parameter, go to mando_missiles\tv\tv_types, open the .sqs script of the system you want to re-adjust and change mando_tv_sensor_rects = true by mando_tv_sensor_rects = false
  5. 1 - Yes, if you increase your diving angle after firing, the missile has a bit of retaded ignition, so when it speeds up it can "catch" you. 2 - CCIP is for bombs, anyway, as stated some posts ago, a bug was found and fixed in this test version (you should be able to avoid these missiles with it). But, if you are fired with SARH missiles then your only choice is to use ECM or/and to try to outmaneouver the missile. If fired with laser guided missile, you can only outmaneouver the missile (Vkirh and similars). 3 - There are two versions supported, TV guided (you cannot guide it manually) and laser guided (you can from TV).
  6. No, that's not normal at all. Do you mean that the missile misses or that the missile doesnt destroy the target while hitting it? Are you firing against targets quite close to your chopper?
  7. Evil_Brownie , the Exocet is integrated, but not for the F16 (that combo doesnt exist in RL as far as I know). As far as I remember you have the MMA exocet working for RACS Super Etendard as well as some Mirages. The flares/chaff work against radar guided missiles, might be you are experiencing a bug detected and fixed in the test version you have linked few post ago. MMA SARH missiles are only affected by ECM, but they are not quite accurate and their detonations will usually happen not quite close to the target as to cause critical damage. BIS CM dont have any effect on MMA missiles.
  8. Prophet, at the moment I have no plans for Take On. I guess that as long as they keep the same vehicle/weapon class names the current systems will keep working the same.
  9. Syphonix, the RAH-66 MMA setup was triggering its setup as well as the AH1 one, this is fixed in the new MMA test version which also includes a new setup for this chopper.
  10. MMA Addon Test version including: - Flares fix (they might not be effective against missiles comming from quite below or above). - R. CTRL + ARROWS: Allows fine adjustment of the HUD's cross for systems working in GROUND mode. - New NLAW interface - Ch29 endurance increased - Xeno's TGW RAH-66 Commanche MMA systems added
  11. Syphonix, both are fully compatible. In fact, many MMA rearming options and setups have been aready included for GLT missiles.
  12. You can keep using the addon, but instead of initializing MMA with the GL, do it from init.sqf. Copy mando_missileinit.sqf into your mission's folder and execute it from init.sqf (and remove the init GL from the map, you can leave there the init full GL). Now open that mando_missileinit.sqf, move to line 439 and comment the line: _pos = _pos + [0]; And try, anyway you can add there some hints in that block of code and run the mission from the editor (it should have the same result as when run from a client).
  13. It seems that island has wrongly configured the "ilsPosition" property. Are you using script suite for the mission?
  14. That seems to be part of the code that automatically fills up the array of potential ILS destinations to be used by MMA NAV system. In which island are you playing? Does it have at least one main runway?
  15. Two betas ago there was a bug that causes createdVehicle missiles to be harmless, this was fixed for the latest betas (at least the previous one). I hope the bug is not back again.